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13-06-2017, 08:57
Google has released a significant update to its keyboard for mobile devices Gboard. The new version this program tries to accelerate communication and reduce the number of taps on the screen. This keyboard has got the complete function of phrases and recognition drawn emoticons.
One of the most notable features of the Gboard – a new way to enter emoticon. They are, as ever, you can choose from the General list, but you can also draw the desired on the screen. To do this, press the appropriate button in the drawing on the keyboard. The program recognizes the image and will show the best, in her opinion, to emoticons. Image analysis is happening constantly, so if to finish elements to it, the keyboard will produce different results.
This is not the first attempt by Google to simplify the input of the emoticons. The company had previously experimented with the verbal description. It was necessary to introduce, for example, "smiling" to Gboard gave the best result.
Enter emoticon for drawing became possible after significant improvement of the algorithms of Google. In April, the company launched the AutoDraw tool that transforms drawn curves into almost a professional form.
The next noticeable feature Gboard was the completion of phrases. Today, a similar function exists for the words while typing the program offers word completion. With the new version Gboard will do the same for individual sentences and phrases. This is due to the development of machine intelligence that complements sentences based on language analysis. So first, a similar feature will be able to try English-speaking users. For other languages Google promises support soon.
In Gboard also improved search. The program now offers multiple results while typing in the keyboard. Search card also received more interactivity. If you click it, you can skip cards, to execute a call or watch a video on YouTube.
The new version Gboard supports more than 200 languages, and gestural input for Azerbaijan (Iran), Maldives, French (Belgium), Hawaiian, Maori, Samoa, inclusive. Simplified keyboard are available for languages such as Dzongkha, UE, Navajo, Tsonga, quiché.
The updated keyboard now available for Android on the link in the Google Play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.inputmethod.latin). Version for other operating systems will appear soon.

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13-06-2017, 08:55

GoPro presented their new spherical camera Fusion. The Corporation said that the new product will have a shooting mode for 5.2 K.
The day before yesterday began the action sports Mountain Games. One of the sponsors of the event, GoPro is a Corporation that has been producing semi - professional cameras. In the framework of this event will demonstrate the latest development of the GoPro camera Fusion. It was announced by the Corporation in this April, but people did not see neither the device itself nor its new features. Fans of the brand's products, yet can only be satisfied with a small portion of the body of the camera, which was demonstrated in one of the press conferences.
At the moment the camera is officially presented to potential buyers. The company said that it has six standard lenses GoPro. One of the new features will be the ability to capture spherical video with the resolution of 5.2 K. the write Speed is measured in 30 frames per second. On the camera body is placed a small screen that allows you to monitor the capture process. But experts in the field of technology focused on the fact that, despite its scope, this model GoPro looks pretty unprotected from potential damage, such as falling.
This device will come to market soon this fall or a little later, and in a fairly small number of copies.
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13-06-2017, 08:53

Mattar al Tayer, Director-General of roads in Dubai, spoke about the implementation plan for use of unmanned means of transport. By 2030 this figure should reach 25% of the public transport.
For the implementation of this innovation will have to change the laws of the Emirate road rules, as well as the structure of public transport. To operate an unmanned vehicle need to detail the map and pave the road.
Accordingly, there will be changes in insurance programs and increased responsibility for the use of this type of movement for all categories of the population.
Al Tayer said that Dubai is developing a transportation system for the population, which includes buses, trains, metro and marine transport. Provided system the most extensive in the world on a variety of vehicles.
Now running the surveillance center in real time, which will help in the implementation of the plan for the movement of unmanned vehicles. Japan, too, will reach 20% by 2030.
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13-06-2017, 08:51

Beijing authorities plan to build the country's first Bicycle highway. This road will connect the industrial area of Haidian district and residential area of Chapin.
Further velomaster connect with Zhongguancun, the so-called "China Silicon valley", which employs about 20% of the population of Hualingan. About 16 % of the population of Huilongguan work in SHANGDI, the distance between the points is approximately 6 kilometers. Most of the townspeople get to work on your own car, due to lack of public transport routes.
To get to work residents spend from one and a half hours. If to bike journey time reduced to 30 minutes. Cyclists don't have to wait on forbidding signal of the traffic light, also the trip on the bike more safe and healthy than on the car. Earlier it was reported about tests of trains on a magnetic cushion.
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13-06-2017, 08:49

Publisher 505 Games and developer Roll7 announced a multiplayer arcade shooter Laser League. The game is notable for an unusual neon style and innovative multiplayer modes.
The Laser fights in the League occur in the "four against four", and they can be both online and local. According to the developers, the project is easy to learn but hard to achieve perfection in it.
You fight with the enemy team for control of the nodes, which emit a deadly light. You want to avoid the rays of the opponent and at the same time try to fry opponents, using speed, strength and strategy. You can also activate special abilities for attack and defense and collect appearing in the arena improvements.
In the Laser League more than 60 characters "five unique brands," the six classes, three of the stadium with 10 different maps and 15 abilities. In addition, the game features over 250 options change the appearance of characters.
"We admired and enjoyed the work Roll7 even with the first game OlliOlli, said Tim Woodley (Tim Woodley), senior Vice President, brand and marketing, 505 Games. — When we saw the first prototype Laser League, we immediately felt this very rare impulse to make another attempt. We took the opportunity to get checked Studio to a new level and realize her ambitions regarding Laser League".
Laser League will appear in early access on Steam in the summer. In 2018 will be a full release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the coming beta testing you can sign up on the website of the project.
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