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DateDate: 24-05-2017, 06:38

French Studio Sushee Games, which in may last year successfully raised money in the system Kickstarter for the development of Fear Effect Sedna, has released a public demo of the game.
You can download it in the system of Steam digital distribution, installation will require only 3 GB of free disk space. At the same time the authors announced the system requirements, which, however, are still subject to change for full release. Thus, the minimum configuration is as follows:
-OS: Windows 8;
-processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz;
-RAM: 8 GB;
-video card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740;
-DirectX: version 9.0 c.
The recommended configuration is as follows:
-OS: Windows 10.
-processor: Intel Core i5-7200U 2,5 GHz;
-RAM: 8 GB;
-video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M;
-DirectX: version 10;
The game will tell a story set four years after the events of the original Fear Effect, which premiered on the PlayStation in 2000. Prototype Fear Effect Sedna was created under the influence of Shadowrun Returns. Due to the isometric perspective, players can control multiple characters at once, combining their attacks and coordinating all actions for maximum effect (up to five characters). The plans of the developers to release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The exact date of the release of Fear Effect Sedna yet, but the authors focus on the end of this year.

DateDate: 24-05-2017, 06:36
The developers hid in the voice assistant Google Home fun Easter eggs for the competitor from Amazon
The developers of competing companies like trolling each other. Sometimes such jokes result in a whole advertising campaign. For example, Apple decided potrollit Android users and to encourage them to switch to iPhone. Developers assistant Google Home hid a more subtle and amusing Easter eggs in the device for its main rival the Amazon Echo.
If you ask Google Home to say "hi Alexa" assistant from Google will answer: "I'm so excited, I have to question it. Alex, will you be my friend?". What assistant Amazon Echo, hearing the appeal - Alexa, answers “of Course we can be friends. You look really cute":
Users voice assistants like to test their ingenuity and creativity.

DateDate: 24-05-2017, 06:33

The company said that he had invented a better touch screen pen. Redmonds the company today updated its line of laptops the Surface Pro, releasing the fifth generation of the gadget. Separately were presented the touch pen, which is adapted to work with laptops with touch screen.
With the Device Microsoft Surface Pen, according to the engineer Stevie Bathich, his company took a big step forward. Now pen better simulate the pen pressure, creating the illusion of a fountain pen or pencil. Also from depression depends on the thickness of the lines, namely, the pen is still faster transfers data to your computer.
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The rate of appearance of ink on the display and the response time reaches 100 km/h. According to representatives of Microsoft, this is the fastest pen in the world. For example, in terms of the response it is faster four times than the previous generation pen. Microsoft Surface Pen two times faster than a similar accessory cupertinos company, Apple Pencil. The pen will work with new laptops Microsoft and old. However on older laptops, the device will not so fast.

DateDate: 24-05-2017, 06:31

Some people take the drug levodopa every day for three times. Accept because their brains don't produce enough dopamine. Without him, their arms and legs are shaking and the body is hard to get to do what I want. That is Parkinson's — many neurons that produce dopamine have died. But thanks levodopa the brain receives synthetic dopamine.
This incredible product is produced naturally in the large bean plant. The fact that nature has made in this plant the same molecule, which lacks the human brain, does not fit in the head. In the first half of the 20th century, we figured out how to make this component by a chemical method that has allowed people to mass produce it and give patients with Parkinson's around the world.
The fact that this discovery took place is due to our ingenuity and intelligence. When Parkinson's disease was diagnosed 60 years ago, doctors had nothing to offer. Today, people with it can function quite normally, and all thanks to this plant and human intelligence. 
But that's not good enough. Whenever a person takes this medication, the whole brain is flooded with dopamine. At first, it gives a nice effect and makes a person more alert and focused, but also carries negative consequences. Any drug that people take, from THC in marijuana to the caffeine in coffee are chemicals that bind to receptors in the brain.
They either stimulate or inhibit neurons, thus triggering a cascade of other effects. For example, if taken regularly, the brain produces additional receptors in anticipation of the drug; therefore, there is addictive. Not that it was bad, just changes the chemistry and structure of the brain.
Although the modified structure, which появляtтся because too much caffeine may not be harmful, other drugs like synthetic dopamine, can. Most people who take levodopa for many years, begin to experience the side effect of the drug dyskinesia, which is difficult to control the body. To overcome this side effect, we need other drugs that will continue to change the brain, leading eventually to other drugs which eliminate previous negative effects. In the end, patients will spend most of the day, taking the pills, and disease will become quite difficult to manage.
In addition, the human brain is arranged differently, and as a result side effects have differential effects on patients. Yet the pharmaceutical industry is built around one motto: one cure fits all, and until we reach that moment when we have an individual approach to the treatment of diseases, and will be.
But the biggest obstacle for the detection of diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, is the amazing complexity of the brain. Says James Watson, "the brain is the last and greatest biological frontier, the most complex thing that exists in our Universe. It contains billions of cells linked by trillions of connections. The brain affects consciousness."
What should I do? It is highly likely that the mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration, from which each of us will suffer in one degree or another, too complicated, we would like to determine. The list of factors that must be determined to decode all these diseases, infinitely long. In any case long enough so that a person or even a group of people could make. Although we've gone far enough in the treatment of such diseases and develop new methods to completely cure them is not possible in the short term.
The same can be said about some puzzles that we cannot yet decide. For example, climate change, the origin of the Universe or conflicts on the planet. Largely prevents us from human stupidity.
And that's why creating artificial intelligence may prove to be useful. Just like every parent hopes his child will be smarter than him, our hope is to create artificial intelligence in the form that will be wiser than us and can solve many problems of our world. Taken from

DateDate: 24-05-2017, 06:29

Amazon will open in Europe innovative stores that are no desks. The application for the use of the slogan for this network had already approved Bureau in the UK on issues in the field of intellectual property.
Official information about the opening of the stores has not yet been reported, however it is reported that Amazon has received permission to use in the UK of the slogan “No lines. No checkout”, which literally translates as “no queues, No offices”, previously it was used during the opening of shops without cash registers in the United States. There first innovative points of sale appeared in December of last year.
Stores a new type called Amazon Go. The main difference between this trade network is the lack of staff and offices. At the entrance to the sales area of the visitor to scan the QR-code, which is given in the special Annex for the smartphone. Then the person chooses any item and leaves the store with their purchases, and the spent amount is automatically deducted from his card.
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