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DateDate: 9-05-2017, 06:48

Analog solar panels are able to select from impurities in the hydrogen. Experts call hydrogen the fuel of the future. It is much safer for the environment than petroleum products, and also widely distributed. It can be used as fuel for any vehicles-from cars to missiles.
The main problem with using hydrogen is the cost of its production, storage and transportation. Today the most common technology for producing hydrogen steam reforming and electrolysis of water, require expensive catalysts (e.g., for electrolysis using platinum). During storage and transportation of hydrogen is necessary to observe special precautions, since the mixing of hydrogen with air forms a highly explosive oxyhydrogen gas. All of this requires additional costs.
Therefore, scientists are working on new technologies for the production of hydrogen - available and simple. Researchers from the University of Antwerp and Livenskogo Catholic University have developed a technique that allows to obtain hydrogen from impurities contained in urban air.
In the basis of development is the technology of photoelectrochemical cells, types of solar panels. The device consists of two compartments separated by a membrane. One volatile organic compound contained in polluted air under the influence of sunlight are converted into carbon dioxide using the photoanode of titanium dioxide. The hydrogen ions pass through the polymer electronic membrane into another compartment in which there is a photocathode. From there, the hydrogen is fed into the storage system. In the future it can be used as fuel.
According to the developers, their technology will not only open up an additional source of hydrogen for fuel, but will clean the air. Thus, the invention will solve two problems at once modern cities.
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Article about the new development was published in the journal ChemSusChem. Previously, scientists have developed methods of hydrogen production using the technologies of artificial photosynthesis, and genetic modification of algae.

DateDate: 9-05-2017, 06:46

During the year, the markets of Western countries will be water in the unique container, do not pollute the environment. Moreover, after drinking water of such containers, it is possible bude to eat, leaving no plastic or other debris.
Water "The Ooho!" will sell in small edible spheres which was developed in 2014 and found the practical application a few years later. To drink the water in the sphere, made of sodium alginate and calcium chloride using the method of gelatinization, will need to make a small hole.
If the consumer does not want to eat such containers after eating his portions of water, discard the transparent envelope in the trash, knowing that it is completely biodegradable. The main advantage of the new packaging developers call the fact that its production is cheaper than production of plastic.

DateDate: 9-05-2017, 06:44

That are watching us through apps, has long been known. Experts say that the essence of tracking is to use ultrasound. It's the sounds that people cannot hear. 
But the mobile app they can catch. The sites to which the person comes, or is, issue sounds application record using the microphone. This leads to the fact that each person is a history of visiting certain sites. 
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Experts have counted more than 200 apps that can record the ultrasound outside the knowledge of the owner of the gadget. These apps are already installed on millions of smartphones.

DateDate: 9-05-2017, 06:42

German engineers from the Institute name of Hasso Plattner invented the technology to create durable structures out of ordinary plastic bottles.
The inventors have managed to invent software that allows you to calculate and design and prepare for construction elements, which, in turn, can be printed on a 3D printer. Thus, within a few hours of ordinary people at home will be able to create a design that can withstand human weight.
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The algorithm, which was invented by German engineers, the design allows you to evenly distribute the load, making it even stronger. The software was presented at the conference Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

DateDate: 9-05-2017, 06:38

The Chinese company AVIC unveils a modern amphibious aircraft AG600. The first ground tests were successful, what gives us hope for the future manufacture of seaplanes.
To the Chinese seaplane already built in the Soviet Union, has been named to the A-40. But the project very quickly was closed in the late 80s.
AG600 has length of 37 meters, a wingspan of 39 feet. Takeoff weight of about 54 tons. The manufacturer promises that the seaplane will be able to reach speeds of up to 570 km/h of capacity, called the "Water dragon" will be able to provide comfortable travel for 50 passengers.
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