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DateDate: 30-05-2017, 07:15

Ray Kurzweil, head of Google, is a well-known predictor-futurist. And his predictions were often correct. He's in the very near future promises dramatic changes. 
Already in 2019, according to him, the gadgets will begin to produce wirelessly. After that, the computers to catch up with the human brain. In 2020 most of the world will cover wireless Internet. Will be laws about working with the robots, their rights and responsibilities. In 2024 new cars will be mandatory the use of AI. 
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After 2025 will begin the era of gadgets and implants, and then the robots will become an integral part of life. Solar energy will become very cheap and affordable. And, of course, will continue the era of nanotechnology.

DateDate: 30-05-2017, 07:12

A group of professors from the University of Wyoming have discovered a way to significantly improve the efficiency of solar cells by adding alternative metal, manganese. As it turned out, adding atoms of the metal may increase the conversion of solar energy on average from 300 to 700 percent.
The discovery has many features including helping farmers by providing them with access to electricity in remote areas, and improving the ability of using electric vehicles in large cities, which help in reducing smog.
Several professors from the Department of physics and astronomy, new Android tan and Yuri Dakhnovsky, along with Thea Chien, an assistant Professor of physics and astronomy, and Wenyong Wang, assistant Professor of physics and astronomy, co-sponsored scientific research, which was published in Applied Physics Letters last fall.
In the article entitled "Giant enhancement of the photocurrent by using transition metal doping in quantum dot sensitized solar", has been posted more detailed information. The study was funded by the Department of energy (DOE) Office of basic energy Sciences (BES), It was part of the program "the Installed program to stimulate competitive research" (EPSCoR).
"We have added to the quantum dot PbS 4 percent atoms of manganese. Our expectations were a 4% increase in solar efficiency," says Dakhnovsky. "We had a growth of 700 percent. That's unusual."
The desire to increase the efficiency of solar cells has led to the search for new materials, such as manganese. Manganese is able to replace the traditional silicon used for sensitizers and photoconductors oxide electrodes. How do you think Dakhnovsky and Chien, this may lead to a technological revolution for their industrial applications.
New solar cells can significantly extend the service life of the batteries, or handheld devices, cars that run on electricity, their use will become much more practical, says Chen.
Dakhnovsky adds:
"Farmers may need a water pump in a remote area to water livestock," he says. "If there is no electricity, it can use solar panels to power the water pump."
Farmers can also use the sensors on the solar cells with the ability to measure light, humidity, oxygen and temperature.

DateDate: 30-05-2017, 07:10

Google search will now be able to search for users by their personal information. According to information from the developers, in the process of issuing the information will not be displayed that will allow you to save privacy policy.
In order to use the updated Google search, you must log on to your account on "Google Drive". When entering will appear the options proposed issuance among most visited resources. After the introduction of the personal information the user can access the data downloaded to disks of other users.
When you search any information via Google on a personal computer or mobile device, you can also choose personal files and download them to your disk in order to open the access for other users. The main problem in this case is the need for continued authorization.
Also in search results appeared the "private" tab, which displays information, previously appearing in the reports of the sites visited. Similarly things to search emails and other private data.
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DateDate: 30-05-2017, 07:08

Became known, who was created a computer virus that a few days has amazed hundreds of thousands of computers
It turned out that the authors of the virus-ransomware WannaCry were residents of the southern part of China as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
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"The text uses terminology that allow us to judge the geographic location of the creators of the virus. For example, the word libai, meaning "week", very common in southern China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan", experts say.
In addition, the nationality of the creators of the virus given the fact that the inscription, which warned users about computer lock, was initially written in Chinese.
Only a few days later, the screen saver was translated into English.
We will remind, on may 12, computers running Windows operating systems around the world were attacked by an unknown powerful virus.
Virus WannaCry (WNCRY Wana Decrypt0r 2.0), belongs to the class of Ransomware, malicious software-ransomware, which encrypts user files and demands a ransom before restoring access.
Source: South China Morning Post

DateDate: 30-05-2017, 07:06

In Japan have created a robot that will teach people to dance. Unlike its predecessor, this robot instructor is able to lead a partner.
Waltzing the robot was previously presented to the Japanese developers. However, this model had a rather narrow option, and was programmed to repeat the dance steps. The new development has a completely different purpose – using a robotic instructor you can learn to dance. The advanced program works in two bands: the training and partnership.
If you can dance, through the program will receive a wonderful partner, but if not, the machine will learn all the intricacies of the waltz. Users can set different levels of difficulty, given their own abilities and skills.
The height of the new robot is 180 centimeters. By maneuvering the wheels, it gently glides around the dance floor. It is noteworthy that in the case of the wrong committed by the PA, on the face of the robot will reflect the appropriate emotions. It is known that in the development of mechanized partner was attended by professional dancers.
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