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24-06-2017, 07:50

Scientists from the University of East Anglia concluded that the use of silver for water disinfection results in the destruction of her DNA. This method of water purification is widely used in Africa.
In the course of research, scientists were able to establish that with constant use of water purified with silver, the skin may acquire a bluish or silvery-gray. The science is called argyria. In addition to drinking water very frequently observed, and disinfection with silver and its compounds water in the pools.
English scientists decided to conduct a study of the effect of water with a dash of silver on the animal organism. They managed astanacity that even a small amount — 0.1 mg for 1 liter, can significantly affect the body, and in particular on the structure of DNA. Found out that when you hit silver in an organism destructive processes are going on the integrity of DNA molecules in cells.
Having come to this discovery, the scientists intend to investigate the effect of silver on human DNA.
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24-06-2017, 07:48

Scientists from Scotland have been able to figure out why the mental abilities of some people much better than others. Experts noted that this effect of mutation of DNA.
As the researchers note, in the DNA of smart people is much less mutations than the DNA of other people. These harmful mutations increase the risk of developing serious diseases, and affect mental abilities. That scientists found out through the experiment, which was attended by over 20 thousand people.
All participants of the experiment were mostly relatives. The attention of scientists was focused on single nucleotide polyphormism, because they are quite common in relatives. The study, experts managed to prove that the smaller the DNA of man is harmful mutations, the greater his intellectual capacity.
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24-06-2017, 07:46

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently hinted that Tesla may have its own music streaming service, and it seems that the company is actively working in this direction.
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According to Recode, which received information from sources in the music industry, the automaker held talks with all the major record labels on licensing branded music service, which will be offered together with his cars.
If Tesla really wants to provide music service of its clients, the record labels are willing to enter into the agreement. In January, Tesla announced the overcoming of the one hundred thousandth abroad for the supply of electric vehicles to the U.S. market. Also known about 400 000 pre-orders for the Model 3, which is due out this summer.
For labels, it is important to have as many clients as possible. And they would not want to be in a world dominated by only a few streaming music services. Currently, this market is far ahead of Apple and Spotify: Spotify not less than 50 million paid subscribers, and Apple Music — about 27 million subscribers.
A Tesla representative declined to comment on the publication Recode, stating that: "We believe that it is important to have a special interface in the car so that our customers could listen to the music they want from any source they choose".
Note that at the shareholders meeting earlier this month, Musk said that Tesla updates your music player to car owners had better access to music.
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