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DateDate: 1-05-2017, 12:34

Attention! We need investment!!!


  Good afternoon. I am the founder and head  and I live in Ukraine.On the Internet I found information that You are funding projects such as venture capital or investment companies. I would like that You looked at my project, which in its basic sense involves a combination of investment and crowdfunding, creating a full cycle the marketplace of ideas with its unique business model. Platform "Innovator" already has over 200 innovative ideas that can be potentiality and implement. I hope that my project will interest You. My contact information is in the presentation which is below. Thanks in advance, the founder and head of platform "Innovator" Vadim Vashchenko.





DateDate: 1-05-2017, 06:43

  Стартап мобильного кино премьерного просмотра "ИНноватор".

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
The idea is that a startup mobile movie viewing "Innovator" in its structure, the work resembles a "theater in your pocket". That is, for sufficiently simple to use menu and registration in the structure of the movie platform, the user has the option to go to the poster of the rental of movies worldwide and to take advantage of the selection and viewing of film of high quality. Of course, there is a charge for viewing through various payment systems. Playback of movies is possible in smartphones, tablets and services in modern smart TV models. The user, after selecting and paying for the viewing of the movie, gets to your email address or any messenger a link where he can see the theater itself in the on-line mode, a cinema that shows a film, and of course the film itself. A service of booking of places work your personal movie office, where you can find and chat discussion after watching movies, and a personal virtual Secretary that will answer questions on the subject of the film, and a flexible system of cumulative virtual movie money - CIMO. 
Cinemas, which in the early days of movie Prime, as usual, puts all those wishing will have the opportunity to virtually provide the opportunity to access movie viewing, thus gaining additional profit. That is, are the cinemas and the whole cinema network will be interested in the quick registration on the platform.
Have a platform that allows users to watch movie premieres in any convenient place and time.
The idea is open for investment and is full of redemption.

DateDate: 1-05-2017, 06:23

The Federal Ministry of Economics and energy, Germany, actively working on the promotion of digital radio. In particular, the Ministry proposes to require a new radio to certain functions.
In Germany, digital radio broadcasting in the standard DAB+ are still not as widespread as in other European countries, in particular as Norway, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, therefore, the government decided to undertake a number of proactive steps to remedy the situation, reports
The Federal Ministry of Economics and energy of Germany (BMWi) is actively working on the promotion of digital radio. In particular, the Ministry decided to require a new radio to certain functions. In the draft decision 5.4.2017 (PDF) States that all sold in the country radios high quality must support the ability to receive digital programs in the standards adopted in Germany.
According to the text of a draft "device that is primarily intended for reception of programs of digital broadcast and capable of displaying the name of the program must have at least one interface corresponding to the approved technical standards that allows the user to receive and play digital content." The document says, it could be one of the following interfaces: DAB +, LAN or WLAN. Under the provisions of this legislative initiative subject to the car because they are equipped with RDS, which, in particular, displays information about the title of the transmitted program.
According to lawmakers, the new rules will give consumers the opportunity to take a "quantitatively and qualitatively to improve the reception of radio programs" through the use of devices that are compatible with additional capabilities of digital radio. Set a transitional period of twelve months will allow to sell the old model receivers. But the device on the display which does not display the name of the receiving program, under the new act are not covered, says the same publication.
At the BMWi also hasten to reassure consumers: "the Adoption of new legislation did not mean for the citizens of the need to buy a new radio".

DateDate: 1-05-2017, 06:13

In the U.S. researchers from mit have mastered the printing of large structures made of elastic materials without additional support.
This was reported on the website Designboom.
According to the developers, due to the failure from the layer-by-layer modeling of the subject print speed on the printer many times higher than traditional FDM printers. For example, to print the flexible design of the countertop required 28 minutes. Thus, the printer working with print in the gel is able to print in 10 minutes structure, the production of which is traditional 3D printer it would take about 50 hours.
In order to print the structure of elastic materials used to seal the gel is a relatively new approach today. Only a few research groups have demonstrated remarkable results.
For Steelcase engineers from MIT have built a 3D printer that prints flexible polymers in the gel. The pressure of the gel support material when printing, so there is no need to create additional supports, and the extruder can move not only horizontally, but also vertically.
Also due to the lack of support and direct 3D-printed structure does not require post-processing, after printing the object is simply to get out of the gel.
The project is implemented jointly with the furniture manufacturer Steelcase.
Note, at this point the vast majority of cases 3D printing is a layer-by-layer construct objects from solid materials.
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DateDate: 1-05-2017, 06:07

Renowned developer of anti-virus security John McAfee has unveiled a prototype smartphone John McAfee Privacy Phone.
According to McAfee, the work on creation of the device was conducted in conjunction with the company MGT, which deals with information security issues. The price of John McAfee Privacy Phone will be $ 1,100.
In the safest smartphone will be provided by the switches, allowing the user to disable some of the functionality of the gadget. For example, the owner John McAfee Privacy Phone can turn off geolocation, camera, and microphone. To search the web, your smartphone uses an anonymizer.
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McAfee claims that his development is far ahead of the gadgets of its competitors and, in particular, Blackphone. The new generation of its smartphone, the developer plans to introduce in 2018.