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DateDate: 12-05-2017, 06:52

First, the ship will carry cargo under the control of the captain, in 2019 will go to the remote control, and in 2020 will become completely Autonomous. This is the first project in the world to establish a fully robotic truck Electrocable.
Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara and technology firm Kongsberg Gruppe have announced a partnership under which they intend to create the world's first fully electric and Autonomous container ship, writes Reuters. "A new ship with zero emissions will affect the global market of Maritime transport", — stated in the companies.
It is planned that the ship will transport the goods from the factory of Yara in Porsgrunn in seaports Breivik and Larvik in 2018. These ports are located approximately 14 and 26 kilometers from Porsgrunn.
It is assumed that the first container ship will function as a manned vehicle. Transition to remote control mode will take place in 2019, in a fully Autonomous mode, the vessel will start working in 2020.
Car manufacturers and technology companies invest heavily in the development of self-driving cars and trucks, electric cars and even a flying taxi. However, to create a fully Autonomous vehicle, able to work as piloted by people no one has.

DateDate: 12-05-2017, 06:50

Professor at Harvard University together with colleagues has created a device for the inhalation of food, which is designed to replace traditional food.
It is reported
Harvard Professor David Edwards along with colleagues created a device for the inhalation of food, which is designed to replace traditional food.
According to the scientist, soon people will not have to sit at tables and wait until they cater waiter. Instead, visitors will walk from room to room and just breathe a variety of dishes.
"For example, in one room - the celery, the other with steak and so on," - shared his ideas, Professor D. Edwards.
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DateDate: 12-05-2017, 06:48

Soon smartphones will disappear after pagers. In place of the usual accessories come improved versions of startups that 10 years ago seemed impossible. This is the opinion of the famous inventor Elon Musk. He recently held a conference in which course has told about their developments and ideas for the future.
Musk emphasized the fact that smartphones will disappear in the coming years. There will be new devices that will be based on the interaction with artificial intelligence. Such concepts already have Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Many developers prefer to hide their innovations to their existence, no one knew before the official presentation. At the moment we know that Musk is also preparing something unusual in the field of computer technology and artificial intelligence. He said that a new type of smartphone will work with "smart" apartment, a car, a clock, and also be able to connect to the large list of electronics.

DateDate: 12-05-2017, 06:45

Iceland uses volcanic heat to produce clean energy in a new project to develop geothermal energy technologies
About this Politeka reports citing The Independent.
Energy company HS Orka drilled wells to a depth of nearly 5 km near known resort Blue Lagoon in Reykjanes.
Material on the subject
The Independent: Chernobyl liberate Ukraine from gas dependence of the Russian Federation
If successful, the project could produce up to 10 times more energy than conventional gas or oil well by the production of electricity from heat stored in volcanically active areas.
Iceland is a pioneer of geothermal energy, and 85% of the energy the country gets from renewable sources.
Small island state is also the only country in the world that produces 100% renewable energy.
However, the new "supercritical" technology of drilling much more efficient than conventional geothermal wells.
Albert Albertsson, project engineer Thor said that to provide electricity and hot water for a city like Reykjavik (the capital) with a population of 212 thousand people, need 30-35 conventional high-temperature wells, and the project is only 3-5.
Note that although geothermal energy is generally considered a reliable source, it still is not completely renewable.
In addition, do not forget about carbon emissions and pollution gray, but they are minor compared to the damage from fossil fuel extraction.

DateDate: 12-05-2017, 06:43

The Apple began sending invitations to a conference of developers called Worldwide Developers Conference, where going to present new devices. The event will be organized on 5 June at 20:00 GMT.
This year the exhibition Worldwide Developers Conference will be held from 5 to 9 June at the Convention centre name Machinery in San Jose, where Apple will introduce with their new products. American developers need to provide a few details about how to create and work on operating platforms OS X and iOS 10.13 11. In addition, company representatives will provide information about updates, tvOS 11 and watchOS 4.
It is assumed that at the event Apple will introduce a new version of the iMac and smart speakers that support smart assistant Siri. Some experts suggest that manufacturers may even talk a little bit about future models of the iPhone, which is due out traditionally in the autumn of this year. The cost of the ticket drawn in the lottery, amounted to 1599 dollars. The conference will also be broadcast specifically for developers on the website of the American company.
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