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8-07-2017, 06:22

Experts from the US have developed a smartphone app that will allow you to identify the person a concussion. According to forecasts, the latest diagnostic accuracy could reach 98%.
Many people know that one way to diagnose a concussion is the measurement of pupil response to light. On the basis of this principle, the developers have implemented the office of the special flash, which will make it clear whether the person damage of gray matter or not.
Is very simple: the flash is directed directly into the eyes of the man who supposedly received a brain concussion, and at this point, the camera captures how the pupil is thus enlarged.
The second stage involves the processing of information, after which the app will give its verdict.
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The advantages of this innovation is that it will be available for everybody, in addition, users can run it as quickly as possible, which will give a more accurate result regarding the brain injury.
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8-07-2017, 06:19

Italian scientists have found that dark chocolate improves mental ability, so it is useful to use every day, and to see the positive effect after the first dose.
Italian experts carried out a research which found out what happens in the brain after consuming chocolate. To do this, they studied the scientific materials associated with the influence of cocoa beans on the brain.
After conducting experiments, scientists have learned that eating dark chocolate on the long term will help to increase concentration, improve working memory, and increase reaction speed.
Moreover, if a person suffers from insomnia, it is helpful to eat a couple pieces of dark chocolate to keep your mental faculties throughout the day. The scientists also said that after one use of dark chocolate is improving working memory and the ability to process visual information.
Recall that in April 2017 the researchers found that regular consumption of small amounts of chocolate contributes to the prevention of atrial fibrillation (atrial fibrillation).
But do not forget that chocolate is high in calories. If you add it in your daily diet - nutritionists recommend eating three pieces a day.
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8-07-2017, 06:17

Apple is going to patent identification technology. the Engineers of the Corporation to check the new feature on the iPhone 8 prototype, which is expected to appear two months later.
It is expected that the smartphone from the "Apple" of the company will receive a 3D sensor-camera. With the help of technology you can scan the face of the phone owner within a few hundred milliseconds. Also, you can unlock the device even if it just lies on the surface.
There is also a version that the specialists of the Corporation are testing the scanning system of the retina.
Earlier in the press reported that Apple has not yet decided where to place the Touch ID in the new version of the smartphone. OLED-technology of fingerprint recognition is still under development.
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8-07-2017, 06:14

In England a graduate of the Royal College of art Daniel Claude have created additional mechanized prosthetic sixth finger to the hand. A device called The Third Thumb is controlled by the movements of the legs.
Shoes user installed special sensors, which are Bluetooth transmitting compressive forces of the sixth finger. The gadget is The Third Thumb, which translates as "third thumb" was printed on a 3D printer from a material Ninjaflex. It runs on two motors.
Daniel Claude created his creation to challenge traditional prosthetics. The extra finger allows new features and extends the capabilities of the natural hand. Video of the device appeared on YouTube.
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8-07-2017, 06:12

Today, the company Xiaomi presented its latest development — portable Bluetooth receiver, which you can use to turn any wired headphones into wireless brand. The cost of this receiver is only fifteen dollars.
Increasingly, manufacturers are from the use of a 3.5 mm audio Jack, through which it is possible to your favorite gadget to connect headphones, speakers and other headsets. As a result, it is necessary to use a variety of bulky adaptors. However, Xiaomi managed to solve the issue.
Now need to purchase the Bluetooth receiver and Audio Receiver you can enjoy your favorite tunes. Its size is only 59 x 13.5 mm and weighs 10 grams, but for all that, it can work up to four to five hours.
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