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4-07-2017, 08:25

Popular social network Facebook launched a new feature that allows you to find Wi-Fi anywhere in the world. The function works on agetech with the operating system iOS and Android, reports UKRINFORM.
Find Wi-Fi, for example, at a school that is near the user. For this purpose, the proprietor must indicate on the Facebook page that he has open Wi-Fi.
"We launched the "Find wifi" in several countries last year and found that it is not only useful for users who are traveling, but especially useful where there is not enough data phones," said technical Director of the network.
As reported by Informational Focus, due to the locks the Russian sites, particularly social networks "Vkontakte" and "Classmates" that was a long time in top popular sites, has increased the number of accounts of Ukrainians in Facebook.
Now the Ukrainian Facebook, estimates that the network itself has grown to 10 million users. In may this figure was estimated was estimated at 7.4 million At the same time, the attendance of "Vkontakte" fell from 9.8 to 3.8 million users.
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4-07-2017, 08:21

American and canadian scientists have found a way to get rid of bad memories. According to experts, the new method will help to cure post-traumatic stress disorder.
The study involved researchers from Columbia University in the US and McGill University in Canada. According to the findings of scientists, the bad memories are formed through specific neural processes. If the influence of these processes, it is possible to get rid of constant worries.
The object of the study neuroscientists used an animal model — the marine mollusc Aplysia. Scientists stimulated two different sensory neurons of animals associated with motor neuron, so that one participated in the formation of associative memory and the other nonassociative. It turned out that in one case the strength of the synapse is determined proteins the classical form of the kinase, and the other atypical kinases. Selective blocking of classical kinase prevented the formation of a nonassociative memory.
According to scientists, vertebrates, including man, there are similar mechanisms that will allow us to develop drugs that will block the triggers that cause re-experiencing.
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4-07-2017, 08:12

Scientists from the Dresden University, Germany, found that the smell of infants makes mothers drug addiction. According to researchers, this feature lies at the genetic level and is designed to ensure a close relationship of mother and child.
German experts conducted an experiment during which he managed to establish that the swing has on newborns of mothers influence similar to the influence of drugs. Experts believe that this reaction is due to the skills inherent to care for the offspring, so the affection occurs at an unconscious level.
Many parents in the survey agreed that the smell of infants triggers a strong but inexplicable feelings, which want as much to take care of the baby, to preserve it and protect it. During the experiment scientists found that the smell is unique and is a "marker" only for parents of a newborn. This fragrance is able to "gain a foothold" and become a kind, unique drug for a young woman.
Of the 235 respondents, 93.7 per cent said that the smell emanating from the child is very nice. However, only 75.2% of parents were able to say the same about the flavor of their teenage children. Experts were able to explain that over time because of hormonal changes, the smells become less attractive for parents.
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4-07-2017, 08:09

Specialists in the development of the popular messenger WhatsApp has added the functions of the new opportunities. Users provided a variety of fonts and also you can use query to find the desired Emoji.
Many users do not know that a few months earlier in WhatsApp messenger appeared possible to change the strikethrough, italics, or highlighted fonts. Now the creators of WhatsApp version 2.17.148 added to the toolbar. In addition, using the new function you can enter a query and find a suitable Emoji. To date, the updates are in test mode. They can be tested in practice, if you become part of the beta version on the Play Store.
Earlier it became known that the creators of WhatsApp are going to entice users Telegram.
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4-07-2017, 08:07

Analytics company from China Risingsun posted in the Internet, new data regarding the distribution of the market of mobile devices in the first three months of 2017. It was expected that Xiaomi will enter the top five manufacturers, but this did not happen.
The increasingly popular Chinese manufacturer of multimedia gadgets won only sixth place in this ranking. The first position has managed to take the company Samsung, which managed to sell in three months, more than 80 million smartphones. Second place went to the Titan multimedia products Apple Corporation sold 51 million smartphones. Third place went to Huawei — she managed to sell as many as 35 million devices.
Fourth place went to the Oppo Corporation with its 26 million devices. The five of leaders closes Vivo, which sold 19 million devices. Xiaomi, which received only sixth place, sold about 15 million units.
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