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26-06-2017, 08:00

Scientists working at the University Carlos III (Madrid, Spain), created gomango robot who can iron clothes.
TEO robot has cameras built into his head and have high resolution, which allows him to see the wrinkle on the fabric and determine with what force and intensity should be ironed.
Besides, the clever robot is able to walk, climb stairs and open doors that allows developers hope that after a while anyone can make themselves at home of such a useful assistant on the farm.
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26-06-2017, 07:56

Google has fixed a mysterious Space alien base on Mars. The corresponding photos appeared in the Network, ufologists have commented on this picture and called it proof of the existence of aliens.
Now, the debate continues about the mysterious alien base on Mars. Employees of the space Agency NASA say they know nothing about images of Google Space. This publication attracted the attention of not only ufologists, known for his controversial statements, but also scientists. If it's really a inhabitants of other planets, then such construction should be on the moon, researchers said.
There is another interpretation of this publication. Some believe that Mars has created the laboratory of the Americans and to hide this fact from the world. Residents of the United States suspected of communicating with aliens and for some unknown reason hiding. In the past there were different theories on the matter, then the rumors died down, and now again spread with new force.
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26-06-2017, 07:53

Thanks to a new service Microsoft share videos in companies will become much easier. The product Stream after a year of testing became available to everyone.
Along with the official release of the Stream there is a new function. The main is an automatic transcription of the text and search on those. For their work meets the Microsoft cloud platform.
According to the program Manager of the Court Vishal (Vishal Sood), through these opportunities, employees will be easier to find videos. The service itself allows you to easily add videos metadata like tags, and the possibility of artificial intelligence make it easier to search for the desired content without human intervention.
Stream is now also integrated with Office 365 Groups, Teams, Microsoft, Yammer, OneNote, and SharePoint.
Companies produce more and more video content. Microsoft wants to Stream thanks to share and view the companies was as easy as on YouTube.
The service was joined by more than 100 thousand users from more than 11 thousand organizations. The Redmond giant is going to transfer the Stream to all subscribers of Office 365 Video, so the number of users of the new product soon will increase dramatically. The court expects that most or even all members of the Office 365 Video will move in the Stream to the end of the year.
The service is available to all subscribers of Office 365 Enterprise, Education, and Kiosk. "Smart" features available only to those who have furnished premium Office 365 subscription E5.
Microsoft will also allow enterprises to connect to Stream yourself using one of two tariff plans. The first group includes all the basic functions, including storing and sending the video: it will cost $3 per month. For $5 a month you can get access to translation, text-to-speech and search.
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26-06-2017, 07:51

Some people do not trust the cloud and modern technology in General, because they are afraid that their personal data can be stolen or they will get in the open access. Given the frequent plum network of personal photos of celebrities, these fears are very reasonable. Google has decided to strengthen the trust of its customers. As you know, Google services have two versions: regular and pay-G Suite, which is designed for corporate users. The company has previously ceased to read letters from clients G Suite Gmail to provide personalized advertising. Now the search giant has decided to no longer scan the emails of other users. Experts are already predicting this step serious consequences.
Some sellers report that Google intends to completely remove the personalized ads from Gmail. However, the company does not approve of. Blog just reported that consumer of the content from Gmail is not scanned to personalize advertising. Gmail is the largest email service in the world with 1.2 billion users. The assurances of Google, no other service is not protecting its customers from spam, hacking and phishing attacks.
And although Google promises that more will not parse emails from Gmail, the company has many sources to gather information and provide personalized ads.
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26-06-2017, 07:49

Prototype electric aircraft
At the air show Le Bourget Israeli company Eviation Aircraft showed a prototype electroltic who can without charging to fly 965 kilometers.
Company representatives plan to go to the certification and commercialization of innovations in 2018, according to the profile publication Electrek.
Israeli company Eviation Aircraft working under a contract with NASA. Its representatives have already conducted several tests of its electroltic Alice.
Alice is a classic small plane with a length of 12 meters, with a wingspan of 13.4 metres and a weight of nearly six tons. Alice can accommodate two pilots and six to nine passengers. The aircraft is equipped with batteries with a total capacity of 980 KW.
The stated cruising speed of the aircraft is 450 kilometers per hour, practical ceiling - 3 km.
"Our mobility needs to adapt to a new, efficient future. When it comes to zero emissions, cheap travel from Silicon valley to San Diego or from Seoul to Beijing, our all-electric aircraft, gives people the ability to move with speed, which requires a modern global economy", - said the head of Eviation Aircraft Omer Bar-Yochai.
NV previously reported that China is interested in the Antonov aircraft. The Antonov state enterprise, Ivchenko-Progress and the limited liability company Motor Sich at the air show in Paris Le Bourget discussed with Chinese customer for the supply of 50 aircraft An-178.
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