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20-06-2017, 08:14
Japanese researchers from Tohoku University have created a robot that can climb walls and crawl in confined spaces to rescue victims after earthquakes and tsunamis. This writes Popular mechanics.
In view of the robot resembles a snake, but instead of scales he is covered with short hair. In length it reaches 8 m. It can climb over a wall or other object with a height up to 20 meters, and quickly change direction to avoid collision. The robot weighs about 3 kg and moves with a velocity of 10 m/s Thanks to the camera mounted on the front end of the snake-like robot, it will be possible to look for people trapped inside collapsed buildings.
Professor Satoshi Tadokoro, who worked on the project snake-like robot, said that the possibility of his device beyond the limits of human. The machine can work in remote areas of the disaster (e.g., destroyed after a strong earthquake houses) and to test how safe the infrastructure area.
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The robot has already been tested during survey at Fukushima-1, on the territory of which in 2011 there was a major accident. With the help of tests was able to identify the problem of the robot — now he has problems with identifying some of the obstacles. A team of researchers working to resolve the issue.
Scientists expect that the robot will be able to work after 3 years.

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20-06-2017, 08:11

The use of the blockchain allows us to achieve trust, without which any deal impossible. It eliminates intermediaries by the seller directly to the buyer.
Consider how the blockchain is applicable in online sales and business correspondence, which were proposed at the hackathon Blockchainintensive. 
Buying things using the blockchain 
A lot of operations sales pass through a Bank account, however, the team Alfa team has concentrated its efforts on the development of solutions not only for banks, how to solve problems for the people in those areas where the blockchain shows itself in the best qualities. We will focus on guaranteed payments between individuals. 
Now everything is bought and sold like anywhere. But these sales are held at unprotected sites where there is no guarantee that you will not be deceived. To between the counterparties to transactions have any credibility we need intermediaries, usually banks or suppliers. For a fee, of course. 
Alfa team came up with a process that relies on the blockchain and helps sales without the involvement of third parties. the operations completely protected against all types of fraud in the transfer of goods. 
This network was created in Ethereum, and the infrastructure for communication between buyer and seller has been deployed in Microsoft Azure. In its center is the Ethereum network, which communicates with the additional services. All this is complemented by Microsoft Visual Studio Team Service, it contains a back log to connect with the right services. 
Now simulate the situation. Suppose that some buyer wants to buy a smartphone. He went to the site with the necessary goods and saw a button that says "buy guaranteed." Filling in the appropriate information, the client sees that buys and at what price. After pressing "buy" from open conditions of a smart contract. 
At this point the seller in the messenger receives the information about the buyer, the goods which he wishes to purchase and the purchase price. Once the seller decides to sell a product, smart connect contract logistics operator, for example, the service "New mail". 
Created invoice automatically contains the information about the seller and the buyer. With this invoice the seller goes to the post office and ship the item to the buyer. After that, the blockchain smart contract information arrives from the mail about how the process of delivery. Once the smart contract is a signal that the product reached the hands of the end user is the transfer of funds to the seller. 
This scheme is simple and allows you to quickly solve the issue of buying or selling the right product. In this case the buyer and seller do not need to worry about whether the product is in stock, how long to wait for their delivery, and will not refuse any of the parties from the operation. Especially in the case when the payment is already done. Everything is simple, press a button, and get the right thing. 
Optimization of e-mail messages 
Stealthmail the company has been developing systems for safe and secure email using encryption algorithms and creating new methods of data transmission. The concept that the blockchain can offer the confidence between customers of different companies were new, and set to work. 
Sharing business information, in particular on contracts, during correspondence via email all face such difficulties, as a confirmation of receipt of the letter or read it, and wait for a response. But I would like to use mail services as well well-organized business tool. 
Stealthmail decided to use two things: a digital signature that is subject to the law on electronic digital signatures in each country, and the actual blockchain. 
Note that when using a digital signature, a number of problems. Companies need to negotiate whose signature they will use, who will put the signature and give the keys and who is going to verify it. The development task was to get rid of this red tape. 
Simulated a simple business case. Company a sends to company B confirmation of an agreement, which is signed by its own digital signature. Sending the hash of the email signature, it goes to a smart contract on the blockchain. After company B has received and read the letter automatically goes to update the smart status of the contract that the letter delivered and read. All changes are recorded in the blockchain. 
What it gives us? You can create an independent search on the blockchain and any company that is not only A and B may check whether the letter is valid and whether it. In this case, company A can not say that this letter was not or they lost it or didn't sign. Company B can always confirm in court about the presence of the correspondence. Conversely, the company would not be able to say that he had not received the letter. Company a can go to court and provide information that the letter was received and read, respectively, it is considered valid. 
Technical architecture of these relations is built on Microsoft Azure. Service hosted in the cloud. All changes in the smart contract are performed through accounting software Oracle. All content remains encrypted at the recipient in the smart contract leaving only the signatures and status changes with hashes the letters in order to be verified. Accordingly, the contract goes to the public blockchain. 
Public search and verification occurs regardless of the proposed system. But even if somebody else looks this letter, it is protected by encryption and a signature anything it is impossible to read. In order for the counterparty could read to him the letter is sufficient authorization in the system. There you can check the address of the smart contract, the sender and time the email was sent. There are keys and signatures to it. 
Despite the fact that we are just a few of the solutions to these issues, these examples clearly show how the blockchain can make life easier for the common man in the near future. In particular, it provides people with the protection of private correspondence and removes unnecessary worries about possible fraud in the purchase and sale of goods.
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20-06-2017, 08:08

