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DateDate: 21-05-2017, 08:04

Many developers are creating a drone capable of carrying people and cargo. Most often they are unmanned tractors have large dimensions and characteristics, but to transport such devices becomes quite difficult because of the large weight and volume. This problem is going to solve the engineers of the Japanese company Prodrone, who decided to produce a compact modular platform that is able to transform into a drone almost anything. It is reported by the INVADERS.
Platform PD-ANY allows you to turn into a flying drone any object weighing up to 15 pounds. The idea is simple: four or six modules, motors and propellers are attached to the object to be transported, after which he can immediately fly.
Battery platform is enough for ten minutes of flight at the speed of 20 kilometers per hour, and the developers claim that PD-ANY designed for flight in any weather.
Now PD-ANY is under development, so engineers must still finalize the design. The price of the platform has not been disclosed.

DateDate: 21-05-2017, 08:01

The Chinese company officially unveiled the Umidigi modern Crystal frameless smartphone, which is presented in several shades.
The developers during the presentation showed two versions of the smartphone: a Full-Metal Edition and Lumia Edition. According to the company, your gadget they are planning to place a diagonal in three variants: a 5.5, 6 and 6.4 inches. Representatives of the company Umidigi also stressed that in the near future will be a Grand presentation of an improved model of the smartphone.
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The company noted that the main feature of the smartphone is that it is bezrucovy. But the developers declined to reveal any nuances of this technology, citing the secrecy of the proceedings, and assured that the community learns about the "secret features" of the gadget in the framework of the new presentation.

DateDate: 21-05-2017, 07:58

In the US army a long time developed project "iron man". This is a special exoskeleton, which is created in the special operations Forces (SOCOM). 
According to the latest super suit will show in the next year. It is made for American special forces. He will make regular fighter Superman. He will possess great strength, agility, incredible armor, vision and sensitivity. In creating the costume use "smart" technology. 
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And started the project after a few years ago lost a commando in operation. Therefore, the main suit will be the security it provided through nanopore.

DateDate: 21-05-2017, 07:55

As is known, the production of high-quality brandy takes a few years. It's a process of distillation of wine and advocacy in special barrels made of special wood. The special taste of this drink, as a rule, provides time keeping. For a tree to give the wine aromatic substances, must go through sometimes for several years.
According to scientists, after a few days they got the drink that in all ways resembled brandy of good quality. The assessment was made by the experts who tasted the new drink.
But the problem is, scientists say, something to sell such alcohol under the guise of brandy impossible. The fact that the European laws define it as a drink, aged in wooden barrels, and nothing else. Therefore, obtained by exposure to ultrasound alcohol, according to the law, is not a brandy, despite the sensory characteristics.
The researchers say that if the "ultrasonic" alcohol and will appear on the market, it is called it will definitely be different.
However Spanish scientists have found a way to speed up the process of turning wine into brandy. For this they used ultrasound. Thanks to this technology, to elite drink can after a few days, with no long upholding and preserving exclusive taste.
According to scientists, the process of extraction of aromatics from wood can be accelerated by ultrasound. The researchers conducted a special experiment, in which miss grape alcohol over oak chips. This is done under pressure and with additional promotion of the drink with the help of ultrasonic waves directed into the tree.

DateDate: 21-05-2017, 07:53

Polish expert and the Director of "Agronomist Plants" Krzysztof Sak claims that berry production in tunnel greenhouses more effectively than in the open ground. News reports with reference to
In the framework of the block "the berry-growing and cooperation: on the trail of the international forum" discussed the best practices of European countries in the berry business. In particular, it was decided that the biological effective protection still operates in tunnel greenhouses.
"However, planting in the open ground provide low cost boarding and the process of landing is easier. Any mistake growing on the substrate will affect the yield, but in the field it plays such an important role," — said Krzysztof Sak.
The specialist said that the main mistake beginners make godovoy — improper soil preparation for planting. He recommends the following setup procedures: sowing rye, a chemical disinfection of the soil. Also very important, in his opinion, is the covering of planted strawberries with straw and mowing the leaves two weeks after harvest.