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3-07-2017, 08:31
The American magazine Time has published an annual ranking of the most influential people on the Internet. Everything they do becomes a trend
Participants were evaluated on their activity, number and speed of reactions to their posts (likes, distribution), and number of followers. As was evaluated trends, it is not surprising that the President of the United States Donald trump is going after the Korean boy band. Korean boy band came out of nowhere and suddenly, while trump had plenty of time to gather your subscribers. 
1. Chrissy Teigen, model
In Chrissy nearly 20 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. Supermodel swimwear, participant of reality show and TV host has attracted attention for its simplicity and reality.
The model shares the details on plastic surgery to complaints about the unbearable duration of nominations "Oscar". The wife of the famous musician John legend and mother of their common daughter also talks about the joys and difficulties of pregnancy and motherhood.
2. Matt Drage, publicist
American political commentator, known for having created his online resource "Report Drudge's", where for 20 years collects any gossip related to politicians.
However, some of the gossip are confirmed: so drag first started talking about the sex scandal between former US President bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Among Drudge's readers were and the current President of the United States Donald trump.
The wrestler with the "fake news" trump repost Drudge's and invites him to a meeting in the Oval office. According to SimilarWeb site "Drudge's Report" was attended by 137 million times in may.
3. John. K. Rowling, writer
Most readers Rowling subscribe to it on Twitter to get information about the continuation of the franchise "Harry Potter".
However, this year the author of books about "the boy who lived" has gained popularity over the argument with the President of the United States Donald trump, which gave it a rating of "worse than Voldemort". N
what buddy Rowling writer Stephen king said in Tramp "there is something Dementors". Just Rowling's 11 million subscribers.
4. Carter Wilkerson, student
Wilkerson decided to try my luck and asked on Twitter in your favorite fast food chain Wendy's how many retweets he'd need a whole year to eat their nuggets for free.
Network Wendy's said 18 million. Then 16-year-old wrote a request: "Help me, please. A man needs his nuggets". And attached a screenshot with the answer Wendy's.
The message has collected 18 million shares, but fast food is assured that Wilkerson received their free nuggets. And social media Analytics are now exploring the phenomenon of #nuggsforcarter.
5. Yao Chen, actress
37-year-old Chinese actress is not the first time appears in a list of influential people in Internet Time. Unlike his colleagues, Chen is not attending star parties, but maintains his own blog.
In it the actress talks about the difficulties of living and fighting for the rights of refugees. 2010, Chen was elected an honorary UN Ambassador for refugees in China.
To be a blogger in China is quite difficult - you need to exercise caution, especially in relation to political views. Despite this, Chen has 21 million followers on Chinese social network Weibo.
6. Brian reed, the writer
The author of the audio podcast's-Town. Rod changed the standard style of the podcast and turned a weekly broadcast on an action-Packed audacia.
The story begins with a mysterious murder, and then transformed into a story about the life and death of one person in Woodstock. The first week the podcast was downloaded 16 million times.
7. BTS hip hop group
Korean group BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan - bulletproof boy scouts) debuted in the US in 2016 with the album "Wings". A group of boys knocked Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez with first places in all charts.
8. Alexei Navalny, an activist
According to TIme, the Russian activist-antikorruptsionera included in this list because of the ability to break through the information blockade of the Kremlin.
Navalny is going to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin in the next elections. And although he did not give a speech on Russian television, Navalny conducts the video blog on Youtube, where he has more than 1.2 million viewers.
His campaign, he also spends on social networks.
9. Donald trump, the President of the United States
The President once said that people think it's "Gimingham Twitter". And if earlier the Trump cost statements on Twitter, and even made it more popular, and now social network only hurts the President.
In 2012 he was worried about the gap Pattison Robert and Kirsten Stewart (heroes of the movies about vampires), and offered Pattana to pay attention to the girls in the competition "Miss world".
Or when he demanded Obama not to let the doctors from the outbreak of Ebola back in the United States. But during the election campaign tweet that "global warming is an invention of China to defeat America," played right into his hands.
