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According to a study by App Annie, the mobile apps can earn a lot of money. According to the research firm, by 2021, the app economy will be $6.3 trillion. In 2016 this figure amounted to $1.3 trillion — 380 % less than the projected amount.
App Annie connects the strong rise of the global application market because more people are buying smartphones and using mobile apps. The study says that people spend in apps more and more time. It is expected that in 2021 the total time of interaction with a mobile program will reach 3.5 trillion hours. In 2016 people spent using apps 1.6 trillion hours.
Mobile Commerce, which is to buy things through apps, represents "one of the biggest drivers of growth in the mobile economy and the app economy," says App Annie. The company believes that the more people start to use smartphones for shopping. They will follow the example of China and the Asia-Pacific region, who are now on the top mobile Commerce.
"Compared with U.S. consumers likely to buy Chinese consumers of food and groceries through their devices is almost three times higher probability of transferring money using apps is two times higher and the likelihood of spending the greater part of their disposable income on something from the mobile sphere is four times higher," — said in the report.
App Store iOS app store is the largest software and in 2021 will increase to $60 billion. However, Google Play and third party app stores for Android together by the end of the year will surpass iOS.
The researchers suggest that App Store revenue in 2017 will reach $40 billion. In the case of Google Play and third-party stores, this figure will reach $21 billion and $20 billion respectively.
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Under the heading "Made in China" collected news this week from China, not included in the main feed 4PDA: announcements, rumors and interesting events in the life of the main supplier of electronic goods in the world. In this issue you will learn about a new unexpected product from Xiaomi, the world's first "Forest city" and the outcome of the Asia's largest exhibition of mobile technology.
Umbrella from Xiaomi, which you definitely want to
Every time it seems that the company Xiaomi has already released everything, she still manages to surprise the world with another unusual announcement. Earlier this week, she introduced improved gyrometer Mi Ninebot Plus, "smart" toothbrush Ultrasonic Toothbrush Mi and Mi laser projector Laser Projector. Another unexpected novelty was the Huayang umbrella Ultra-Light Umbrella. 
Xiaomi, one would expect a smart umbrella with different sensors to monitor the weather and physical activity of the user, but Huayang Ultra-Light Umbrella is a very ordinary umbrella. However, unlike many peers he still has. Its frame is made not of steel as usual, and carbon fiber, which makes the umbrella incredibly easy and at the same time very durable. It weighs only 85 g. folded length is 23 cm and the diameter of the canopy — 85 see 
The frame is carbon fiber strong enough to withstand very strong winds. Moreover, the canopy is made of special waterproof material with a nano-coating that repels from water. Thus, after the rain, simply shake the umbrella, and it is completely dry.
Huayang umbrella Ultra-Light Umbrella is available in black, blue and orange colours. It will go on sale August 5 for about $15.
China began building the world's first city-forest
China is one of the largest manufacturing centers on the planet. Almost all modern appliances is collected at local businesses, not to mention clothing and other things. That is why the country is suffering from the smog and dirty air. Moreover, a third of all CO2 emissions in the world is produced in China. Many Chinese simply do not go out without protective equipment.
The authorities have tried many ways of combating air pollution, but significant they have not given result. A new government initiative was the decision to build the world's first "Forest city". The new city area of about 175 hectares will appear along the Lijiang river. Its population will be about 30,000 people. It will be called Liuzhou forest city.
The city will be built with the support of the Milan design firm Stefano Boeri Architetti. The whole town will be covered with greenery. The plans of the founders to put all around one million plants of hundreds of different types, 400,000 of which are trees. It is expected that Liuzhou forest city will be able to absorb and process about 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and up to 57 tons of other harmful substances, producing together with this 900 tons of oxygen per year.
Liuzhou forest city will be completely independent in terms of energy. On the roof of each building installs a solar panel. The city will have a well-developed infrastructure, business centers, houses, schools, hospitals, etc., Between forest city of Liuzhou and Liuzhou will be built high-speed highway, which will run the electric cars. To get to the new city will also work with high-speed trains.
The construction of Liuzhou forest city expected to be completed by 2020. If the project proves successful, then such city forests can appear all over the country and even in other parts of the world.
In China was one of the largest exhibitions of mobile technology
During the year around the world held many exhibitions of mobile technology. It is considered one of the largest Mobile World Congress. International Mobile Congress held annually in Barcelona. It was there that major companies present their latest developments. Often the exhibition also there are announcements of new flagships. Few people know, but specifically for Asia has set up his own exhibition MWC. This week the international Mobile Congress was held in Shanghai, China. This exhibition does not yet have the same value as the Western counterpart, but every year it becomes more popular.
This year in MWC 2017 Shanghai signed up 65,000 members and over 650 companies, 12 000 participants and 100 companies more than last year. And at MWC in Barcelona, the main theme of the exhibition is mobile technology. Companies from around the world present smartphones, tablets, drones, devices, virtual and augmented reality, wearable electronics, and much more.
This year at MWC 2017 Shanghai is particularly noted Qualcomm: it has officially unveiled a new mobile platform Snapdragon 450. But the main announcement was the demonstration of a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanners Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors that can be mounted under the display, glass or metal. The company Vivo specially for this event produced a number of prototypes to show the new scanners clearly. 
This year the Central themes of discussions at MWC 2017 Shanghai became the "future vehicles", "life after smartphones" and "the human element". In the framework of the last major companies and experts from around the world discussed the role of rights in the digital world.
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