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Apple started to create iPhone 9 before fully completed work on the iPhone 8. It is reported with slyly on the portal Know Your Mobile, such parallel developments will not prevent a few months to present the 8th version of the smartphone simultaneously with the models 7s and 7s Plus.
Release iPhone 9 will take place in 2018 year, but the exact date is still unknown. However, according to unconfirmed reports, the new flagship will be equipped with OLED display in edge-to-edge case, which brought the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S8. It should be noted, in accordance with the available data, the appearance of the iPhone 9 will remain almost identical to the 8-th version.
It is expected that a new modification of the devices will be fundamentally changed the battery with L-shaped, which will give the opportunity to free additional space in the case for computational modules. Experts do not celebrate the release of the L-shaped battery for iPhone. In particular, in February, analysts stressed that the company from Cupertino will use something similar to iPhone 8.
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Modern smartphones are able to perform tasks on which users could only dream of some 5-7 years ago. Today, a similar situation occurs with smart clock: inside a slim petite body hides multi-core processors, a solid amount of RAM and several gigabytes of internal storage, a multitude of wireless modules and even a slot for SIM-cards, which turns the watch on the same smartphone, but with a tiny screen. Modern "smart" watches, completely replace the mobile accessory that is always accessible and does not occupy much space. We picked the 13 best smart watches this season that offer significant performance, independence from the smartphone, and exclusive options on a variety of occasions.
Lemfo LF16 offer its owner universal design, suitable for business meetings, and for active sports training. Inside the accessory hides a powerful platform: Quad-core MT6580 with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 400x400 pixels — and all this in a body thickness of only 12 mm. by the Way, Lemfo LF16 are SIM-cards with support for 3G mobile networks. In case you need to make a call directly from your hours — even if you left your phone at home. Accessory running Android 5.1 Lollipop with a proprietary graphical user interface. For communication with surrounding devices is also Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi for sports will be useful for high-precision GPS. The built-in function of pedometer, heart rate monitor and the reminder of the necessity of physical exercise. The battery capacity is 360 mAh: the manufacturer promises up to two days of work in mixed mode. Lemfo LF16 can be worn paired with a classic suit or with a sports clothes.
If you can not imagine life without sport, your choice will be a watch iWownfit i7-contrast black-and-white display, stainless steel casing with a thickness of 8.4 mm, and changeable strap width 20 mm. the Watch displays your progress in 24 different sports: walking, running, push-UPS, badminton, table tennis and much more. On the clock screen displays the time, calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, distance traveled, etc. Thanks to the support of iOS 7, Android 4.4 or newer with a wide range of users can change the fitness trackers for a full wrist gadget. The watch is protected by standard IP55, allow you to use it in the rain, but do not work in water. The touch screen is covered with a smooth 2.5 D glass. The claimed battery life — up to 7 days.
Fans will appreciate the Apple Watch watch Shaolin i7. They have a full external conformity with the Apple Watch, both from the point of view of design and functionality. The magnetic charger allows you to use the watch as a table timepiece and alarm, and built-in heart rate monitor — as a top fitness tracker. The watch weighs 40 g when the thickness of 10.5 mm and the screen diagonal of 1.54 inches. In the case of finding the accessory on hand for a night i7 monitor the quality of sleep, and the day will require the owner to do exercises or walk around the office. All of popular apps can send notifications to display Shaolin i7 — so the owner will decide whether or not to distracted from the work on correspondence in the messenger, or another discussion will wait for the completion of the working day.
Smart watch GV18 have maximum autonomy and independence from the smartphone. The SIM card allows you to make calls independently from a smartphone, and the Android operating system makes GV18 is compatible with most mobile devices on the market. 1.5 inch TFT display conveys a vivid picture in high quality and accurately responds to touch. In addition to SIM card you can expand the internal memory through microSD up to 32 GB, to store her favorite music for travel or training. In addition to most standard features in hours GV18 stated pedometer, FM radio, receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other popular applications.
