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16-07-2017, 09:16

The company Sequent Supercharger has developed a smart watch that can work without additional charge. According to experts, the gadget is able to function in offline mode for several months.
Representatives of the Sequent Supercharger noted that the device differs from the previously shown predecessor's more classic appearance. Visually, it looks like a regular quartz watch, but when pressing the corresponding button switches to the mode of your smart device.
The cost of the device in the basic configuration will be about $ 180. For top variation with a leather strap and a green dial will have to pay $ 300. It is also known that the device will work with Android system.
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16-07-2017, 09:14

No matter how Apple tried to prove its superiority, its latest smartphone the iPhone 7 has a number of competitors that are superior to the device in its capabilities. Professionals for a long time arguing which smartphone is the best in the world, not finding a compromise, has published a list of the three main competitors for the iPhone 7.
Huawei P9 with a display size of 5.2 inches has received a number of advantages over its American competitor. Novelty is equipped with a unique processor Huawei Kirin 955 demonstrating high performance, and powerful graphics card. This device is famous for its dual camera at 12 megapixels, the optics of which were provided by the company Leeco.
In second place is the Xperia X, which is built-the main module of the camera of 23 MP front and 13 MP. It is worth noting that this is one of the highest rates in the world. Performance is also the 6-core Snapdragon processor 650. The only drawback is the battery capacity 2650 mAh.
Xiaomi Mi5 released in 2016 and immediately became one of the most popular models in the segment. In addition to the stylish design, the smartphone boasts of a camera at 16 MP and front 4 MP two-tone flash that allows you to take more vibrant photos. The cost of such devices is much lower than the competition, making it more affordable compared to the iPhone 7.
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16-07-2017, 09:11

Engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a prototype Assembly, which will actively help people to climb them.
New staircases are designed to significantly ease lifting it. Each rung of this ladder is equipped with springs (two right and left) and striker. When a person walks down the stairs, it's own weight bring level - stretches the springs, lowering the stage to the clamp. Upon further lifting of the person stepping on the steps, remove them from the clamp and they are slightly pushing his foot
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In experiment participated volunteers that do not have any health problems. The bodies of the volunteers ranged from 46 to one hundred pounds.
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16-07-2017, 09:09

Artificial intelligence developed by scientists from the USA, created a full "clone" of Barack Obama for video message. The neural network is able to form a plausible image based on the voice.
Experts from the University of Washington has developed the AI with which it is possible to "force" the person in the video to speak the phrases with audio. The system is tested on recordings of voices of the ex-US President Barack Obama. Experts joined the voice with the video, which the former us leader did not say phrases from the recordings and was realistic video.
As explained by the authors of the project, a neural network mimics the facial expressions, lip movement and even non-verbal signals. Researchers only choose the correct version and computer model will begin to speak a voice audio track. In the end, the resulting video turns out indistinguishable from the original. Scientists have noted that this technology may find application in the tools of augmented reality.
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16-07-2017, 09:07

Dutch researchers showed a model of a floating artificial island to accommodate housing and farmland to be used in case of sea level rise.
It is planned that the artificial island will be a construction of the 87 triangles of various sizes, built of concrete and steel, the total area is 3 km2, the report said the Maritime research Institute Netherlands (MARIN).
Model of the island measuring about 6 by 8 meters, was made of wood and polystyrene and placed in a tank of water to simulate wind and waves.
Expected floating island can serve several purposes at once. Among them: development, creation, storage and maintenance of sustainable energy (offshore wind, tidal energy, wave energy and floating solar panels), loading and reloading of goods in coastal areas, where there is little infrastructure; cultivation of food, such as seaweed and fish; the construction of houses and places near the water.
"As sea level rise and cities become crowded, and in the sea are more action. The cultivation of dams and land reclamation may not be an effective solution. An innovative alternative to the corresponding Dutch Maritime tradition, is the floating ports and the city," said project leader and developer of the concept of Olaf Waals.
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