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31-07-2017, 08:29

Now on the market are quite a lot of so-called "tactical" clothing, which differs from the normal mainly higher density tissue and protection in various places. But the new shirt displays ScorpionExo standards tactical clothing to a new level thanks to the lining made of Kevlar.
In the sale there was a shirt made of Kevlar
Shirt is perfect for bikers and all those who need a good shock protection, but that it does not stifle the movement and were not heavy.
In the sale there was a shirt made of Kevlar
In view of ScorpionExo is the usual flannel shirt in a large cage, but it will help to protect the body when falling, from the punches and even knife. The price for this shirt starts from $ 130.
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31-07-2017, 08:27

Scientists from the University of California have invented a "smart" baseball cap that can replace headphones and headsets Hands Free.
The original headdress is called ZEROi and it can be connected to your smartphone thanks to four built-in speakers bone conduction. Baseball cap allows you to listen to music, call someone or receive a call. It all works via Bluetooth so you do not need any additional wire.
Cap is activated through a special button, and built-in battery allows to work up to five hours.
To communicate and leave the phone in the pocket of the user due to the microphone that is built into a baseball cap.
"Smart" cap manufactured in two styles and in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the right accessory to your favorite wardrobe. Also, according to the manufacturers, the manufacture of coated hydrophobic material, so it can be used even in the rain, not afraid to ruin. Now the pleasure is worth 89$, we need only to make reservations on the official website.
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31-07-2017, 08:24

Popular free instant messaging WhatsApp has reported that the number of its daily active users exceeded 1 billion.
WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, images, video and audio via the Internet. The client works on many platforms including Android, iOS and Windows.
The first release of WhatsApp was held in 2009. By August 2013 the messenger had over 300 million active users, and in April 2014 was taken the strap 500 million And now says about reaching new heights.
"Last year, we shared the news that a billion people worldwide use WhatsApp every month. Today we are pleased and proud to announce that one billion people worldwide use WhatsApp every day in order to stay connected with your loved ones, friends and family," — says the administration of the messenger.
It is noted that every day through the system are sent approximately 55 billion messages. Daily users share 4.5 billion images and 1 billion videos. The amount of the monthly active audience reaches 1.3 billion people.
We will add that in February 2014 about the acquisition of WhatsApp announced the social network Facebook. The amount of the transaction amounted to $16 billion: $4 billion was paid in cash, another $12 billion in shares Facebook. In addition, the Treaty provided for the transfer of shares in Facebook with the limitations in the amount of $3 billion to the founders and employees of WhatsApp over four years after the closing of the transaction. 
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31-07-2017, 08:22

American developers have shared a new method of breaking locks.
A team of hackers in the eyes of the audience by using cheap work opened the safe largest producer, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to 24.
The team of hackers SparkFun Electronics it only took half an hour to open the safe the SentrySafe company.
This has proved possible because the robot was able to reduce the number of possible combinations of a million before 1000 and quickly take those that are left.
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Experts say that person to perform such work would not do.
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31-07-2017, 08:20

Microsoft founder bill gates has joined the list of investors Convoy startup that developed the app for online order of road freight transport over long distances.
Clive Brunskill / Getty
On Tuesday it was announced that bill gates and other participants of the round to raise Finance to invest more than $60 million into a company that connects shippers and truckers via a mobile app.
Based in Seattle Convoy startup was founded two years ago. He is part of a growing number of companies using mobile applications and algorithms to work better together shippers and carriers of goods. Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to gain a foothold in the freight forwarding industry with a turnover of $700 billion a year, which still depends heavily on call centers and Fax machines.
Round to raise Finance headed based in Silicon valley venture Fund Y Combinator, working in the business incubator, said in an interview with Reuters, CEO of Convoy Dan Lewis (Dan Lewis). According to him, the Convoy became the first company that Y Combinator will invest outside their programs to support startups.
Lewis refused to disclose the market value of the Convoy based on the outcome of the new round of funding. Just at the moment, the startup managed to raise $80 million investment. The staff of the company is 120 people. Among her clients included nearly 300 consignors, including Unilever and Anheuser-Busch, and about 10,000 companies that provide trucking services.
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