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5-06-2017, 07:47

For operation of the device requires a smartphone with the camera
American startup Garage Amber introduced the cardboard analogue of augmented reality glasses HoloKit.
The American startup has introduced cardboard augmented reality glasses
Photo: holokit.io
This is stated on the official website of the company.
For operation of the device requires a smartphone equipped with the camera.
Glasses support a wide range of Bluetooth devices, as well as the mode of multiple users, with whom you can share the images with holograms.
Photo: holokit.io
For HoloKit the user must have the iPhone 7, Phone 7, Plus or device from Google installed Project Tango platform.
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5-06-2017, 07:44

Points will be equipped with a camera for photo and video shooting, the processor responsible for processing and output of information before the eyes of the user.
Andy Rubin plans to enter the AR market. The Android maker has filed a patent for smart glasses — an analogue of Google Glass, writes The Verge. Judging by the patent, they will not differ from the usual points, informs news.eizvestia.com.
Recently Andy Rubin presented his phone and back — both device released under the brand Essential. At points in the patent is the same name, so we can assume that they will work in conjunction and synchronized with other devices of the brand. They will likely in some way to extend the functionality of existing devices: display a notification, show message, to provide the voice interface.
Points will be equipped with a camera for photo and video shooting, the processor responsible for processing and output of information before the eyes of the user. They will apply augmented reality technology, but the patent does not specify what. The application describes a device that can work with different types of lenses: photosensitive, prescription lenses and regular lenses sunglasses. Glasses also planned tracking system of eye movements to create sharper images.
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For glasses there are different modes of interaction with the environment, for example, the user will be able to compare prices, coming to the shop. Glasses recognize the product and bring before my eyes the situation on the market. The patent does not give an accurate picture of what will be the final version of the device, and whether it is at all. Now it depends on the success of the new smartphone ruby.
As reported, Andy Rubin introduced a smartphone Essential. Rumors that the Android maker is preparing a rival iPhone 7 appeared in the beginning of the year, now they are finally confirmed — Rubin revealed its first smartphone to the public.
The smartphone retails for $700. For this price the maker offers all the latest technologies and trend solutions. The most notable of these is the screen: it covers almost the entire front panel of the device. Select only the front camera, thin lateral border and the portion allotted for the touch of a button. The front camera of the smartphone has a sensor of 8 megapixels, while the rear is 13 MP. There, in the back is the fingerprint reader.
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Housing smartphone is made of titanium — it makes it resistant to impact and mechanical stress: where the aluminum edges of the iPhone and Samsung covered with chips and scratches, the Essential will remain in good condition. The back panel is made of ceramic and available in several colors: black, gray, white and color close to green.
Read on http://news.eizvestia.com/news_technology/full/506-sozdatel-android-zapatentoval-analog-google-glass
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5-06-2017, 07:41

"UKRINFORM" reports that popular social network Facebook will soon launch a smartphone messenger available for adolescents, which will become a strong competitor to Snapchat.
According to a new application called google Talk.
This new product will open opportunities for children who will be able to control your contact information.
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As you know, the app will allow teenagers to play games and distribute the photos among family and friends.
The target audience is aimed at children, which is more than 13 years.
The messenger does not require an account in Facebook, but will give parents an opportunity to monitor the lives of their children.
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5-06-2017, 07:39

Internet access is vital, given the number of accidents on the mountain
On mount Everest, a point of access Wi-Fi.
This is with reference to VentureBeat reported Liga.net
Internet access here is vital, given the number of accidents that occur on the highest point of the planet.
The access point is installed by the company Everest Link, which provides more than 200 other Wi-Fi hotspots in the region.
Until 2000, the only means of communication on Everest was in the letters, which sometimes were taken by helicopter.
As reported by "Commander" in may, Kharkiv climber Valentin Spawn climbed mount Everest. The husband became the fifth Kharkov and 19-m, a Ukrainian mountain climber, who climbed the highest point of the planet to a height of 8848 meters.
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5-06-2017, 07:35

In connection with the development of information technology has significantly increased the demand for specialists of this sphere. Therefore, large corporations are paying a lot of attention to attract more people to programming, and some parents try to instill a love of this area with children's age. According to a report by Google, about 22% of game developers are women. In this regard, the search giant has launched a new initiative Made with Code to teach girls programming. To do this, Google decided to use the hype around the new movie "Wonder woman".
Project Made with Code children are encouraged to describe the actions of Wonder woman in three scenes from the movie using the basics of programming. This requires of the proposed units to build a sequence of actions that the character has dodged opponents.
"The initiative Google's Made with Code was created in order to defend the leadership of future generations of women and to inspire them to use programming as a way to achieve their dreams," reads the Google blog.
And although the project was Made with Code in the first place focused on girls, to participate in it can anyone.
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