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DateDate: 23-05-2017, 06:40

The settlement Albertville, located in the South-East of France, began to use the cheese with the purpose of producing electricity, reports the DILL. This happens at the station in Savoy, where it is actively used by-products of the local cheese company in the role of the substrate.
Dairy company used a fat-free whey remaining from the production procedure of cheese Beaufort. After mixing the serum with the culture of special bacteria, it is left for a certain period of fermentation. This produces a mixture containing methane and carbon monoxide – in other words, biogas. Then the gas burns in the boiler and heats the water up to ninety degrees Celsius. Steam begins to turn a turbine, which, in fact, responsible for the production of electrical energy.
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Employee of the company, Valbio, designed and built cheese electric station, Fransua Decker talked about the fact that the serum acts as a fuel. In other words, it is somewhat reminiscent of the work of bacteria when creating yogurt.
Francois Decker also noted that the station will be able to produce a little less than two kilowatt-hours of energy per year. This is enough to provide electric energy to approximately fifteen hundred people.
This is not the first power station working at the cheese company, Valbio, but it is the biggest. The prototype of the first power plant was established ten years ago to one of the monastery in which the monks successfully produce cheese from the twelfth century. Approximately twenty stations built in different European countries.

DateDate: 23-05-2017, 06:38

"Yandex.Browser" on the Android platform gives an opportunity for Ukrainian users to bypass the lock system of "Yandex", "" social networks "Vkontakte" and "Classmates", "Kinopoisk" and other sites. Data this is reported by "Interfax".
In "Yandex.The browser is" embedded VPN, said users of social networks. Update on open access in Ukraine, you can download it in Google Play. Yandex confirmed the information. The developers explained that they do everything possible to ensure that users are available to both the system itself and other sites.
By the way, Petro Poroshenko has approved a decree on sanctions against Russia recently. Under the block was a Russian social network, "Yandex" and mail The ability to connect to them for a limited period of 3 years.
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DateDate: 23-05-2017, 06:36

Swedish company Saab in the framework of the exhibition of arms IMDEX Asia, held in Singapore, has introduced its new electric submarine.
This writes the portal themed Defense News.
As you know, the ship was named A26. Palatka was presented with an elongated compartment in which the developers have placed three launchers six divisions, which will be a cruise missile. The Swedes plan in the future to replace the modern netanime paltsami A26 outdated ships of the "Gotland".
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It is known that the launcher will be created as universal and with them, the military will be able to launch cruise missiles like the American Tomahawk, which, in turn, is designed to destroy ground targets. In addition, these settings can be used to launch Autonomous underwater vehicles.

DateDate: 23-05-2017, 06:34

Google is constantly trying to make the Android platform more secure and comfortable for the user. Google has started to deal with inferior applications, which are too many in the Google Play store.
A lot of people say that to publish an app in the Google Play much easier than in the App Store. The reason is the less stringent requirements of Google to the product. As a result Google Play filled with unstable and low-quality apps that can only disappoint the user who installed them.
Do not worry, Google will not be tighter during moderation. However, the company will try to do everything to ensure that users are unable to find in Google Play low-quality applications even despite the fact that they will be there.
The main requirements are speed, stability and security. Google will make as much as possible in order for developers to evaluate the performance of its application outside these parameters. Google will monitor the progress. If more details, the rating shall be the following program options:
The rating is no response from program
The rating drop application
Time-lapse drawing
Saving device awake more than an hour
Awakening the device more than 10 times per hour
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Using this data, Google will determine which programs do not meet the desired level of comfort for users, and probably developers will be notified about the negative result of the check. In the future apps that will show enough good results, it will be harder to promote. They will be less noticeable to users Google Play. Thus, developers will not be able to make a product of low quality.

DateDate: 23-05-2017, 06:33

Scientists from China have built a new quantum computer, which they called the first of its kind in the world, reports Xinhua news Agency.
It is noted that Chinese scholars created a quantum computing machine is many times greater than conventional computers.
It is reported that a prototype quantum computing machine was from 10 to 100 times faster than the first electronic digital General purpose computer, the ENIAC (ENIAC). It is also reported that the established computing machine, — the first of its kind that is superior to classical computers and use single photons.