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DateDate: 17-05-2017, 06:53

The company's founder Roger Kristt was born and raised in Canada, but nearly thirty years of living in Africa, so all the problems of the local population it is well known that many people are not only deprived of access to electricity, but to clean drinking water. Therefore, Africans are forced every day to walk on the water, overcoming great distances. Therefore, the project Solar E-Cycle can become an exit from a difficult situation, writes ANDROID.
Externally, the vehicle looks more like a bike than a car, and a roof located solar battery, which allows you to drive on a single charge up to 50 kilometers at a speed of about 50 kilometers per hour.
There are three - and four-wheeled designs of pedal cars, both models are equipped with pedal and electric drive. Three-wheeled version designed for a single rider, and four-wheeled bike you can ride together, and carry more cargo. For the fact that in many African villages there is still no light, charging batteries with solar panels looks like a great solution, but Solar E-Cycle will be able to charge from the mains. In addition, the battery such electropolished useful and domestic purposes – it can help you to power home appliances, sewing machine, kettle or lamp.
The company plans to launch tests of their pedal cars very soon. For these purposes was made 70 units of transport. Roger Crest understands that the income of Africans is small, and therefore plans to charge for rental of each vehicle from 50 cents to one dollar a day.

DateDate: 17-05-2017, 06:50

Now his family and the people with identical names are very easy to find. For this purpose, a website Family.
When you enter your name issued information about the number of people who wear it and also where it is most common.
In addition, the map shows places with the highest concentration of people with the same surname.

DateDate: 17-05-2017, 06:48

Previously, Sega released a report for the financial year, and now investors were shown the presentation "Road to 2020". In it the company said that based on existing projects wants to create a number of global hits and to revive the big game.
In the field of "finished games" the company plans to double the number of existing projects. The publisher is going to open a Studio that will focus on existing franchises, and "to promote global development."
In Japan, Sega will focus on Phantasy Star, Puyo Puyo, and Persona. North American developers will be engaged in the Sonic Company of Heroes and Dawn of War. The European division will get a series of Total War, Football Manager and Endless.
Sega is not told what is going to revive the franchise, but among the potential candidates there are Shinobi, Panzer Dragoon and Jet Set Radio. The Studio Obsidian Entertainment, who developed Alpha Protocol (which was issued by a Japanese company), commented the news on Twitter, but this is not regarded as a serious hint at a sequel.
The publisher has reported that most revenue during the past fiscal year has brought Persona 5 (1.5 million copies sold since launch) and Total War: Warhammer (half a million copies in three days). In Japan is sold Phantasy Star Online 2 — the truth about the Western release is still not known.
This year Sega will release two games in the Sonic series: old-school platformer Sonic Mania and three-dimensional project Sonic Forces with modern and classic modes. Both will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But 25 may appears on Steam reissue shooter Vanquish.
Source: 3DNews

DateDate: 17-05-2017, 06:46

Recently, the Network appeared information that the first Samsung smartphone with dual camera will not Galaxy Note 8, as representative of the series Galaxy C available in China. Now known for leaks about the Galaxy S8 Twitter user with the nickname @UniverseIce shared the photos of case for Galaxy C10 (or C10 Plus), which showed a number of features. In particular, the cutout for the main camera points directly to the dual module. Much more interesting is that this smartphone should get a dedicated button for voice assistant Bixby (a reference to the Galaxy S8), which, obviously, Samsung is making a serious bid this year. Unfortunately, new information about this device. Samsung has not yet appointed new announcements and entirely focused on the promotion Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+, including on the territory of China.

DateDate: 17-05-2017, 06:44

Facebook has introduced a tool by which intelligent assistants will become much more sociable. The company calls it ParlAI and describes as "a universal tool for the study of dialogue".
Programmers will get a simple framework for training and testing of chat bots. They will have access to the database samples of the work of bots and seamless communication with the Mechanical Turk of Amazon. The last possibility allows you to find people for testing and remediation of intelligent assistants.
Antoine Bordes (Antoine Bordes) a team of researchers of artificial intelligence FAIR said that ParlAI will serve as the missing link in the world chat-bots. According to him, currently there are two types of dialogue systems. First — the ones that "actually serve a purpose," and perform actions for the user: for example, Siri or Google Assistant. Second, like Tay from Microsoft, are not good, and designed for entertainment.
"Using ParlAI we want to make with the machine it was possible to conduct a multilevel dialogue; to create this dialogue and share ideas, says Bordes. — ParlAI have to give the chat-bots the opportunity to engage in a long conversation."
For this, according to him, the bot needs to have memory access to external databases like Wikipedia and maybe the idea that the user feels. But this team is still much work to be done.
The team ParlAI — TechCrunch
ParlAI is mainly designed for advanced researchers in the field of artificial intelligence. It is hardly suitable to develop a simple chat bots. The tool will allow to create helpers, and find effective ways to train them.
Ian Lecun (Yann LeCun), head of the research project, says that the development tool is in full swing and users will constantly see improvements in the chat-bots of all types.
"One of the ultimate goals is to create your own digital friend; your virtual assistant that is configured for your needs, told Lecun. — It serves as a focal point for interaction with the digital world — with your friends and other people, and helps to digest an incredible volume of information that pours at us each day helps us in everyday life." 
Source: 3DNews