The fact that artificial intelligence is able to write songs, create trailers and even driving a car is no surprise. But the fact that he manages to beat the person in such unpredictable games, like poker or go, still stirs people's minds. Recently, researchers from Microsoft Research and start-UPS in the field of deep learning Maluuba taught the AI to play the iconic arcade game Ms. Pac-Man. However, "taught" is an understatement.
Artificial intelligence is not just mastered the game. It is by a wide margin broke the world record of 266 360 points established by the person, and dialled 999 990 points — the maximum possible in the game result.
In the process of learning AI method was used "hybrid architecture arcades", which is the appointment of 150 special programs-agents one specific task. In this case, they were required to avoid ghosting, right to move around and collect pellets. With the help of these software agents artificial intelligence of their own priorities to achieve the best result.
Used during test version of Ms. Pac-Man for the legendary Atari 2600 was chosen for a reason. Code games it is much less predictable than in the original. This, as you might guess, complicated AI task. But it wouldn't hurt to succeed. As believed by researchers, the achievement of artificial intelligence is not just self-indulgence. It contributed to natural language processing and, in the long term, can form the basis of systems detailed predictions of consumer behavior due to, as we know, many factors.
Source: 4PDA
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20-06-2017, 08:06

In the UK a teenager has discovered a new planet. The student did during the internship in the University of Kiel. He used a search program WASP and noticed the darkening of the distant star, which was a new heavenly body.
Young Amateur scientific research took two years to prove their discovery. Scientists have long debated, but now recognized the achievement of a teenager. Discovered the planet was assigned a room WASP-142b. Using a search program WASP is already in the 142-th time managed to fix a new space object. The distance to the planet is 1 thousand light years.
The teenager was eager to continue their research. He received positive emotions and is not going to stop there. Now he wants to devote his life to the study of outer space. Scientists say that for a person to receive positive reinforcement can affect the whole of his subsequent life. This phenomenon is well known to psychologists.
Discovered planet WASP-142b comparable in size to the giant of the Solar system – Jupiter. The distance it is far away and is a large object in outer space, experts say.
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20-06-2017, 08:03

For a long time in the network there were rumors that the next flagship SmartPad Galaxy Note 8 will be a built-in screen fingerprint scanner, but earlier this month a Samsung spokesperson said that they decided not to use the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy Note 8 display on a number of technical limitations. According to the latest information from a source within the industry, Samsung has simply failed to bring this technology to perfection, so the display Galaxy Note 8 is having problems.
According to the source, when Samsung tried to introduce a fingerprint scanner in the screen, the company was faced with the fact that the area containing the sensor, was noticeably brighter than the rest of the display. In other words, the user constantly would have been a bright spot on the screen, so the manufacturer refused this idea. According to the latest leaks, the technology is ready for mass production until early next year, and that means we can see it in Galaxy S9.
Interestingly, a lot of rumors and leaks suggests that iPhone 8 will be a built-in screen fingerprint scanner. Moreover, Samsung is reportedly the major supplier of OLED panels for this smartphone.
Source: 4PDA
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