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DateDate: 19-05-2017, 06:47

Minister of land and resources of China Jiang Daming said that in early may in the South sea of Korea was first successfully established mechanism of production of the so-called " hot ice. "Flammable ice" — a compound of water and natural gas, which is converted into a crystalline solid under high pressures and low temperatures. One cubic meter of "combustible ice" could be decomposed by 0.8 cubic metres of water and 164 cubic meters of natural gas in the vapor state. It is emphasized that the experiment was the first successful example of industrial marine mining of gas hydrates, has been made based solely on their own strength and would have "serious consequences". Read also: CHINESE CHEMISTS LEARNED how to GET GASOLINE OUT of thin AIR, Many experts believe that "hot ice" is the best alternative to oil and natural gas.

DateDate: 19-05-2017, 06:45

Scientists from rice University have created a rechargeable lithium-metal battery, which is three times the capacity of a commercial lithium-ion batteries, allowing what has long puzzled researchers: the problem of dendrites.
The lithium battery is stored in a unique anode – seamless hybrid of graphene and carbon nanotubes. Material, first established at the exhibition of Rice in 2012, is essentially a three-dimensional carbon surface which provides a large area for accommodation of lithium. The anode is approaching the theoretical maximum for the storage of metallic lithium in the resistance of formation damage of dendrites or "mossy" deposits.
Dendrites tried to replace Li-ion battery advanced lithium batteries that have long service life and charge faster. Dendrites represent the lithium deposits that grow in the electrolyte of the battery. If they connect the anode and cathode and create a short circuit, the battery can fail, break or even explode.

DateDate: 19-05-2017, 06:43

Any successful company looking to expand not only its core activities, but also to enter new and potentially lucrative markets. GoPro, for example, decided to try the forces in business quadcopters, and the leader in the sphere of consumer drones, the DJI is Chinese, going to try videobitrate by running their own application to "smart TVs".
The app gives users the ability to view on their televisions quality removed from the air materials — for the lovers of such video is sure to be interesting. It is interesting that GoPro has in the past released something similar, but more versatile. The company has launched its own channel where users can watch videos captured on GoPro cameras mounted on helmets, motorcycles, cars or drones.
Senior Manager product DJI Floor pan (Paul Pan) commented on the initiative: "by using drones, we made the flight and capture high quality video in air simple now with the DJI Smart TV the creators of videos will have more opportunities to share your work with the world. It is really an opportunity for people to be inspired, interested and travel to the places of our planet, which they never could have imagined, and to see the world from a completely different side."
App while out on the platforms Apple TV and Samsung TVs, on the basis of Tizen. You can download it already in the respective app stores. The time and the prospect of apps on Android TV is not reported.

DateDate: 19-05-2017, 06:40

The young Chinese brand Maze is preparing for the announcement smartphone Alpha with bezrucovy design. The manufacturer has reported that the device will get a 6-inch Full HD display housing a 5.5-inch device. The thickness of the framework for the three parties is only 1.8 mm, the screen occupies 83% of the front panel, writes ANDROID.
On the back side of the smartphone is a dual camera, but the expansion of the sensors is not yet known. The fingerprint scanner is located below the screen. Frame chassis metal. In addition to the standard model with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory will be available a limited-edition version at 6/128 GB. The Maze Alpha release scheduled for June, the company's promise of "tasty" price.

DateDate: 19-05-2017, 06:39

The developers of the popular video game series Minecraft decided to expand the functionality of your product. Now players will be involved in the search for a drug for chemotherapy, after which the chances of recurrence are minimal.
In this case, Minecraft will act as a platform where users will compete in search of the most harmless and effective drug. To do this they will need to make chains of chemical elements in a certain order.
The corresponding mod the game creators are planning to write to the end of this year. First, it will pass alpha and beta testing, and if successful will appear in the access in mid-2018. According to preliminary estimates of management to use the new mod will be around 25 thousand people.
In this case, crowdsourcing is used as a convenient tool thanks to which in the game process will involve a huge number of people. A similar tool used by some world famous Corporation with a turnover of billions of dollars, such as Microsoft, Boeing, NASA.
Source: VladTime