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Scientists figured out which drink it is not necessary to quench their thirst. It turned out that many favorite sweet drinks only temporarily relieve dry mouth, then thirst pounces with renewed vigor.
Not particularly useful in terms of moisture, even a milkshake, but leadership still hold a sweet flavored gas-water, beer and soft power. The reason being that these drinks are high sugar content, colorings and flavor enhancers. First comes a welcome relief – not thirsty, and the world is beautiful, however, it takes very little time, and the thirst returns. And to satisfy her again I want the same drink. In addition, the liquid has a harmful effect on digestion.
As harmless alternatives specialists offer natural bread kvass, home-made, cold unsweetened tea, homemade yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt. Amiss also berry compotes, and even homemade lemonade. But the best drink for these purposes is ordinary drinking water.
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A former employee of the U.S. air force David shingle wrote a book called "This never happened", in which he told all the secrets of the country's leadership concerning nuclear potential. It turned out that 50 years ago, during the testing of ammunition UFO destroyed 10 nuclear missiles.
After the presentation of the book, the former captain of the U.S. air force in an interview with "Express" said that it happened in December 1966. Then the air force gave the order to conduct a nuclear weapons test in North Dakota. Before launching warheads, the military found in front of the UFO. After some time, nuclear missiles were deactivated. Their capacity has been reduced to zero.
Shingle focused on that person that would take more than an hour, but before testing was carried out a thorough inspection of the weapons. 6 December 1966, the U.S. government gave the order to keep quiet about the incident. The captain claims that in North Dakota could be samples taken by extraterrestrial beings and then above them, the scholars could conduct research.
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The scientists said that the human body is full of mysteries, every day there are various processes. Specialists told about the most fantastic processes that occur in the human body.
The researchers note that daily in the human body die about 70 billion cells. Every 3-4 days there is a new intestine, red blood cells die every 3 months, and the kidney cells can be updated during the year. Thus, in the course of 10 years the human body completely regenerates.
Scientists also said that human gastric juice is capable of dissolving iron. This is due to the hydrochloric acid contained in gastric juice.
According to researchers, emotions are able to create false memories. Human memories change every day and depend on the current emotions. In addition, in the morning, the person becomes taller and slimmer than in the evenings. This is because at night, the body continues to work, getting rid of excess fluid and air through breathing and sweating, and due to the discharge of urine, the person loses up to 2 kg per night.
The scientists said that the human body is half bacteria. In the adult human body resides 30-40 trillion bacteria, which is approximately equal to the number of cells throughout the body. Bacteria only inhabit the denser the rectum, so every bowel movement is short, gives a numerical advantage over the bacteria.
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Peter Kutis, the Creator of the app FinalPrice going to run your startup in the USA. About four million dollars in travel services decided to invest company Almaz Capital and Sistema Venture Capital.
Employees venture capital Venture Capital Fund Sistema announced the sponsorship of a startup by Peter Kutis, who created a travel service called FinalPrice. The present application operates on a subscription model. Users can purchase for $ 99 the ability to view cheap tickets or select budget rooms in hotels. Now the founder of the program launched it in the USA on June 20 of this year.
According to Peter Kutis, a new app FinalPrice allows users to watch different quotations and choose the appropriate option out of 800 possible. Developers are in the process of establishing a start-up used the system Travel Score, built on machine learning. This travel service is designed for the American market and heads in the near future do not plan to display it in other States. According to experts, with new items users will be able to travel more.
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Varjo is preparing to release a VR helmet with a resolution of 70 Megapixels. The Finnish company has previously talked about his headset for virtual reality systems, which received the code name 20/20. In accordance with the manufacturer, this technology will ensure maximum detail and will correspond to the number of pixels that the human eye perceive in everyday life.
The developers emphasize that images with a high resolution setting will be formed solely for the area of the picture where the opinion of a particular user, whereas the area of peripheral vision will be displayed with a much lower level of detail. This approach requires special sensors to track the line of sight of the user, which may slightly increase latency, but the total demands on the hardware the primary computing device will be much lower.
When compared with VR-helmets HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, they provide only a 1.2 MP in one eye. The angle of the device Varjo 20/20 will actually remain at the same level as other devices, and will be 100 degrees. Varjo has promised to begin deliveries of his helmet in the 4th quarter of this year. About the cost of the product, its system requirements, the refresh rate and other technical details are not yet known.
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