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20-07-2017, 08:17

Facebook plans to launch a paid news service.
About it reports TASS.
The service will be based on the existing block of "Quick articles", which will allow users of the social network to read news, but Facebook wants to stop the spread of "pirated content" and the service automatically redirects users to the publisher sites to carry out a paid subscription.
The representative of the social network Campbell brown stressed that this approach will be the reaction to calls for the social network from the publishers not to publish news content in the social network for free.
It is planned to set a limit to 10 free news.
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20-07-2017, 08:15

"Microsoft" has developed a platform as a cloud service for managing unmanned vehicles. This software (SOFTWARE) will be used outside China for cooperation of the members of the automobile Alliance, created by Chinese Corporation "Baidu".
It is reported Phys.org.
Instead of to develop production of cars for self-drive, Microsoft has led efforts in the software industry to transform huge amount of data from sensors of cars in a "reasonable intelligence". At the moment this initiative was supported by auto manufacturers BMW, Ford, Renault-Nissan, Toyota and Volvo, have announced plans to adopt the technology of "Microsoft". These companies are committed, with the support of cloud platform "Microsoft" to update the driver software for control of unmanned vehicle with voice in particular.
"Today's cars already have an impressive level of complexity when it comes to their ability to process external data. Using global artificial intelligence (AI) and "training" vehicles for control by AI, we can accelerate the work already done to make Autonomous vehicles safer," - said Vice-President of Microsoft's Kevin Dallas. 
In recent years, most major automakers and a number of other technology firms have stepped up efforts in Autonomous driving. Note, the company "Apple" is the latest among such companies that have received permission to test drones in California (USA).
The American company "Tesla" also began to invest in the development of unmanned vehicles. The same path taken in a number of companies in China and other parts of the world.
It is also known that at the moment the Chinese Corporation "Baidu" developing a system of "Apollo" for the management of Autonomous (unmanned vehicles).
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20-07-2017, 08:13

Physicists from Russia and the USA have jointly developed and tested the world's most powerful quantum computer, which is based on 51-kubny chip. The group, which is one of the founders of the Russian quantum center Mikhail Lukin, who works at Harvard, toured the Google team that still works on the creation of 49-cubeo chip.
In the course of testing the new quantum computer scientists have been able to solve a number of tasks that require quite a lot of overhead even from supercomputers. For example, Russian and American scientists were able to calculate the behavior of large cloud particles, related to each other, discovered previously unknown effects that result inside it.
RIA "Novosti" reports that now scientists intend to continue working with a quantum computer. So Lukin is planning to try to run the quantum algorithm of Shor, with the help of which you can crack most encryption systems based on the RSA algorithm.
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20-07-2017, 08:11

American multinational company Google launched a personalized news feed. Information about new features for users was published in the microblog the IT giant.
After the launch of the first news feeds in winter 2016, Google has engaged in the optimization program. Now all the materials that you offer to your followers take into consideration his personal interests. Based on news, videos, photos and other materials will be based on the user's search queries, which are tracked by the search engine Google.
19 Jul updated the tape will be launched in the US, it will be available in the Google app on Android and iOS. After some two weeks new features will be offered worldwide. At the moment, news is already running in the Chrome browser on smartphones. It is expected that in the early days of news feed will not "spoil" is, but later it will appear. According to experts, presents a version of the news Google plans to compete with the social network Facebook.
Earlier it became known that Google has learned to recognize a bad app.
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20-07-2017, 08:10

The company's specialists Amazon introduced in its eponymous app a new function. We are talking about Amazon Spark. Now every user can take pictures of the purchased goods via the service.
Amazon experts say that the main goal of Amazon Spark – improvement feedback system on the website. Administrators of the new service will motivate users to photograph your purchases and post them online. It is also noted that the photos should be made with a good angle and pretty good quality. Under the image you want to tell me how he liked them, and recommends whether the buyer it with others.
To turn the feature on Amazon Spark, you need to go to the tab with the functions in the menu. Next, the user will be prompted to choose their favorite books, music, artists, actors, to show thematic reviews. They will be marked with a special icon.
It is worth saying that Amazon is Spark tested for a few months, and while the novelty is available only for residents of the United States.
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