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DateDate: 16-05-2017, 06:43

The British company Improbable, which specializiruetsya on the development of software for the simulation of virtual worlds has received from a Japanese Corporation SoftBank grant in the amount of 502 million dollars to create "the most accurate three-dimensional model of the real world".
Improbable was founded in 2012 by graduates of the University of Cambridge Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead. It's now Improbable already used in video games, but "the Matrix from the British" will be used by governmental and industrial organizations to conduct various experiments and developments in the field of virtual reality, - informs the INVADERS.
Developed product is called SpatialOS. This system is very flexible and scalable, it can be run on the basis of separate servers, and within a huge cluster computing systems.
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"We are working on some projects in conjunction with the telecommunication companies, government and industrial organizations. In these projects, created detailed models for virtual worlds that use real data. All virtual environment as close as possible to the real world. The new model will allow more sophisticated and comprehensive modeling of aspects of human civilization: transport infrastructure, telecommunications networks, and more", - reported in the organization.
"The matrix" (eng. The Matrix) — American-Australian science fiction film, which was removed in 1999, sisters wachowskis (then the Wachowski brothers).
The film depicts a future in which people violently rebellious machines connected to the Matrix, an interactive computer program simulating reality. Thus the machine obtained from the people the energy they need for survival. Hacker Neo to learn what is the real world and become a liberator of mankind.
The movie "the Matrix" combines a revolutionary shooting techniques and deep philosophy, which has earned him cult status and caused a significant public outcry.

DateDate: 16-05-2017, 06:41

The first artificial intelligence lab, which will simulate the human brain, has opened in Anhui province, according to the INVADERS.
In developing the participation of specialists of the Chinese University of science and technology, Rudanskogo Shengenskogo University and Institute of automation. Help them to be experts of the company Baidu.
Van Litszyun, President of the China University of technology and head of the laboratory part-time, believes that despite these developments, the developers of artificial intelligence are at the very beginning. According to him, the development of neural networks that mimic the human brain, will help you better understand artificial intelligence and determine the vectors of its development, it is now artificial intelligence will not be able to compete with the brain.
Scientists have been working hard to make artificial intelligence smarter, but that he has grown at least to the level of rats, it takes a lot of time.

DateDate: 16-05-2017, 06:38
The development and implementation of generators, running on the energy of the waves is much slower than wind and solar.
Engineers Swell Wave Energy has developed a new system of generating electricity from wave power that exceeds the efficiency of most other renewable energy sources. The system description is available on the New Atlas website, to inform
One of the main incentives for the development of alternative energy include global warming and limited resources for conventional sources. Also, the use of energy from wind, sun or water helps to produce electricity for isolated and resource-poor areas, such as Islands. Engineers Swell Wave Energy has developed a reliable and relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain energy generator using the energy of the waves.
The system is hostilius water column. Under water the camera is, which under the action of waves periodically gets water. The generator consists of two cycles. Because the camera has a limited volume, the increase in water level in the chamber creates increased pressure. It is reduced due to the entry of air through special valves. When the wave begins to recede, it's second cycle: the valves are closed, the water level in the chamber falls, due to what it by negative pressure. The air entering from the outside begins to turn the turbine combined with the generator.
There are systems that have bi-directional turbine capable of spinning in both directions. However, such turbines are more complex in design and, as a rule, lose the unidirectional effectiveness.
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The main conceptual advantage of the developed design is that the water is only concrete, whereas all the electronics and mechanical components located above it. This means that the metal parts will not directly come into contact with water, and therefore will be much less susceptible to corrosion. Another advantage is that diagnosis and repair will also be carried out in air, without the need to use expensive and complex equipment for underwater work.
The company States that one generator will have a peak capacity of about one megawatt, and the average power of 470 kW. This means that the system will have a utilization rate of installed capacity is much higher than solar and wind energy sources.
Ultimately, the design should have dimensions of 20 by 20 meters in width and 18 in height, of which 10 meters would be under water. At the moment, the company tested a reduced model, which showed that the product is ready for commercialization. The first full-size generator will be installed in mid-2018 on the coast, king island, near Australia. It is assumed that the cost of energy produced will be at the level of 7 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour, and when scaling a technology, it will be possible to reduce the price to 4 cents per kilowatt-hour. For comparison, engineers estimate the cost of generating electricity in Hawaii, where most electricity is produced using diesel generators, at 40 cents per kilowatt-hour.
The development and implementation of generators, running on the energy of the waves is much slower than wind and solar. There are several new developments in this area: wind turbines without blades, the generator in the form of bird wings or solar panel shingles.
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DateDate: 16-05-2017, 06:38

DateDate: 16-05-2017, 06:36

In Yakutia, scientists have created a frost-resistant rubber, which can ensure the smooth operation of transportation in severe weather conditions. First of all new tires designed for mining.
The new material consists of two layers of compounds of rubber and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, making it high strength, able to withstand not only extreme cold temperatures, but it will also become indispensable for equipment destined for the production of oils, petrol, alkalis and other. Experts have finished testing the new material and plan to in the near future to use it for mining.
New super-resistant rubber has other important advantages. In the opinion of engineer of laboratory "Technology of polymer nanocomposites" Athanasius Dyakonov, high integrity blocks the leakage of hydrocarbons into the soil, which will reduce environmental pollution.
Source: VladTime