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DateDate: 10-05-2017, 11:42

May 9 to 11 in Washington will host the summit of "Man on Mars", which will bring together reputable engineers and scientists from around the world. The experts will determine how much it will cost NASA to launch mission to the Red planet.
The expert Pascal Lee stated that the cost of travel for the conquest of Mars will be between 400 billion to a trillion dollars, as for its implementation it is necessary to develop a huge number of modern technologies. Scientists believe that the area of the red planet is quite dangerous and deadly area, therefore, the mission launch will not happen so quickly.
Recall that in the 1960-ies of the program landing on the moon cost $ 24 billion, 4% of which was allocated to NASA. To date, the specified budget of the Committee on space research is only 0.4% of US GDP, and this figure is much less than 60 years.
Source: News Yu

DateDate: 10-05-2017, 11:38

As it became known domestic manufacturer, the plant "Drogobytska Farba" was released on the Ukrainian market a new homopolymer "Polychrome ® G 308", TM "bustard" technology company "COMBRO" (Croatia).
In Ukraine, a new homopolymer
It is designed for the manufacture of mastic for levelling of walls as well as adhesives for parquets, paper and cardboard. For impregnating and processing of textile materials.
Polychrome ® G 308 is an aqueous dispersion of homopolymer vinyl acetate of high degree of polymerization. It features low dispersion and high viscosity, polyvinyl alcohol stabilized, does not contain softeners. 
Polychrome ® G 308совместим with fillers and softeners. The drying process forms a hard, brittle film which is in contact with various foundations.
Among its distinguishing features are the following:
• Dry in-VA DIN 53189/ % - 50±1;
• pH - 4 – 5;
• Viscosity, 50 o/min, 23 °C, the o'hare Chicago MARRIOTT terminal 7/ MPa.with. - 20000-35000;
• Diameter of particles/ nm - 500-5000.

DateDate: 10-05-2017, 11:36

Raising funds for another unusual device organized on the service Indiegogo. Autumn will start production of phones in bananas, which will be called — Bananaphone.
However, in fact bananaphone — it's not really a phone. This Bluetooth device that connects to your smartphone and lets you take calls with the main unit.
Bananaphone can now be purchased for $ 40. It can work up to 10 hours in talk time mode and on its body there are several buttons, for example, to answer the call, and so on. Also, the accessory can activate Siri or other voice assistants, so you can always use voice dialing. The developers of "banana phone" saying that, the main aim of their device is "the smiles on the faces and fun conversations."
One percent of the profits from phone sales goes to the Fund "Gearing Up", a nonprofit organization, focuses on the conservation of populations of gorillas. So far, the campaign on Indiegogo has raised more than $ 21 thousand and still not reached the target of $ 30 thousand is only 22 days, so if you want to have your own "banana" phone, you should hurry. Works shipping worldwide.

DateDate: 10-05-2017, 11:34

Not every roof solar panels are a very effective way of generating electricity, besides their installation is time - consuming and costly process. But this problem can easily solve brand new, portable system design solar panels Smartflower, which began to mass-produce the eponymous Austrian company.+
Externally, this device looks like a giant flower whose petals have several movable panels, and according to the manufacturer, it is more effective than standard photovoltaic surfaces for the roof is almost 40% -50% thanks to a clever astronomical control system. This system changes the angle of the "petals" in accordance with the position of the sun, watching him, even when in the street cloudy weather or the sun is low on the horizon. It also increased productivity due to the natural ability of the panels to self-cooling and self-cleaning. 
New design portable solar panels looks like a flower
As a result, despite its compact size and light requirement in the occupied area, its power output far exceeds the traditional system of solar panels on the roof. When smart sensors Smartflower record the onset of the dark time of the day or too strong gusts of wind, they will order the system to fold "flower petals" to protect them from adverse environmental factors. 
Important is the fact that the system comes to you in the form of a one-piece assembled structure, and its installation requires quite a bit of effort so that within an hour after delivery she can start to work. 
Designed for use in the residential sector and small business, to best fit the design of the yard, the system may have a different base color. Actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has described this device as "something small, but extremely effective."
Portable system solar Smartflower
According to open sources, is now the base model Smartflower costs about $16000. And to date, approximately 1000 of these devices have been installed in different countries across Europe, including in the Botanical garden in Madrid and at the University of applied Sciences Kufstein in Austria.

DateDate: 10-05-2017, 11:31

Researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon has learned to turn almost any surface into a touch panel using a small amount of conductive paint
Electrick system uses a technology called electrophilia imaging, according to "3Dnews".
Electrick developed PhD Yan Zhang. The system uses small electrodes attached to the edges of the painted surface. Technology turns into a touch-sensitive panel wood, plastic, plasterboard, clay and even gelatin. The researchers successfully equipped with touch control toys, guitars and walls.
"The first time we were able to take the spray paint and put a touch screen on pretty much anything," said associate Professor of the Institute of human-computer interaction Chris Harrison.
"Like many other touch screens, Electrick relies on the shunt effect, when the finger touches the touch pad, it transfers the electrical current into the ground, the report says. - Attaching several electrodes to the periphery of the object or performing coverage, Zhang and his colleagues have shown that they can localize the place and time of bypass surgery. They achieved this using electropolish tomography: consistently missed a small amount of current through the electrodes in pairs, taking into account any differences of voltage".
The authors Electrick hope that the technology can be used to create interactive walls or even the cover for the smartphone that defines the position of the finger on the back and allows thus to interact with the applications. That the paint was not peeled off, it is possible to apply a protective coating.
Photo: "3Dnews"