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DateDate: 18-04-2017, 12:28

Experts find it difficult to answer why the entrepreneur is so actively gets rid of the percentage ownership of the social network
The head of WhatsApp, an American entrepreneur and a native of Kiev Jewish family Jan koum in the year sold and gave people, whose names were not disclosed, approximately 43 million shares of Facebook. The total cost of the documents amounted to more than $5 billion.
In the period from 1 April 2016 to 1 April 2017 Kum made 120 transactions for the sale of securities. That's 30 million shares of Facebook worth $3.7 billion. Another 12.6 million shares of the company, the entrepreneur gave someone as a gift.
By April 2017 the godfather left 1.2% of the shares of Facebook class a For the year he got rid of more than half of the company's securities in April 2016, the businessman owned a share of 2.6%. Experts note that this is unusual behavior for top-managers in stable companies. The godfather himself has not commented on the situation.
In addition, part of its stake in Facebook worth $1 billion also sold the Creator and head of the social network mark Zuckerberg. He has previously said it will gradually sell his share to Finance a charity project of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

DateDate: 18-04-2017, 12:26

Automation of work processes, introduction of robots and artificial intelligence not only deprives many people work, but also becomes a challenge for lawmakers. These are the result of the study of the International bar Association (IBA) – the international Union of lawyers and bar associations. Existing laws should protect the rights of people not yet met this target, said Gerlinde Weiss, the representative of the IBA.
The study's authors made several proposals – what the government can compensate for possible social upheaval. Among others, the Association proposes to introduce quotas for people to use the labels "man-Made" or to impose a special tax on the use of automation technology. It is proposed to determine the list of professions that can only be performed by people – for example, everything that concerns the care of children.
At risk are not only the processes associated with manual labour or monotonous operations. Under the threat may be, and the legal profession. The example was given – the artificial intelligence has analyzed the decisions of the European court on human rights and on the basis that successfully predicted 79 per cent of decisions on other processes. This technique can be used to verify treaties and provisions in the documents.
Rapid changes not only affect the industrialized countries. The study's authors believe that automation will hit countries where low salaries were still competitive advantage in the global labour market. The robot is not sick, not on strike, doesn't need vacation, don't ask for a salary. Experts predict the return of production in industrialized countries.
According to research, a leader in the field of automation at the moment is South Korea – 437 robots per 10,000 jobs (in Japan - 323 robot 10 000 places in Germany – 283). In addition to the issues associated with the global labor market in the near future it will be necessary to consider other issues – for example, legal aspects of Autonomous cars. Here we are talking not only about the Autonomous cars and trucks, but also about Autonomous weapon systems.

DateDate: 18-04-2017, 12:24

When it comes to talking about the blockchain (built according to certain rules formed a chain of blocks of transactions, the analogue of a distributed database), there are many theories about its possible use.
Although many of them are quite feasible, their practicality in the near future in question. Instead of talking about its fantastic features, let's think about the real ways in which the blockchain will change our lives in the next five years.
The banking industry 
As the blockchain will change our lives in the next five years
Three main benefits of the blockchain for banks:
Allows to conduct and record transactions in real time.
Is the basis of a new class of services for international payments.
Expands existing systems, allowing you to make more complex transactions.
Financial markets
As in the banking industry, the blockchain helps conduct clearing and settlement operations. This not only reduces costs, but also increases the transparency of the system.
Although currently there is a debate about the pros and cons of high-speed trading, you can imagine how with the introduction of smart contracts and automation it will be on a whole new level.
 As the blockchain will change our lives in the next five years
Bargaining in real time (Real-Time Bidding) — the industry volume of $ 30 billion, which continues to grow. Since many processes are already automated, the blockchain will help to increase speed, reduce costs and increase transparency.
The “Internet of things”
Two major technological breakthroughs in recent years have to connect in the future. By 2020 more than 25 billion objects will be connected to the Network. Blockchain currency with their roots is very suitable for automation of payments: transport, Parking, utilities and other.
Video games
As the blockchain will change our lives in the next five years
Additions to computer games have always had great importance. Users create new assets (characters, clothing, weapons), sell or exchange them.
Imagine that someone created a new asset, and the buyer modifies it and then selling it. Thanks to blockchain, the original author can receive royalties from all future sales, since they will be included in the database.

DateDate: 18-04-2017, 12:20

Experts from Japanese universities have developed a new structure of solar panels, which is capable of providing conversion efficiency of over 50%. Performance ideas has already been confirmed experimentally.
The theoretical limit of the efficiency of conventional photovoltaic cells with the same transition is approximately equal to 30%. In other words, a large part of the solar energy not converted into electricity. Record a value that is approximately equal to 46%, achieved using a cell with four transitions.
Japanese researchers have turned to the idea of the heterojunction composed of semiconductors with different width of prohibited zones, thereby managed to reduce the losses. The new structure converts into electricity low energy photons, so the theoretical limit of efficiency is 63%.
As stated, increasing the efficiency will allow you to get the same power with a smaller footprint, significantly reducing the cost of installing solar panels.

DateDate: 18-04-2017, 12:18

While Facebook shares increased by 29% over the past year, Amazon added 44% increase Alphabet was only 10%.
However, Credit Suisse analyst Stephen Yu sets a price target for the stock at around $1,100 for the future 12 months. In this case, the market capitalization of Google will rise to $757 billion, surpassing Apple's $745 billion.
Shares of Google gained 1.8 percent to $855.13, adding 3.3% over the last 3 months. Meanwhile, Amazon, Apple and Facebook have added 11%, 18% and 10.5%, respectively.
According to Credit Suisse income from Google Cloud and Google Play help Google to compensate for the lagging dynamics.
According to analysts of Bank, in the next 3 years, the share of YouTube, Google Play and Google Cloud will account for one-third of income Alphabet.
The company will present its quarterly results on 27 April.