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2-06-2017, 07:36
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 The idea is that on a mandatory basis, on traumatic, gas and smooth-bore guns, which can be used by citizens, when passing certain licensing procedures, installed a video camera. In the future, the video camera mounted on the weapon by manufacturers by default. The principle is simple - the camera automatically switches on during descent of the fuse.
 This approach will allow the use of weapons in combat mode. Allowing services , with additional functions of this system will allow GPS to know the exact time of the use of weapons in real time. The principle of this approach can be used in rifled firearms, which is used for public purposes. 
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.
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2-06-2017, 07:16

Researchers conducted a study according to which, it became clear that most experts believe that by 2060, the AI can completely replace humans in everything. It is possible that the machines will be able to beat people even much before the deadline. Details of the study published in New Scientist.
According to scientists, the AI will surpass human in language translations already in 2024. Writing essays will become a target in 2026, 2027, the machine will master the skills of driving vehicles in 2031 will displace a person from trading in 2049 will begin to write a book, and by 2053 will be the only one doing the surgery.
After 120 years it is expected that AI fully monopolisitic all jobs.
Scientists believe that by 2060, the AI can outperform humans at everything. There is a danger that the intervention of machinery will lead to the destruction of humanity, but it is only 5%.
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At the moment before the AI is a major challenge - to understand human emotions, depends on how fast will be the development of technology.
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Cyberspace faces a growing risk of "permanent war" between States and criminal or extremist organizations, because of the increasingly destructive attacks by hackers
This was stated by the Director of the National Agency for security of information systems France, Guillaume Poupard.
He complained about the lack of common rules governing the cyberspace, and said, "We must work together not only with two or three Western countries, but on a global scale."
According to Poupart, the purpose of criminal attacks on individual countries is espionage, fraud, sabotage or destruction. "We are getting closer and closer to war," he added.
The official said that "the nightmare scenario" and become this "permanent war" in which everyone will attack each other, not knowing who exactly attacked first. "It's kind of generalized chaos, which can affect all of cyberspace," — said Poupart, who was investigating a hacker attack from Russia at the headquarters of the newly elected President of France Emmanuel Makron.
"If you start blaming one country, when in fact it was a different country ... we get international chaos. We get what everyone is afraid", — concluded the pupar.

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Scientists have found that wearing the smartphone in a pants pocket affects male potency. The study involved 300 men.
Experts say that the smartphone emits electromagnetic waves and the norm of this indicator is 2 W/kg. Smartphones do not reach the maximum permissible value. The average is about 0.7 to 1.2.
During the year, 300 volunteers-men was examined. As it turned out, wearing the smartphone in a pants pocket still affects the activity of the semen and its quality. Scientists say that if you stop wearing the smartphone in your pocket, within two months everything was back to normal, the body replenishes the dead from radiation sperm. Irreversible changes were not recorded in one subject.
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One of the market leaders in peripheral products, Logitech has officially unveiled the computer mouse MX Master MX Anywhere 2S and 2S.
Logitech MX Master MX Anywhere 2S and 2S became even faster and smoother thanks to the sensor of 4,000 DPI. Time their battery life is about 70 days. Colors housing — gray-black.
Unlike predecessors who were able to switch between different computers MX Master MX Anywhere 2S and 2S possess the function Flow that allows you to simply drag the cursor from one computer to another.
It's interesting
"VKontakte" closes Kiev office
"VKontakte" closes Kiev office
If you believe the latest rumors, the social network "Vkontakte" has decided to close its office in Kiev.
The function Flow, you need to connect both computers to the same WiFi network. As for computers, they can run on both Mac and Widnows.
Moreover, users can use the functions copy files, text and images between devices. The manufacturer at the presentation showed how to use Flow you can easily copy the document from the MacBook Pro and stick it on the Surface.
The cost of the MX Master 2S is $99 dollars, and MX Anywhere 2S valued at $79. 
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