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28-06-2017, 07:14

Scientists conducted detailed studies and found that such aggregate States of water as liquid, there are two kinds. To achieve this result, it was difficult, but the researchers have coped with the set goal.
The first step was to identify two types of frozen liquid, and experts, it became known that the ice at fast sharp freeze has a completely different structure from gradually frozen. Chemical properties and density have different performance, and this is proven during the detailed analysis of the structure of ice different types.
To achieve results on the study of water structure, and find out there is different liquid such samples frozen for the accelerated and standard type, not so easy. But the experts came to the aid of the method of x-ray spectroscopy. The rays falling from one type of fluid and the other was different, which allowed the scientists to conclude that the different density and structure of liquids.
The results of the study may be useful in further studying the water and also will help find ways to effectively filter and other useful methods that can be applied to liquids of large volumes.
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