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DateDate: 20-05-2017, 06:25

As you know, in our time, the AI works primarily with programs from the cloud. However, many of the IT giants are trying to create such technical conditions in which artificial intelligence could be located to work directly on the user device without third-party requests.
According to the publication The Verge, Google has recently announced its new developments in this field. To implement the ideas developed a machine learning platform, fully optimized for mobile devices. 
The novelty has received the code name TensorFlowLite. She first appeared at the end of 2015 and eventually became quite popular among developers using AI tools. 
As it turned out, applications machine learning is a very reliable and capable of performing all necessary operations locally. It's fast, convenient, safe and does not require Internet connection (compared to the same cloud services). 
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As a result, in the near future the users will be available "smart" application with an easy interface and huge features.

DateDate: 20-05-2017, 06:23

Men who do not want to spend money on diamonds and fur coats for the wives finally got the hope to get a perfect wife: the American company Real Dolls, founded by engineer and designer Matt Mack-Mulana, is going to launch a series of realistic sex doll, which the developers themselves called Harmony (Harmony). In a sense, it's — "dream girl", which, besides the immediate purpose, it will be possible to even speak, reports the DILL with reference to the British newspaper the Sun.
In particular, Harmony is an remembers the preferences of its owner and soon after the first inclusion will have a great deal in his favorite music and movies. In addition, she is able to answer questions and never forget about the birthday of the owner. The developers promise that artificial intelligence doll is able to maintain interesting conversations and even get some semblance of human relationships.
At the moment, silicon Harmony is able to Express almost two dozen different human emotions — sexuality, moodiness, jealousy, talkativeness, playfulness, shyness and others. Also at the request of the owner of the doll can be 42 variant of nipples of various shades and 14 variants of the genital organs, which, incidentally, is removable and after use can be washed in a conventional dishwasher. At the same time, the developers promise, the electronic partner is able even to experience orgasm.

DateDate: 20-05-2017, 06:20
Solar and wind power in recent years have become more affordable — according to the world Bank, since 2009 the cost of domestic solar panels has decreased by almost three quarters. However, about 15% of mankind still do not have access to the grid, and to solve this problem will help clean energy.
A few years ago bill gates said that solar and wind power are a luxury that can afford only the rich countries. However, this view seems no longer relevant — the prices of such types of energy are dramatically reduced, making them affordable even for the poorest countries.
According to Vivien foster, energy economist at the world Bank, people begin to consider renewable energy as an optimal way to generate electricity, says FastCompany. The cost of clean energy has fallen so much that it no longer seems available. It is reduced around the world — the cost per kWh comes to 2 cents and continues to fall, and in some countries, renewable energy is cheaper than electricity from traditional sources.
A 40-watt homemade solar panel, which five years ago could light the bulb and charge only the phone can turn on three lights, charge the phone, to give energy to operate a radio, a small TV and fan. According to the world Bank, since 2009, the domestic price of such panels decreased by almost three quarters.
This does not mean that the problem with the access to energy is solved in the world, according to Bank of 1.06 billion people (about 15% of humanity) still do not have access to the grid in India alone, these people over 250 million is Projected that by 2030, access to grid electricity will have 91% of people in the world.
Extension of electrical networks — an expensive pleasure. Today Africa is becoming a centre of clean energy, and as an example, the electrification of the world we can see such countries as Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, said foster. They have a national plan, which includes the development of clean energy, and support startups that try to solve the problem of access to electricity of the poor.
Foster believes that countries should also cancel state regulation of prices for renewable energy (some countries are forcing operators to charge such energy as traditional) and to establish minimum standards for equipment to increase confidence in its reliability.
The roadbed of plastic cheaper and more durable than asphalt
According to forecasts, in 2017, the renewable energy will attract $243 billion in investment — and the record will be solar energy, which will attract more investment than coal, gas and nuclear combined.

DateDate: 20-05-2017, 06:17
Us company Aurora Flight Sciences have once again successfully tested a robotic system ALIAS which converts the aircraft to a drone. 
This is stated in the report, which was published on the official website of the company.
The engineers said that the robot was installed in the simulator cockpit of a passenger plane Boeing 737-800NG, after which he managed to land a virtual plane. During the tests, the system ALIAS, which was as second pilot, took the initiative proved successful passenger aircraft at the airport and put him.
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During the tests the plane was in autopilot mode, but the robotic system still gave the orders simulator. Experts say that the landing of the aircraft in autopilot mode is very complex, so achieving the work of the ALIAS can be considered novacinema.

DateDate: 20-05-2017, 06:15

The proposal was made by the team of programmers from the canadian company StartupSoft, engaged in software development.
A team of 30 programmers, a canadian company StartupSoft together with the founder of one of SMM-companies in Ukraine Alexandra Strumica propose to create the Ukrainian social network “Ukrainians”. Programmers say that are ready to develop a resource for three platforms: web, iOS and Android.
However, before you start to work, the developers would like to understand whether this project is in demand among Ukrainians. "Before you invest capital and time in developing this product, make sure its necessary. If by June 1 the number of subscribers reaches 50,000+, StartupSoft will develop the product within 4 months" – quoted by Ukrainian media treatment of canadian it people. Announced the collection of signatures in support of the project.
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