Watch LF10 externally as close as possible to classic chronometers, but the square display give them advanced "smart" accessory. 1.54-inch display and hidden underneath the MediaTek MT2502 is intended for immediate execution of any task, whether it's checking notifications, sending messages or to monitor progress during the sports training. Heart rate monitor and moisture protection IP65 makes the watches one of the best representatives of sports gadgets, as it will survive a training session in the dusty desert and humid subtropical. Bluetooth 4.0 pairs with a smartphone for quick information exchange and data transmission, including calls and notifications.
Lemfo LES1 positioned as one of the most powerful solutions in the segment of watches. Operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop covered brand tailored sheath for solutions to applied problems, and for performance answer 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory compared with the standard 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB ROM on other watches Lemfo LES1 seems a true flagship available Android hours. An additional advantage over the competitors provide built-in GPS module, real-steel case, water resistant, display with the highest hours for a resolution of 400x400 pixels, full MediaTek MT6580. Pedometer, heart rate monitor, and support SIM cards, like a cherry on the cake, rounding out a premium car. Out of the box available 50 styles of dial, which is to save energy, lights up when lifting the hands.
Smart watch Q1 1 also offer a relatively large display with a diagonal of 1.54 inches, pre-installed Android 5.1 Lollipop, support wifi, GPS, 3G mobile network and Bluetooth. Calls, messages, data transmission is done in networks GSM and WCDMA. All relevant applications provide a platform MTK6580 with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. In idle mode, clock to 5 days, talking time is 2 hours.
Watch Paragon K88H different thickness of 9.9 mm and a sturdy steel case that a cycle of operations on the CNC machine. 1.2-inch circular display is clear pictures and full lamination technology, making the image seem more vivid and contrasting. The hardware platform includes a special chip from MediaTek, a battery of 350 mAh and opportunities for informing about different events and tracking the status of the body of the user. Russian language is available out of the box.
No.1 S2 do not have slots for SIM-cards, allowing the manufacturer was able to reduce the thickness and improve the ergonomics of the device. Watch offer popular options for a healthy lifestyle: heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, pedometer, as well as the reminder of the necessity of gymnastics during the long sedentary work. Watch count the number of calories burned in a day. Important advantage — the "Antipater" smartphone, which is activated when removed from the mobile device at a certain distance. No.1 S2 work with smartphones on iOS and Android, while the latest can see on the watch, notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp. The screen resolution is 240x240 pixels, the stated degree of protection against ingress of water — IP67. By the way, despite the barrier we highly recommend to protect watch from getting any moisture in order to avoid accidental contact with her inside.
The company produces watches Lemfo literally for every taste and color. The LEM4 model has a huge 2.2-inch screen, which will be appreciated by cyclists and fans of complete replacement smartphone on a wrist gadget. With it, you can run a variety of applications, including navigation and video players. Dual-core chipset MTK6572 paired with 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal memory, pre-installed Android 4.4. The latter provides the ability to install modern apps from Google Play to the full potential hours. Support for cellular networking and GPS provides the opportunity to communicate from any place of the globe. Do not forget about the wide opportunities to customize the appearance of the system using a third-party watch faces.
Kids watches have a very grown-Q90 range of functions and are important role — constant tracking of your child's location in the city. Now you can always track how and where the baby moves, and in case it is lost immediately contact him and find out where he is. The SOS function provides instant connection with a relative when you long press on a special button. Finally, watch Q90 able from an early age to accustom the child to physical activity using the pedometer. Just encourage the child for every few thousand steps and your baby will always be full of strength and health.
Zeblaze Vibe when we first met mislead: it looks premium metal chronometer with a certain set of "smart" functions, however, the reality in front of us sporting a smart-device compatible with iOS and Android. In addition, the watch can withstand immersion under water to a depth of 50 meters, not to mention a walk in the rain, washing your hands or taking a shower. Zenblaze Vibe stores the entire history of your movements and actively counts calories burned to track the success of your workouts. In addition, the accessory operates in the standby mode, exactly 1 year from the fully charged battery. FSTN display offers maximum visibility in the sun, and the information from it is read without any effort.
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