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Every year there is a growing Belarusian IT-movement. It is growing not only in quantitative characteristics but also qualitative.
Young and determined to declare themselves through start-UPS, aiming not only to market domestically, but on global.
Viber and Masquerade, World of Tanks, service MeetnGreetMe — not a complete list of what our developers are ready to offer the world.
Сont.ws made the top ten of Belarusian IT projects that have already gained popularity and are just going to do it.
Online game World of Tanks
A massively multiplayer game in real time, the production of which involved the company Wargaming. The homeland of the world famous "Tanchiki" is Belarus.
First game release was in April of 2009, and at the beginning of 2016, it has already registered more than 145 million accounts.
The game was translated in over 30 languages, and last spring appeared and the Belarusian language.
By the way, according to the Agency Bloomberg, the Creator of World of Tanks Victor Kislyi in 2016 appeared the honorable status of the first Belarusian billionaires. The cost of the developer is estimated at about $1.5 billion.
Messenger Viber
Application for Internet telephony, launched in 2010 and immediately received the title of "Skype killer".
"Parents" Viber Media are Belarusian Igor Magazinnik and Talmon Marco, an Israeli. According to the authors, the idea belongs to Igor Viber, Talmon already supported it when creating the project. The development centres are based in Israel and Minsk.
The number of Viber users already exceeded 800 million people who make free audio and video calls, write regular posts, sharing photos and video chats.
Service is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, phones and tablets on Android devices on Windows Phone 8, Windows 10, Mac and Linux.
Offline maps Maps.me
Pretty well-known Belarusian IT-project that allows you to download maps of the whole world on mobile phones. Very convenient for travelers when, for example, in another country no mobile Internet access.
The story of the startup started in 2010, in Belarus, only then it was called a little differently- MapsWithMe. Pretty fast service gained popularity at home, and after he was spotted and abroad. A few years ago, in 2014, it was sold to the Corporation Mail.ru Group.
A family of apps Apalon Apps
Another domestic IT product that found its audience in Belarus and abroad.
Apalon has its origins in 2007, the company now stands in one row with world leaders in the development of applications for mobile phones. It is applications such as, for example, the alarm clock My Alarm Clock, weather informer Weather Live, Notepad, Notepad, photo editor Multiframe.
App MSQRD (Masquerade)
When sad — it is a way to have some fun. The application "imposes" on the face of the user different effects: it can be a mustache, makeup, emotions. MSQRD also allows you to "paint" with, say, faces of popular personalities.
At the end of 2015 "the Masquerade" was one of the biggest sites of units to Silicon valley – Product Hunt. (Silicon valley area in search of promising projects leading venture investors). In 2016 MSQRD bought Facebook.
Today, the app has millions of installations on iOS, IT is also a product you can use on Android.
The creators of the project are the Belarusian programmers Eugene Newgen and Sergei Gonchar.
By the way, Newgen as the co-author MSQRD, got a list of the most innovative leaders of the New Europe 2016. The authors of the rating Fund Res Publica, Google, Visegrad Fund and Financial Times.
The top 100 consists of the most prominent representatives of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, whose activities contribute to changes in public, political life or business environment and which uses innovation and new approaches to solving problems.
Manager of publications in social networks KUKU.io
WITH KUKU.io publication records in different social networks it becomes easier. The service adapts content and planning its appearance simultaneously at several sites, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, "Vkontakte" and others.
Zive (startup R-NOX)
Radiation dosimeter that syncs with your smartphone and transmits information on it. With development, you can create a map of the radioactive zones.
Users IT product are as individuals, and forestry, nuclear power plants.
The author and Director of an ecological project — Belarusian Vadim Radziwill; a lawyer, engineer, IT-Evangelist. From idea to startup development, according to the Creator smart dosimeter, took about three years.
Currently the project team is multinational and based in five countries, including in Belarus.
By 2020, plans to create a clear, valuable and accurate data on environmental pollution, which will have a direct impact on the lives of ordinary people and affect the decisions of government agencies in different States.
Platform MeetnGreetMe
Due to service travelers before you arrive somewhere, say, in Barcelona, can establish contacts with local people and hire them as personal assistants. It is important that the instructions (e.g., car rental, reservations in the restaurant, etc.) such personal "Concierge" to get the reward.
First steps MeetnGreetMe started to do in 2014, then strong support for startup received from the business club IMAGURU and schools TechMinsk. In the fall of 2014 the project was presented at the global entrepreneurship summit in Morocco, where it showed quite good results — the third place. Startup and recently won the prestigious WSA Mobile award in the category "Culture and tourism".
Today services MeetnGreetMe have used more than 1000 travelers worldwide, Concierge assistance is available in more than 170 cities in 60 countries.
Founder and CEO of the project – Elena Shkarubo, Belarusian by nationality and place of residence. It is also called a man of peace, as she spends a lot of time abroad, but to change citizenship and relocate to another country the girl is not going to.
Online designer travel. Developer and the head of the project — Oleg Tikhonov.
