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DateDate: 18-05-2017, 06:50

Belgian scientists from Leuven and Antwerp universities produce energy, while purifying the air. As writes the Next Web, they have developed a device with which from polluted air produces hydrogen.
The device consists of two compartments separated by a membrane which is made of nanomaterials. Inside the membrane, the catalysts promote the formation of hydrogen under sunlight from a number of pollutants, often into the air. Thus, the scientists explain, on the one hand in a "hydrogen factory" enters the contaminated air out on the other pollutants derived from hydrogen.
The size of the fixtures - just a few square inches, but the head of the research team Professor Sammy Verbruggen says that he intends to scale it for industrial applications.
"We're also working on improving our materials to more effectively use the light for reaction", - he said.
Industrial use of the new products will produce hydrogen for transportation, use this gas as fuel. In March 2017, in Germany it was announced the imminent launch of trains Alstom hydrogen fuel; it will begin to work on regular passenger routes next year after the trials in Germany and the Czech Republic. According to the report, Alstom, hydrogen is an extremely clean fuel - only "emissions" from him is water.
The government of Japan intends by 2030 to increase the number of vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel, 800 thousand up to Now the authorities seek to ensure that, by 2025, to reduce the price of the hydrogen car from the current 7 million yen (over $63 thousand) to about 2 million yen - about $18 thousand Also Japan plans to quadruple the number of hydrogen filling stations. In the next ten years is expected to create a network of such stations 320. 
In the United States a similar development is designed to convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, which can also be used as a source of energy. A team of Indiana University in the U.S. trying to improve the efficiency of the solar battery, synthesized a molecule that has reduced the energy consumption for the production of carbon monoxide.
The compound is a complex of nanographene and rhenium, "glued" together with an organic compound bipyridyl. At the moment it requires the least amount of energy to convert the CO2 molecules in a molecule of carbon monoxide.

DateDate: 18-05-2017, 06:48

Artificial intelligence continues to amaze. This time in the sphere of creating new sounds. 
A new program called NSynth (neural synthesizer) and she creates unique sounds that haven't heard the human ear. 
Someone can say that the program just puts the sounds of some musical instruments on the other. But everything is so simple, the program takes into account the characteristics, but also how they are produced different tools, and one of them makes a unique sound. 
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The program has in its Arsenal thousands of instruments. This idea about mixing instruments had long promoted. But never has it not been implemented so interesting.

DateDate: 18-05-2017, 06:47

Today camera is one of the main criteria when choosing a smartphone. For some few years, mobile photography has made good progress, virtually killing the market for compact digital cameras.
Cameras in mobile devices began their journey with a simple 0.3-megapixel modules in push-button phones. Modern smartphones allow you to capture high quality images in any light, and 13-megapixel modules can be found even in budget models. A decisive blow to the compacts struck gadgets, with a pair of chambers, through which one click you can create a bokeh effect.
Doogee opens the era of smartphones with four cameras-2
Camera with color and monochrome sensors
The most common two smartphones with dual cameras : a color plus monochrome sensors or systems with wide-angle and telephoto. In the second case is provided by the optical zoom without loss of quality. So arranged camera iPhone 7 Plus. The smartphone supports portrait mode where the background is blurred. Other manufacturers quickly picked up the new trend, the function can be called depth effect.
Doogee opens the era of smartphones with four cameras-3
bokeh effect
Portrait mode and depth effect using the same principle. Using two sensors it is possible to obtain information about the depth of the frame, which allows to distinguish the subject. Thus, when the software blur the background it will stay sharp and the photos look like they are made on your SLR camera.
The main problem with portrait mode is that the dual camera is on the back side of the apparatus, and make their own Self bokeh is not so simple. Doogee opens the era of smartphones with four cameras-4компания Doogee volunteered to solve the problem and preparing to introduce smartphone Doogee X30 with two dual cameras. If all goes according to plan, soon we will see the world's first smartphone with four cameras.

DateDate: 18-05-2017, 06:44

A student from India who won the competition Cubes in Space, was the first inventor of the smallest satellite. The invention of the Indian student has the name KalamSat weighing 64 grams. It is noteworthy that despite its tiny dimensions, the satellites are equipped with all necessary equipment, including sensors that measure acceleration and the Earth's magnetosphere. All the components of a satellite consist of carbon fibre and printed using a 3D printer. Satellite KalamSat plan to launch in the summer from the island of wallops flight facility. It will produce a four-hour suborbital flight and will hold 12 min in microgravity. Read also: CHINA LAUNCHED the WORLD's FIRST QUANTUM COMMUNICATION SATELLITE On Board the satellite is a small computer and sensors that measure motion, temperature changes, acceleration and rotation.

DateDate: 18-05-2017, 06:42

Cadet Hayley Weir received the assignment for the course work, the essence of which was to improve the quality of the materials from which to create armor.
Haley decided that to create a good armor, you need to create the material, increasing its density in the place where he is under the influence.
The material should not collapse even under heavy load and properly serve for a long time.
With his head they began to experiment, the result of which was a new material.
It turned out that, despite the fact that the idea itself is pretty obvious, almost no one led developments in this area, so I had to start all over again. bullet stopping material diepoxide resin and carbon fiber mixed, they were then packaged in bags and placed in the form of Kevlar. Then the design passedПосле the material is significantly improved, it became clear that the new "body armor" more effectively protects from bullets of large caliber, while passing on those that are smaller.