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5-07-2017, 08:00

Researchers at Cambridge University wrote a computer game that aims to improve memory in people with first signs of dementia, writes Reuters.
App Game Show designed in the form of a game and already dopami a small group of patients older than 45 years, to improve memory by as much as 40%. Within a month they had to earn gold coins, placing on different patterns. The more successful the player, the more difficult becomes the task. "We hope to use these findings in future studies of health in old age and the treatment of mild forms of Alzheimer's," says George, Sawalich from the University of Cambridge. According to him, patients not only improved memory, but also learned to perceive more complex visual information.
According to the world health organization, 47.5 million people worldwide suffer from problems with memory (statistics for 2015). Senile dementia is almost not treatable, and there are only a few medicines that can slightly slow down the development of certain symptoms — poor memory, decrease in mental, behavioral, navigational abilities, as well as the loss of ability to perform routine chores.
However, independent experts are skeptical about the research of experts of Cambridge and believe that more accurate insights you need to compare a mobile game application with other methods of brain training. "Most likely, this method will help only in the early stages of dementia," says Tara, Spiers-Jones from the University of Edinburgh.
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5-07-2017, 07:58

The development can become part of the security system of the future.
Synthetic fingerprints can be used in security systems
Scientists from the University Kyung Hee in South Korea led by Park wook has developed a technology to produce synthetic fingerprints that can form the basis for security systems of the future.
Researchers have invented patterns that resemble fingerprints. Fingerprints are unique and cannot be recreated again, which is the key to security.
To obtain such prints, the South Korean researchers coated plastic particles with a thin layer of silica, then soaked them in ethanol and leave to dry. The result is formed of silicon dioxide, which creates unique patterns. Interestingly, despite the coincidence of the formation of this imprint, experts have learned to control this process to determine exactly where to appear to bulge. They use ultra-violet radiation. In the field of contact beam pattern breaks, bends or diverges.
The researchers claim that the ability to control the process, can be very useful for securing message transfer. Subjecting a group of particles of the same exposed to light will create a set with similar points. Each leaf print is unique, but the set location of such points can be determined his belonging to one group or another.
At the moment scientists are busy creating the scanner for similar fingerprints.
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5-07-2017, 07:55

One of the largest worldwide companies Microsoft is preparing a major reorganization of the business, which will be officially announced tomorrow, July 5. The management of the Corporation intends to implement a major staff reduction.
Microsoft decided to undertake the largest reorganization of the sales Department, in connection with their jobs may lose thousands of employees. And dismissed will be experts from offices around the world. As reported by analysts, the Corporation intends to change course on sales and instead of the boxed products to provide "cloud" services.
Vice-President of the conglomerate, Jordan, Althoff sent the letter to the subordinates, which explained that the priority of the company remains a major corporate customers, and for them are small and medium-sized organizations. Therefore, the coming reorganization will help to refocus and to use the necessary resources at the right time for the right customers.
Now for Microsoft the most promising direction remain the cloud. The company is Azure, which is a concern and relates to the project "Smart cloud" managed to achieve the increase in sales growth of 93%. This year's projected revenue is four times more than Windows.
Source: VladTime
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5-07-2017, 07:52

Campaign total fundraising on the Kickstarter platform, the Ukrainian company Ugears gave unprecedented results: only managed 140 thousand dollars.
This is almost ten times more than the planned amount (15 thousand dollars), and the campaign will last for four weeks, reports the DILL with reference to Знай.UA.
The company collects money for the production of unique mechanical model of musical instrument that you can play.
Startup Ugears that produces unusual mechanical 3D puzzles out of plywood for adults and children, was founded in 2014 in Kyiv and now has stores in dozens of countries on five continents. In order to make the design, do not need any glue or nails — one of the ways of joining parts is a patented invention.
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5-07-2017, 07:49

Researchers from Rutgers University set out to make a breakthrough in painting with the help of Artificial intelligence. Paintings have been presented to the court of criticism.
Scientists needed to slightly change the algorithm. Artificial intelligence studied all the major paintings, but previously learned to distinguish the true art from ordinary images, which is quite difficult to expect from the car. In the result of AI got an expert from the world of art.
A further task of the experts was that the AI learned how to paint masterpieces. He had to find his own path, as did before him, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, mark Rothko, Andy Warhol and other prominent artists.
It seems that the AI still managed to choose their own style, which hasn't happened yet. Scientists hung the machine works next to the paintings, which were created by the people and asked the public to rate them. What was surprising to scientists, when the AI has earned rave reviews discerning audience.
Criticism is also not left behind. They say that the images from AI contain a masterful combination of colors, they are aesthetically pleasing and attract attention. Of course, not all paintings AI received high marks. Some did not like the public.
Source: VladTime
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