Now most people subscribed to the tramp, to catch his "mistakes". The President has more than 32 million followers on Twitter.
10. Matt For
37-year-old artist did not know that will create the well-known Internet meme, a symbol of American elections. Comic "boy's Club" Frog Pepe first appeared in 2005.
In the future, the artist had almost no relationship to your character - Internet users have changed it to your liking. So there was Pepe in the form of Batman or Borat. But the popularity he received in 2011, when the frog was depicted with a swastika on his forehead and in a Nazi uniform.
For a meme entrenched anti-Semitic propaganda and started using right-wing activists.
However, the spin doctors trump is not afraid of the Nazi entourage of the Internet meme and posted on the official Twitter account of trump's the frog in the image of the candidate (then was the election campaign). Opponents of trump acknowledged the use of the image of Pepe the frog as a proof of his connection with the nationalists and anti-Semites.
After that began the "war memes" between voters of two candidates in presidents of the United States, and Frog Pepe has finally lost its neutral meaning.
11. Stephen Prout, editor Wikipedia
Day 33-year-old Put ordinary customs officer, but in the evening he voluntarily works as the editor of free online encyclopedia Wikipedia.
Since 2006 he has made over 2 million edits to the English language. This is more than any other editor. Some of these edits - the new texts. So Put added article about 212 influential women to fix the gender imbalance of Wikipedia.
12. Bana Alabed
Alabed - year-old girl, who lives in Aleppo, in the war zone of Syria. In broken English the girl wrote a message on Twitter about the bombs that fall from the sky like rain, about the bombing of a single children's hospital.
Alabed posting pictures and videos: self mixed with pictures of destroyed buildings and bombs.
Account Alabed raised people's awareness about the fighting in Aleppo, where sometimes can't get even journalists.
For the first few months Alabed gathered about 200 thousand subscribers. At the moment, it is 686 tweets. Ban keep an account jointly with his mother Fatima, a teacher of English.
American OSINT organization Bellingcat has confirmed the reality of the account and the existence of family Alabed in its investigation in response to the many doubts of the audience.
13. Gigi Gorges, model
Gigi was once called Gregory Lazzarato. Canadian transgender model leads almost 10 years your blog on Youtube, where she shares every aspect of his transition from male to female.
Now she is one of the most famous TRANS women in the world: she was invited to the logs, a documentary filmmaker. In Gorges about 5 million subscribers on Youtube and Twitter.
14. Jonathan San, writer
San better known for its homenetmen alter ego Damn. Damn alien who was sent to study the "earthb" and see "humabns".
San admits that he created the character to help people who feel like outsiders everywhere and feel about depression.
In Jan has its own Twitter account, where he 478 thousands of subscribers.
San even released an illustrated book, which contains quotes and stories Jan.
15. Kim Kardashian
Such a list would be impossible without Kardashian, who turned his life into one big reality show. She became famous thanks to television shows about the Kardashians and a sex scandal. Now the model is family, but does not hesitate to put every moment of his life of luxury to the network.
So in October 2016 Kardashian robbed in a hotel in Paris. Several armed men broke into her room and locked in the bathroom. Attackers figured out her location in social networks. Now Kardashian publishes your photos carefully. On Twitter the model has 54 million followers in Instagram 101 million.
The list also included singer Katy Perry, with his 96-hour live stream on Youtube channel. By the way, she was the first person that has collected the 100 million followers in his Twitter account.
At the 17th place is the transvestite actor Brenden Miller.
18th place went to the creators of the movement to support the medical system "Obama Care" in the U.S. "The Indivisible Guide"
At the 19th place singer Rihanna, which was worth to feed the birds outside in the giant suit of hearts as she became a meme.
Chance the rapper took the 20th place because distributes its music through a social network.
21 is the singer Baby Ariel (Ariel Martin), which gained its popularity through social network musical.ly, where she has more than 20 million subscribers.
