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25-06-2017, 07:06

Revived Nokia (Global HMD) decided to try his luck not only in smartphones and phones 3310, but also in smart watches, scales, etc. due to the fact that the manufacturer Withings spring was acquired by Nokia. So, first, we propose to monitor activity and sleep under the succinct name Go. Different colors, rubber strap, cost only €39,95. A more expensive option is a professional device to monitor heart rate Blood Pressure Monitor, priced at €109.95.
 Further, smart watches Nokia Steel. They are €119. Nokia Steel HR, more advanced watch has more functions: heart rate tracking, the ability to receive messages, calls and notifications from your phone, sleep tracking. Claimed up to 25 days of battery life. This option will cost €169,95.
Finally, Nokia Libra Weighing Scale. Available calculation of body mass index, automatically recognizes up to 8 users, the graph of the results of the weighings, etc. the unit is Worth €59.95.
All of these devices can be connected with a smartphone using the Nokia Health Mate app (available for iOs and Android). The gadgets will be available in September. Taken from china-review.com.ua
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25-06-2017, 07:04

Experts in the field of robotics started to create sex dolls that will differ from the previously created products with incredible realism. On a plan of scientists, the doll never fails to the sexual pleasures of the owner and will be able to maintain a conversation with him.
Moreover, the sex toy will have its own view of the world and to defend their point of view. Experts report that the behavior of dolls, based on artificial intelligence, set in the sex industry a new benchmark.
Also an additional advantage of the new toys manufacturers is the possibility of oral sex. Thus, the doll can replace a real sexual partner. Date of launch – early 2018.
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25-06-2017, 07:02

In the world there are unusual device, the sound is inaudible to humans, but can be recorded by microphones. The invention belongs to the American scholar from Illinois.
All modern microphones are created to hear the voice of a man. People are not able to hear the vibrations over 20 kHz, and the most quality microphones designed for the adoption of 24 kHz, that is, such devices only caught one sound.
Scientists from Illinois have designed a technology where the sound can't hear people (40 kHz or more), but accept any microphone. This sound combines a number of tones, which creates in the interaction with the mechanical base of the MIC "shadow" — the sound detected by the device. Scientists commented on its novelty: "Imagine you are chatting with someone, and you know how to transmit the inaudible sound that is translated to white noise in the microphone, so as not to give a chance for spies to record voice. Because it is inaudible and not interfere with conversation with another person."
Now, according to experts, the authorities and the military unable to save the personality from electronic eavesdropping, and artists — to prevent illegal recordings of live concerts.
Source: VladTime
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25-06-2017, 06:59

