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DateDate: 8-05-2017, 17:02

More and more companies are now entering in the race to create quantum computers. Recently, we reported that Google started to create a 50-kubango quantum computer. And now came the news from China: a group of researchers from the Chinese University of Science and technology and Zhejiang University based on the available 10-cubitas quantum system plans by the end of 2017 to increase the number of qubits in it 2 times.
Chinese quantum system based on the use of single photons, very cold atoms and superconducting electronic circuits. Despite a bold request for extension to 20 qubits, scientists make predictions about what next year's system will be able to count up to 30 qubits. In 2016, the researchers were able to create a source of single photons based on semiconductor quantum dots. Now this source supplies photons electrically programmable elements of photonic circuits that make up a quantum computer.
At the moment, 10-Cubana quantum computing, the system shows a performance level of 24 000 times the speed of operation of the variant of a quantum system with five photonic qubits. This is considering the fact that 5-cubita system showed a very high level of performance. As stated by the researchers themselves, "Our architecture quantum computing system allows the extension to any number of photons.
At the same time, increasing the number of photons the performance of the system will grow exponentially. Us plan for next year 30-Cubana quantum system has to be able to compete with the most powerful "normal" computers." China plans to create 20-cubanow quantum system this year

DateDate: 8-05-2017, 06:51

The Apple Watch will start to count calories for you
Apple Watch the new generation can acquire the function of tracking the diet of its owner. This is evidenced by a new patent of the company, reports the with reference to Internetua 
Smart calories will provide built-in RFID-scanner that interprets the information about the product in accordance with predetermined parameters.
In case of realization of ideas, it can be an excellent tool for dieters or fans of a healthy lifestyle, fulfilling the role of personal nutritionist. 
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Along with the function of counting calories and BDIM, the watch can give the user recommendations regarding the optimal eating time, and to develop a menu of specific dishes to achieve the desired result.

DateDate: 8-05-2017, 06:48

On kraudfandingovom platform Kickstarter has successfully raised enough funds smart pillow Sunrise, was developed by company Mode Modern.
Originally, the startup planned to raise $50 000, however, his invention received a high rating by the users Kickstarter, and at the moment the amount of donations exceeded $425 000, and by the end of the campaign 11 days.
Smart pillow Sunrise has a led strip that allow you to gently Wake you up in the morning and to show a customized greeting message. Smart device has a gyroscope and accelerometer, which are tasked with monitoring a user's sleep.

DateDate: 8-05-2017, 06:45
In Barcelona the 64th international exhibition of inventions presented by the Polish invention – the technology of producing gasoline and diesel fuel from plastics unsuitable for the refining process. The author of this idea is a group of researchers under the leadership of Adam Handerek.
Polish technology noted in Barcelona one of the main awards and a gold medal with virzienam, writes the Polish radio.
Annually in the world is produced 311 million tons of plastics, over 20 percent of this amount is in landfills. Plastic bags, carpeted, clothes are not subject to recycling. The only way to neutralize them was burning.
A group of scientists, headed by Adam Handerek, the first in the world to develop the technology by which such waste can be processed into gasoline and diesel that fill vbasic standards. Scientists collaborate with Industrial automotive Institute in Warsaw. Continue conversations with potential investors.

DateDate: 8-05-2017, 06:44

The total number of users of the Internet resource Facebook reached 1.94 billion people. The user of the social network, assessing the situation, decided to expand the business by bringing in television by creating a program loops of varying lengths.
The higher managers of the social network Facebook announced its intention to launch its own TV show. According to the revised data, we are talking about attracting a global audience. Different time broadcast TV the number reached twenty, while the duration of broadcasting time will be from several minutes to one hour. The first category will include short video clips lasting 5-10 minutes, in the second group are planning to create projects lasting up to half an hour. Their audience should be a large group of underage users of social networks that, by calculations of experts, can provide significant additional income.
In the third row are thematic programs designed for adult populations in various countries of the world. A separate group of operators will be busy handling complaints and suggestions to the produced broadcast television.
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