22 place was taken by the fitness blogger Casey Hu, which has around 4 million subscribers on Youtube channel.
23 place Huda Kattan - world's most famous beauty blogger, with 20 million followers on Instagram and about 2 million subscribers on Youtube channel.
Mark Fsvac (more commonly known as Markiplier) took 24th place, making reviews, gameplay of video games. The gamer 17 million subscribers on Youtube channel.
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3-07-2017, 08:27

Scientists from the University Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh (USA) have developed an algorithm, which in theory can be used to read a person's thoughts. The method is based on the interpretation of brain signals, reports Digital Trends.
"One of the greatest achievements of the human brain is the ability to combine individual concepts into complex thoughts. We don't think "bananas", we think "I would like to eat bananas with friends in the evening", said psychology Professor Marcel just, the study's lead author. We finally found a way to see the formation of complex thoughts by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain. The discovery of the link between thoughts and brain activity shows how to build the process of thinking".
In other words, the algorithm in sequence built a chain, which is used by the brain to create thoughts.
In the process of research, scientists have identified about 240 reactions of the human brain to separate people, places, or physical impact. Artificial intelligence, fMRI data were compared with the already known reactions and tried to figure out what a person thinks.
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Photo from open sources
Cnct company introduced the "smart" outlet intelliPLUG, equipped with a module Wi-Fi. It is reported that the device supports remote control via smartphone and voice commands, and also has a built-in timer. The company Cnct is raising money for the project crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform. About it writes The Verge. 
According to the source, the device automatically turns off its power after charging all the gadgets that were plugged in. IntelliPLUG also compatible with voice commands, AI and the Alexa has a built in timer. At the moment the manufacturer is working on adding support for Google Home and Apple HomeKit.
The manufacturer offers kits with two, three and four intelliPLUG included. The price for kits is $25, $35 and $40 respectively. Shipping of devices will begin in August of this year.
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3-07-2017, 08:24

The Chinese company, Xaomi announced its new product - "smart" toothbrush Ultrasonic Toothbrush. This product can brush my teeth by ultrasound and vibrations.
Electronics manufacturer Xaomi gave consumers a unique opportunity to have in your kit the newest attribute of hygiene. The developers have shown a tooth brush a new sample that works using vibration and ultrasound technology.
Vibration toothbrush Ultrasonic Toothbrush is transferred to the bristles of DuPont StaClean using ultrasound. Due to this possibility, the procedure of teeth cleaning will be faster and more effective than in the retro version. The engineers took care that the body of the new toothbrush were protected from the negative effects of moisture.
Toothbrush can have multiple modes, in accordance with the sanitary requirements. To bring into operation one of these modes, the owner will be able through their smartphone.
Read also: In Kiev, there were "smart" stop with the phone chargers
Included with the product will go to a special stand that will be a convenient tool charging and storage. Rechargeable battery pack designed to provide charge the device for 18 days with daily use.
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Despite the fact that in view of the imminent announcement of the iPhone 8 the lack of leakage, and rendering the "blanks" of the device is not observed, something we have never seen. It's about what will appear upcoming smartphone from Apple in a white colour. So it was until today. Popular designer Martin Hajek, a well-known concept artami and 3D models of smartphones from Apple, released a new glass iPhone 8 renders in white and silver and black colors.
As we can see on the images, the gadget will not have any physical buttons and the touch LEDs on the front panel, and the display of the future iPhone 8 will be the cutout for the FaceTime camera and speaker. The white model will feature a silver frame. Well, black is monochrome and the front and back of the device the same color, whereby the above-described recess for camera and speaker aesthetically blends with the display. The rendering clearly shows that work on iOS devices 11. However, it is unlikely for someone it will be a surprise.
According to popular belief, it is and will look like the iPhone 8. However, you should take into account that this is anecdotal evidence, and Hayek can't speak for Apple. On the other hand, before the designer was not wrong.
Source: 4PDA
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