At the time, the Creator Eightydays worked in Vitebsk: worked klipmeykerstvom and producing of special projects of "Slavianski Bazaar", was the program Director at one radio. Now Tikhonov lives and works in Minsk, where he is the center of the development of the project.
Service unique in its kind, as on the market to him, no one planned the best options circular trips between the two selected points with any number of stops.
Now search is available for 160 European cities, but by the end of this year, there should be 1200.
The satellite monitoring system Wialon
For more than 13 years the Belarusian company Gurtam is developing a satellite monitoring system Wialon. Head office and Central operation is based in Minsk, also has sales offices in Moscow, Boston, Dubai and Buenos Aires.
According to the information in July of this year, the number of worldwide connected to Wialon GPS tracking software of objects exceeded 1 180 000. Solutions by Gurtam are integrators of GPS/GLONASS monitoring in more than 130 countries. The company has about 36% of the market of satellite monitoring of the CIS.
The vehicle monitoring system Wialon is universal: it will work with more than 1 200 types of GPS devices (including personal GPS trackers, autocontrollo, soft-devices in the form of applications for smartphones). Besides, Wialon may carry out the processing information from additional sensors, tachographs and other devices that are connected to the trackers.
In March 2017, the company launched the platform flespi — Paas backend that provides a consistent interaction of telematics devices and all types of software products. For quick access to data in flespi combines a maximum of flexibility, speed and adaptability.
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Us companies interested in the development of the Ukrainians
Ukrainian company "Hochu Rayu" developed a unique helmet, aroused great interest in the United States, reports Voice of America.
The miracle helmet called Helmfon (eng. "hat" and "phone") blocks all external sounds, and even what the user says.
The developers claim that the unusual gadget is the perfect solution for those companies where employees often call somewhere or conduct a videoconference.
The user of such a helmet does not create discomfort to your colleagues during the conversation, and can work quietly when around a lot of noise. The idea is to create Helmfon appeared when one of the customers asked to create several offices for each employee.
Given that a typical office room should have ample dimensions to be subject to all the rules Hochu Rayu decided to find an alternative to using a lot of space.
The Ukrainians have conducted a number of studies and created an instrument for effective work in the office. The outer shell of the helmet is made of fiberglass in a special paint, and inside foamed polyethylene.
According to the developers, the gadget has a motherboard, speakers, microphone, a special place for the smartphone and battery.
The device can not only wear, but also to attach to surfaces. While there is testing Helmfon, but the creators are already receiving orders, among which many companies in the United States.
As told to the authors, the idea for the device originated when the company received an order from his client to create several new offices, each of which is designed for only one employee. As the typical room has a size of 3 by 3 meters, Hochu Rayu decided to find an alternative solution for this problem is to not to take up wasted space.

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The Japanese company ZMP" showed own robot courier called "CarriRo", which will allow for the delivery of the land. The slogan of the Tokyo-based company ZMP – "Work for all", and thus the robot, which will bring pizza or sushi home. Partner ZMP is the company for the delivery of prepared food for Ride On Express, serves a variety of businesses. In August, she will begin to use CarriRo for transportation orders for the last mile. According to the ZMP, a robot can carry up to 60 servings ready meals. Read also: IN SHANGHAI INTRODUCED a MOBILE DRONE (VIDEO) for the first time to obtain permission from the Japanese authorities on the movement on the sidewalks robot will deliver orders inside buildings.
Source: http://new-s.com.ua/nayka/japonsjka_kompanija_zapustyla_dostavku_jizhi_robotamy_09734.html
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All robots need a power source for its operation. It would seem that this statement is almost an axiom. But in fact, scientists sometimes create such mechanisms, in which insight is not so easy.
For example, recently demonstrated the robot spider from graphene, which movement does not require anything except a certain humidity of the environment.
The frame of the robot made of films based on graphene oxide, and the robot is not built from graphene, a "cut" of a monolithic piece from high-tech carbon material. Activation of the robot occurs when a bright flash of light and increase the humidity.
The robot in motion are able to bend and straighten under the influence of moist air, slowly moving forward. Of course, it is unlikely that someone will "cut" the robots of graphene, because the process of movement of such mechanisms is very complicated.
Nevertheless, the potential of this technology quite a lot. For example, graphene can be used as a sensitive element of the sensors, control various parameters of technological processes.
While the scientists are working on developing more complex movements of the robot spider. The main advantage of the new technology is that the processes of obtaining graphene sheets is already quite fast, relatively cheap, and the activation can be performed even from a simple light flash. For more details see the process of movement of the graphene robot spider you can in the video below.
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In India there were successfully completed testing of the trains running on solar batteries. The project belongs to the state railway company, which is the largest carrier in Asia.
Innovative passenger train that runs on the energy of the sun is driven by the diesel locomotive. After that, the work of connecting the solar panels located on the roof of the structure. Thanks to the batteries in the train has a light, work, fans, screens with information.
The authorities of the Delhi report that the train is solar powered will save you up to 21 thousand liters of diesel fuel per year. In India want to transfer the work of the railway system to solar energy within ten years.
Source: VladTime
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