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The idea is moderation.

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the video surveillance system. It is unique in that it will detect the people arms and to determine its type. 
This is useful for security of crowded places, like train stations, etc. To this system that existed, demanded service of a considerable number of people. But the new system does everything itself. The main thing is that she is able to learn, because it is based on artificial intelligence. 
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This leads to the fact that it will be fast to learn, and therefore to improve. The analysis happens in real-time. Tests showed that the system determines the weapon in 96% of cases.
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American manufacturer of computers, gadgets and other mobile devices and devices company Apple has patented augmented reality glasses. According to the developers, the new device will overlay computer generated images directly onto the objects of reality.
At the moment, information on technical capabilities of smart glasses from Apple is extremely small. Insiders report that the new gadget will be for a person a kind of prompter, wearing glasses, the wearer sees on the screen information about objects occurring in front of him. Experts note that smart product from Apple will be a great virtual assistant for novice drivers. In augmented reality smart glasses will give the car owner all the necessary information about his car.
Earlier the company has already tried his hand on a similar device called Google Glass, but it was not as popular as hoped and did not bring big profits from sales. The developers took into account their own and others ' mistakes in the production of such devices, and began correcting them. New glasses should bring the company more popularity and financial bonuses.
Earlier it became known that Apple patented a virtual touchscreen.
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Swiss startup Ambrosus will hold in September the primary placement of tokens tied to smart contracts on the supply of food.
This was announced by CEO Ambrosus angel Vercetti, reports Ethnews.
As noted, the startup has already launched a system of smart contracts, which tracks the supply of food for all to join the platform vendors and buyers.
"The system uses a series of Internet-connected sensors that monitor all stages of the food supply, ensuring quality and safety on the way to the counter. All the data about the product and the payment are stored in the blockchain, which should ensure the strict implementation of the contract", — said the representative of the project.
Technical support Ambrosus provides a startup co-founder blockchain platform Ethereum's Gavin wood.
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