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DateDate: 2-05-2017, 07:33

It is no secret that cupertinos Apple is one of the most expensive and richest companies in the world and an interesting figure was able to learn edition of the WSJ.
The resource reports that "Apple" the company has managed to accumulate cash of more than $250 billion. the Amount is regularly growing, but the tech giant has no plans to spend it.
The company seems to have picked up the habit after the release of each new smartphone to report record sales figures. For the last reporting period ended December 31, 2016, the company managed to sell 78.3 million iPhones, 13 million iPads and 5.3 million Macs that Apple brought in $78.4 billion, while net income rose to $17.9 billion.
At the moment the amount of cash kupertinovtsy exceeds a quarter of a trillion dollars. The company has been able to collect so much money in just 12 years.
Despite the fact that today Apple has the largest cash reserves of all the technology companies in the world, Tim cook and other top managers of the Corporation are not in a hurry, these funds anywhere to invest. 

DateDate: 2-05-2017, 07:30

Today it became known about the beginning of works on release of new model of smartphone from the famous Chinese brand Meizu, which has a high enough reputation. However, stated that the frameless screen has no relevance to the current work.
In turn, the Chinese experts were able to create a gadget that will be able to compete with such popular models as the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. 
Guide brand intends to significantly expand the geography of sales of the machinery, hoping to get the most number of sales across the globe. 
However, keep in mind that these flagship models are frameless, front side, and thus get ahead of them or even go on one line will be difficult enough for the manufacturer.
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Vice-President of the company commented on the upcoming Meizu new product, calling it "smartphone dreams", which means a higher confidence in stable sales and public interest. In addition, more detailed features of the smartphone will announce closer to the official presentation.

DateDate: 2-05-2017, 07:29

It is no secret that in the near future will be a fight between the two robots. One of them "Japanese" and Kuratas "American" MegaBots. But it turned out that the competition winner may be "monkey King" from China. 
In the exterior of the robot a lot of similarities with primates. Единственноt that the robot has four "legs". But the arched back and the location of the head, like iron king Kong. Feature of the robot is the ability to change form. This robot has a seat for the driver. 
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If we talk about weapons, the robot relies more on his own fists and a big iron club. The novelty is relatively heavy, it is only four tons.

DateDate: 2-05-2017, 07:27
Private space company Virgin Galactic, which is owned by British business magnate, investor and philanthropist Richard Branson, on Monday carried out a test flight of space tourism vehicle SpaceShipTwo.
This was announced on his web site of the American scientific and technical magazine "Popular mechanics".
"The company Virgin Galactic held on may 1 fourth test flight of its new SpaceShipTwo, suborbital spaceplane VSS Unity, equipped with a rocket engine" - said in the message.
Current tests, as the previous one, passed without starting the rocket engines. This time, however, was tested by the the system tail of the aircraft in the mode of entering the Earth's atmosphere. The system is designed for braking the speed of the apparatus on one of the most difficult stages of the flight.
The company Virgin Galactic is committed to make progress in testing new models of SpaceShipTwo after a long time after the accident with a deadly outcome of his first ship VSS Enterprise.
Monday took the first test, the tail in the air after testing the system on earth. It is noted that testing of the system occurred at low altitudes, where the atmospheric density is much larger, however, under such conditions were the results of the system aerolimousine was successful.
Engineers still have to process and analyze a lot of data, including during the upcoming scheduled flights without the use of rocket engines. It is not excluded that till the end of the year, the company will be able to carry out the first tests with the EVAs.

DateDate: 2-05-2017, 07:25

Scientists from China managed to develop a unique 2D material, which contributes to the conduction of electricity at the speed of light. The specialists plan to use the invention in the development of new quantum computers, writes ANDROID.
Chinese scientists report that they have also created a special magnetic microscope that will be used to explore further the image of the new quantum particles included in the 2D material. Experts say that thanks to the superfast shares, it can be actively used in the production of a powerful new generation of computers. The only thing not yet solved the dilemma for experts is that particles that become active only under conditions of sufficiently high temperature equal to 387 degrees with a mark of minus degrees Fahrenheit, therefore, the main goal of Chinese scientists is now the achievement of active work the same particles under normal temperature conditions.