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29-06-2017, 07:40

Scientists believe that in the future will be a real resume of heart tissue almost like can regenerate tissue anemones. This statement was made at the University of Florida.
The results of a medical experiment showed that the primitive muscle cells that have arisen in the course of evolution, were too similar to the heart muscle cells. According to experts, they come from the intestinal tissue of creation, reminiscent of the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis type.
This sea anemone can regenerate even if split into multiple parts, then all these elements can become independent organisms. Cells of the anemone is easily converted into other types of cells and so restore the parts of the body if necessary. Scientists hope to better understand the structure of interactions between genes, which are responsible for the increase in heart cells that later contribute to the regeneration of muscle tissue.
By this time, of all the well-studied sea anemones Nematostella vectensis. Before experts created the technology of its artificial cultivation, and in recent years this type most studied in molecular biology.
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29-06-2017, 07:39

Chinese experts said that the caffeine contributes to weight loss. Such a conclusion they did based on experiments with rodents.
In his scientific work, medical workers from China have focused on the analysis of neural pathways that are fragments of biological processes that can control and appetite. Such neurons quickly interact with caffeine entering the body.
This substance suppresses the appetite because of their receptors in the hypothalamus. Caffeine is able to succumb to the blocking action of these receptors, so scientists and consider its usefulness for weight loss.
Chinese doctors have organized a number of scientific experiments, which gave the mice high doses of caffeine. Taking volumes, equivalent to 60 milligrammes 1 kilogram of body weight, rodents have really lost a lot of his body.
Told experts and one disadvantage of such a method. The fact is, in order to lose weight from the product, you need to drink at least 24 cups of coffee a day.
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29-06-2017, 07:37

Czech appeals court on Tuesday overturned a ban the lower court on the work of the taxi service Uber in Brno, the second largest city in the country.
REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
The regional court issued a decision banning the activities of Uber in Brno in April this year after a complaint is filed, the company LIDO TAXI RADIO, which was later supported by the city administration, pointing out that the service must comply with the provisions of local laws for taxi services, including the licensing of drivers and installation of taximeters.
"We have rejected the injunction and returned the case to the lower court," — said today the representative of the High court Mr Lichnowsky, adding that Uber will be able to start work after receiving the court's verdict in writing.
Uber, which started its activity in Europe for more than five years ago, is under attack from taxi companies in several countries of the European Union, because it is not connected to local licensing and safety that apply to some of its competitors.
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29-06-2017, 07:34

Recently appeared information that the new flagship smartphone Pro 7 from the company Meizu, along with the Plus-version will be presented next month on July 26. According to numerous leaks, the Chinese manufacturer for the first time decided to experiment with the look of your device. The main feature of Meizu Pro 7 should be a small secondary display on the back side. Previously it was thought that it will be made of electronic ink technology and will be able to display some information like the time, weather, notifications and the like. A selection of new photographs indicates that the second screen in the Meizu Pro 7 can be much more useful.
Judging by the new images, in front Meizu Pro 7 will be little different from its predecessors. The most interesting about this gadget is located on the back side. There in a very unusual place is the dual camera, and under it — a small display. As seen in the photo, the colour screen and can display everything that shows the basic. 
Reportedly, the Meizu Pro 7 will have a 5.5-inch display, MediaTek processor decategory Helio X30, dual camera with Sony sensors and Sony IMX386 IMX286, 16-megapixel front camera, headphone Jack, fingerprint scanner and support fast charging. 
According to preliminary data, the cost of Meizu Pro 7 will start at $409.
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29-06-2017, 07:32

Japanese startup TBM produces anhydrous, bestselling paper from limestone. The President of the company, Nobuyoshi, Yamasaki expects to launch an IPO by 2020, expecting double growth of demand for paper, writes gogetnews.info.
Some of the early writing materials used by man before the advent of paper, was stone tablets, and now the Japanese businessman, Nobuyoshi, Yamasaki wants to close the circle, starting the production of paper from stone.
Enterprise Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, TBM Co. produces paper from limestone — rocks, which they consider "virtually inexhaustible." Yamasaki, believes that the answer to the problem of deforestation and water shortage because the worldwide demand for paper by 2030 will double.
"I want to finish my business life, creating a company that will exist for hundreds of years," says Yamasaki, a former salesman of used cars, started his career as a carpenter after 15 years left school.
"Our material will play an important role in many regions, as the world's population is growing and there is a problem of water shortage," said Yamazaki, in an interview at the head office TBM in Tokyo Ginza.
In TBM tell us that to produce one ton of regular paper requires 100 tons of water, while their paper Limex is produced without the use of water. Instead of the 20 trees they use less tons of limestone and 200 kg of polyolefin. Recently five year old startup raised from its investors for additional funding of 1 billion yen (9.1 million dollars) and by 2020, intends to release its shares on the stock exchange.
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