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1-06-2017, 07:28

In Google Chrome the defect, allowing malicious sites to record video or sound without the user's knowledge
It is noteworthy that the browser vulnerability was discovered in April, however, Google did not react to this news, and it means that the problem was not solved.
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Usually in case of need, the websites ask users for access to camera or microphone. After granting permission from the web site will always have access to your microphone and camera until you manually cancel the permit.
To prevent unauthorized recording of video or audio from the authorized sites, the browser will usually indicate their users when is recorded audio, or video. Tab Google Chrome in such cases, there is a red dot.
To avoid potential problems, experts advise not to give access to camera and microphone unfamiliar sites, or not provide it at all.
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1-06-2017, 07:26

The website "Today" I learned about the inventions of Ukrainians who can successfully enter the market of technology 
Photo: Nir Alon
Photo: Nir Alon
Ukrainian it specialists presented their projects at the international competition Imagine Cup. Among the developments is the application of anti-theft bike, beacons for the blind, and programs for three-dimensional images in books.
The program for the "revival" of books Curious Reality 
Curious Reality is software virtual and augmented reality for schools. The app enlivens the pages of textbooks. If you hover a smartphone over the image of the human skeleton, will appear on the screen three-dimensional image. It can rotate and examine from all sides. 
Video provided by Maria Kislyakova.
"We want to add interactivity to help teachers and students, – says the developer and founder of the project Maria Kislyakova. – Students can use their smartphones for visualization and understanding of the teaching material. The app tracks the markers on the pages and shows 3D model of the picture. While three-dimensional visualization is developed for the individual books. For the full realization of augmented reality you need to develop a large database of 3D models and to combine them according to the textbooks. The second component of the program augmented reality educational games. Already developed two games, they can be used to track the routes of Columbus, to visit museums and to consider installation. We interviewed teachers and parents. All agree that the educational process need to change and add new technology. Some schools have already agreed to test applications."
Finder – a service for tracking stolen bikes
GPS/GSM tracker helps to track the stolen Bicycle on the map and quickly report to the police. The project Ekaterina Stetsenko and Alla Bozhko has an interest in a Bicycle.
Alla Bozhko on the forum "Girls in IT"
"Since bicycles are frequently stolen, we decided сделатьGPS tracker can be hidden in a Bicycle fork between wheels, share Alla Bozhko. I ride every day and always want somewhere to go, but just leave the bike scary. With light Finder bike you can safely Park and leave. If someone starts to touch my bike, the phone receives a message. You can quickly run to see what's up with the bike. If it was stolen, the map the entire route and its location. In Finder there is a nice feature – you can quickly notify the police of passport data to be stored in the app. Also on the card via the HELP button will display the movement of all stolen bicycles. We presented our project in San Francisco and Bratislava. Application already interested in. We are primarily orientirueshsya on the cyclist and Bicycle".
Beacons for the blind Open World
Project Open World will allow the blind to find pharmacies, hospitals and shops. With the app and beacons for the blind building will be able to more confidently move around the city. 
Alla Kondratyuk. Photo: Vitaly Andronicus
"All blind people are free to use smartphones, says Lesia Kondratiuk founder of the Children's research studios MAN. The app allows you to find the beacons, which will be installed at ATMs, in shops, crossings, pharmacies and so on. The app finds the light and turns it on. Blind focuses on the sound of the beacon and goes where he wants. Given that Ukraine has a very few schools, adapted to the blind, we added in-app call button or the pharmacy, or to the Bank, to help him staff. The project is already interested in seven cities of Ukraine. There are orders of beacons for two purposes: to help the blind navigate, and to use them as a travel app. In Kamenetz-Podolsk want to place the beacons on the resorts. Beacons can lay tourist routes and immediately to give information about the architectural objects and monuments. Also became interested in the project in Baku, Lviv, Kramatorsk, Kiev and Lubny, Poltava. It all depends on the activity level of the blind in the cities. One beacon costs $ 50. This amount includes payment for the two employees who install them and maintain in working condition. For example, to place them on Khreshchatyk, need 1000 dollars."
DrawIT. App for turning pictures into 3D pictures
Roman Odesk, Christine Boychuk and Edward Brines. Photo: Vitaly Andronicus.
The app was created by three students of the Academy STEP novel Odesk, Edward Brines and Christine Boychuk. According to the developers, the service helps children develop thinking, imagination and motor skills. By the end of the year, the developers promise to place the program in Play Market. However, not any drawing can be turned into a three-dimensional image. The program has a set of symbols that can be drawn. Design and 3D objects in an application developed Christine Boychuk, and the guys wrote a program for a smartphone.
"The project is aimed at children from five to 11 years. The child draws on paper, for example, ice cream and through a smartphone app can see it in 3D. To rotate a picture you can twist, twirl on all sides. It develops motor skills and thinking, attention and imagination. We have a working version, but we want to improve the app, and then put in Play Market", – says Roman.
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