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DateDate: 22-05-2017, 06:41

Blocking access to social networks is a common practice in different countries
The ban on Russian resources on the territory of Ukraine caused widespread discussion. Opinions about this were divided, but as it turned out, the blocking of access to social networks is a common practice in different countries.
The Chinese do not use Google, Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia denied. Content limit using a special online system "Golden shield". However, the citizens left the possibility of online communication: they use the social network Qzone.
The majority of the population is unable to use the Internet and the reasons are not only in the restrictions: the salary of the Cubans is not enough for the computer, because on average they earn only 20-25 dollars a month. Social network here is blocking the government.
The Koreans have only offline the Internet, but he appeared in 2000 in addition, no network access here. Do not use in the DPRK was also Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Seven years ago, the local authorities blocked the social network after it found posts with sargolini images of the prophet Mohammed and subsequently closed access to Skype, Whatsapp, Tango and Viber.
The law on "computer crimes" since 2009, this filters all sites and content and all that is contrary to morality – locked immediately.
After the inscription of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who in 2014 was still the Prime Minister of the country is completely eradicated Twitter and YouTube.
The Internet revolution in Egypt began six years ago, when Hosni Mubarak's regime has restricted the access to users to the network. Stopped working for Twitter, YouTube, Hotmail, Google, Facebook.

DateDate: 22-05-2017, 06:39

Traditional folding umbrellas in Japan are a whole Millennium, have the unpleasant property that they are turned inside out by a strong wind. To solve this problem, engineers suddenly pushed the sun.
During a storm, through its delicate structure, umbrellas often break and can't protect from the rain. But engineers from the Tokyo Institute of industrial science studied how it put the sun and spread their wings. For experiments insectology even insects implanted artificial body parts made of transparent rubber with ugleplastika sensors and then filmed them on super-fast camera.
The Japanese have invented the umbrella, which is not afraid of the wind - photo 168384
Tip of the day! How to dry your umbrella
In the future, the researchers plan to recreate the structure of the wings in order to move it to the manufacture of parasols. The new design promises to be flexible, durable and much more convenient than an umbrella. Engineers believe the technology will be popular among the Japanese.

DateDate: 22-05-2017, 06:37

At the conference, EMC World, Dell business accelerator Circular Board introduced Alice to the world's first virtual assistant for women entrepreneurs using artificial intelligence technology. Alice is a partner in the development of Dell and Pivotal.
It is noted that currently in the U.S. companies owned by women, employing 7.8 million employees and their total income is $1.3 trillion. However, only 2% of American entrepreneurs income exceeded $1 million Alice and the partners are going to increase this figure to 98%, helping women to achieve new heights in business.
Analyzing the data in real-time, Alice searches for resources to scale companies and start-UPS, depending on the stage at which the business, from location, from industry, from income and their needs. Machine learning will allow her to anticipate the needs of the business and to offer valuable activities, contacts, opportunities for growth of capital and expansion of the entire ecosystem.
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Alice offers its users the following features and capabilities:
• dialog interface to work in different industries (Finance, legal services, marketing, technology, etc.);
• static and machine learning based on user activity;
• personalized monitoring panel, working in real time;
• user profiles with the possibility of collecting data for personal and corporate purposes;
• extensive library of resources, network of experts and industry leaders, a calendar of events;
• protected search page with history, sort and filter content and people by location, industry, income, staff, experience in business, content sources.
• access to resources and mentors through trusted partners and experts Circular Board — to facilitate aggregation of content and Analytics.
"Alice, teacher, guide and consultant. Today's startup ecosystem is developing in the narrow business circle, and this complicates the integration of newcomers, explains Carolyn rodz (Carolyn Rose), founder and CEO of the Circular Board. Alice instantly filters the millions of resources and gives a personalized and trusted content. Regardless of where they are entrepreneurs, and who they know they will get exactly what you need their business."

DateDate: 22-05-2017, 06:34

Social network Facebook has a new handy feature for those who do not like to leave the house.
Users of the social network will now be able to order food from any cafe or restaurant.
The new service, which has already called Order Food, checked.
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The developers have even launched a system in which you can check the rating of food establishments.

DateDate: 22-05-2017, 06:32

Externally, the development of the company Sublue WhiteShark MIX does not like scooter. The device resembles his steering wheel with the battery in the middle, sometimes for the arms and two propellers on each side, through which the traffic moves. The gadget is able to work at depths to 40 meters and disperse under the water to 5.5 kilometers per hour.
Battery charge enough for an hour of work, while fully charging the battery takes 2.5 hours. Set WhiteShark MIX includes the GoPro camera for underwater shooting, which can be easily attached to the device, directly under the battery.
The gadget will appeal to lovers of scuba diving (even in the pool) and professional divers, writes Digital Trends. The pre-order price on Indiegogo is $350, whereas after the end of the crowdfunding campaign, the device will cost $500.