What a variety of bright and unusual accessories with the prefix "sport" is now on the market headphones. Here are some too heavy, others put pressure on the head, and others — cut off external noise, making the bike ride or Jogging in a risky undertaking. Sports music equipment must be unobtrusive, easy to commit and leave a link with the outside world. Under such requirements suitable Bluetooth headset Microlab T967BT. How things work in practice and how many "real sports" will find out in the review.
Specifications Microlab T967BT:
Type: dynamic, in-ear
Driver: 12 mm
Frequency range: 20-20, 000 Hz
Sensitivity: 116дБ/mW
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Microphone: electret, Omni-directional, frequency range 20-20, 000 Hz
Battery: 150 mAh
Weight: 31 grams
Packaging equipment
The transparent blister allows you to examine a headset on all sides, and the package is reduced to micro-USB cable hidden in the information envelope with explanations on the back.
Design Microlab T967BT typical wireless models with a thin headband. Two small block rapid form looks moderately aggressive and catchy, diluting the bright blue tones of the inner surface. Just note the flexible headband, reminiscent of the vacuum tube with hydraulics — it is attached to the molten plastic housings, providing high impact design.
Magnets at the edges of the block sets allow you to quickly lock the headset in a closed ring, giving an aesthetic appearance for storage and carrying in the bag. In addition, it is easy to hang nearby while you're on the bar.
Denote the left and right headphone made for pipes fixing of the headband, and with the outer side of the right block is the microphone, combined with led indicator. On the bottom it has a movable joystick volume control with integrated key and Play/Pause. Next, under the flap, a micro-USB connector for charging.
The left side rendered large keys switch tracks with the possibility to rewind. It's time to mention the massive ledges of the speakers with classic svyatodar under the insulating nozzle, as well as a couple air holes, hinting at the low low frequencies in the sound.
Accustomed to the location of the left and right earphone, questions for the convenience of landing and rate of fixation of the headset in the ears does not occur, and management of any issues. Everything is convenient, does not interfere when running, and subsides when you exercise. With silicone nozzles also question: they are of medium size and is suitable only for those who usually chooses minimum size. Rest will have to look (it is expected that in the future they will be included) in the vaults of the nozzle larger, to achieve a sound capable headset.
Headset Microlab T967BT equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 for connection with smartphones and other devices. Accessory correctly displays the name in the search, and outputs information about remaining battery power. It supports all the basic profiles and the control modes. From interesting features we note a support Multipoint to two devices.
Despite the visual similarity with earphones-plugs, headset Microlab — open-acoustic design and external sound blocking at the level of the ear. As a result, well audible signals of approaching cyclists from behind, the horn of cars and road noise — this criterion sports component the headset performed perfectly. With regard to the nature of sound with small speakers, it is more reminiscent of the classic liners, with an emphasis on MIDs, no deep bass and piercing high frequencies. Any overload or distortion even at maximum volume, although the quality level does not exceed 60-70%. In the headphones nice easy listening instrumental and vocals, podcasts, and audiobooks, or not restricted to genres, using music as an unobtrusive background during sports.
It is necessary to consider Microlab T967BT for everyday use, as a headset for long conversations or listening to audio books and podcasts. Complaints about the sound of such content does not have, plus it feels good panorama, like being in the Studio and listen to a fascinating conversation, or that he was the author, sitting next to you reading a book out loud.
During conversations claims to audibility of interlocutors arose. The volume from the headset is pretty decent, and in most situations it is sufficient to 30-40% of maximum.
Headphones installed battery 150 mAh, full charge which lasts about an hour. For half an hour accumulates about 60%, not more. But lacking a full charge in four hours listening to music with a comfortable volume, or for five hours at volume 30%. Ride half a day hardcore night at the gym, or even a half marathon c halt to rest — for these activities the batteries full enough.
The results
Bright appearance, a modest weight is 31 grams and the open nature of the sound Microlab T967BT allow us to recommend the headset to anyone who is tired of uncomfortable ear buds, but not willing to carry large headphones. A sort of universal model for every day, which is convenient to listen to podcasts and audiobooks on the road, while not shielding yourself from the sounds of the surrounding world. For athletic training and is a wonderful option, where the reaction to external events is just as important as the vocals of the beloved singer.
not dampens ambient sound;
easy management;
support Multipoint.
short the headband;
stated moisture.
Lyricist: Eugene Bitukov
Picture device: Daria Nesterovskaya
The manufacturer's website
2499руб.The recommended price
at the time of publication
Source: 4PDA
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25-06-2017, 06:55

Whatsapp launches new tools for users. Photo: Pixabay
When communicating via the Whatsapp messenger conversations you can not delete, and send to the archive. So they will not interfere with the desktop and does not disappear. If necessary, you can restore the archived chats. This writes TechToday.
To send some dialog to storage, it has to perform a left swipe. A menu will appear with additional options, which you need to select the "Archive". After that, the mail will disappear from the main window of the chat.
To restore an archived dialogue is possible, if in Whatsapp go to the chat window. It should scroll to the top and swipe down to bring up the menu. On the screen above the search bar there will appear an option "Archived chats".
There are two ways to restore correspondence. You can just tap it and go inside to look. If you swapnote it to the left and select "Unzip", then the mail will return to the main window of the chat.
In addition, to restore Whatsapp chats you can, if you send this contact a new message. After that, the menu dialog will be available to the whole of the previous correspondence.
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