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1-07-2017, 07:23

Spinners have become a real hit this summer. Recently, they started to supply and electronic components. On the shelves you can find spinners with Bluetooth, gyroscope and speakers. What bells and whistles did not put these seemingly harmless toys. But are they harmless? All electronic components are known that are powered by batteries. And many manufacturers with the goal of cost savings in the production put poor quality and, as a result, dangerous components and battery that can turn a toy into a real weapon.
It is the same problem faced by the Carr family from Michigan. Michelle Carr bought their child a spinner with Bluetooth, charging from the mains. After half an hour of charging the toy lit up. The culprit — a defective battery.
A similar story happened to the Alabama family, Ellams. The child, who was given a similar model, the spinner, says that the toy has slavophones during normal charging. Spinner even managed to burn a piece of carpet. The child is not confused and risk getting a serious burn, "drowned" spinner in the sink, thereby preventing a fire.
Now the matter is dealt with by the safety Commission consumer products USA. Families of victims complain that no contact Chinese manufacturers on the packaging of the toy was not.
What can I say in the end? I do not recommend buying electronic spinners. If you want to please your child — buy him a regular, mechanical. All these additional functions, like special lighting or playback on spinner music from your smartphone is, of course, fun. But not worth risking your life and limb of the child.
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