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Google plans to supply several million smartphones platform for augmented reality. According from the company, on the portable gadgets you can install a special widget that allows to create illusions of virtual objects in the surrounding world.
The technology is called ARCore. It is a unique widget that work even without a separate sensor and multiple cameras. After you install it on the smartphone, the user will get an interface that can output data directly to the image received from the recording devices. Along with the program will go to a voice assistant that responds to the requests of the owner of the gadget.
Currently, the function of augmented reality support only a few devices from Lenovo and ASUS. First it managed to introduce Apple, which has developed a technology ARKit to their usual gadgets. Google representatives said that all smartphones with the appropriate app can also keep and glasses of augmented reality which is sold separately, but while having a fairly high cost.
Work ARCore help camera, accelerometer and gyroscope, determining the exact position of the smartphone. To install the update, the gadget needs to have Android 7.0 or newer.
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The carbohydrate sucrose is a drug and adapts to the addictive as cocaine. The relevant conclusions of the American scientists has posted in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a study which briefly introduces one of the British daily newspaper "The Guardian".
In accordance with these studies, sugar can be addictive, in addition to what changes the mood, at the same time acting as a stimulus for feelings of pleasure. Scientists said that it is a drug. To such conclusion they have come after an experiment with mice that were given a choice between sugar and drug of choice, and they chose sucrose.
Some experts have criticized the relevant results of the study. Including a psychiatrist at the University of Cambridge Ziauddin Hisham, who noted that the authors have misinterpreted the study with rodents. But there were specialists who partially agree with the findings of scientists of the heart Institute of St. Luke. Robert Lustig from the University of California agreed that sugar is a drug, but its effect is negligible.
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The Samsung smartphone can be treated in different ways, but you cannot deny the fact that in the flagship South Korean manufacturer at the time of their release on the market uses the top components. This is especially true of displays. The first year screens Samsung flagships are called the best on the market. And when it seems that there's nowhere better, the company releases a new model with even more advanced display. Did not break this tradition and recently introduced Galaxy Note 8. Experts of the authoritative edition of DisplayMate tested the new product and said that smartpage set the best to date display that even surpasses the one in the Galaxy S8.
Recall that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has received a 6.3-inch display with a resolution of 2960х1440 pixels and aspect ratio of 18.5:9, made by technology Super AMOLED. At first glance it seems that the matrix except for the size is a little different from the one installed in Galaxy Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. But in practice it turned out that Samsung has increased the brightness of the new screen is 22%. Thus, the maximum brightness of the display Galaxy Note 8 is 1 200 nits. For comparison, the Galaxy S8, the figure is just over 1000 nits, and the iPhone 7 — a total of 625 bat.
"The Galaxy Note 8's display is 22% brighter than that of Galaxy S8. For most images the Galaxy Note 8 provides more than 490 CD/m2, which is comparable or greater than most LCD displays of a comparable size. The measured brightness on the home screen even higher and reaches more than 540 nits. When the display brightness is set manually using the slider you can adjust to achieve the maximum value of 728 NIT that impressive," the report says DisplayMate.
It is important to note that to achieve the maximum value of the brightness of the screen is possible only when you activate the auto adjustment of this value.
But higher brightness is not the only improvement in the display of the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung also made some improvements on the hardware level, which resulted in multiple display modes, colors and more accurate color. This display not only certified UHD Alliance HDR, but also has a full 100% color gamut of DCI-P3.
Another subtle, but at the same time, important change is related to the function of a permanently active screen. Experts DisplayMate found that this option no longer depends on the software in 100% of cases. Instead, use the hardware responsible for updating time and other elements. This should help extend the battery life smartpeda.
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You thought that Zuckerberg, zakleivayut the camera in the laptop is paranoid? But hackers have repeatedly demonstrated that using special software you can record even without informing the user glowing led. With the advent of the Internet of things — IoT world once again changed. The usual appliances smarter, and with its help now you can spy on any of us. Threat to the security of your data in the new world can carry even such familiar items as a doll, a TV or an electric kettle.
The danger is not only that your data can leak. Taking advantage of opportunities to wiser technology, attackers are able to cause physical harm. For example, remotely start the heating of the apartment to a high temperature or to intervene in the braking system of the vehicle. We will tell what other damage can cause the smart device, and can resist it.
Absolutely official espionage: Smart TV
A couple of years ago, the spy scandal has affected giants such as Samsung and LG. The case involved voice control. Interface were trainees and he was trained so well that recorded everything you say, and sent records on the servers of the aforementioned companies.
All this stuff about Smart TV, which is now in any TV. Samsung openly said that "your device can record voice commands and related texts". The second quote is even more beautiful: "if Your spoken words include personal or sensitive information, that information will be among the data recorded and transmitted to a third party for Your use of voice recognition".
To get rid of espionage, it is sufficient to disable the voice recognition function or be limited to "factory" phrases. However, many functions of Smart TV will be then unavailable.
With LG still fun. The company recognizes that information is collected intentionally to demonstrate targeted advertising: the function of LG Smart Ad collects data about online behaviors and preferences of the user, the views about their favorite programs, and so on. A few years ago one of the users of the site "Habrahabr" conducted its own investigation, in which it became clear that even if you disable the settings, the information is still sent to the company's servers. Without any encryption, even sent the names of files and paths to them on an external drive connected to the TV. LG itself is justified by the fact that the user has voluntarily accepted the terms of the license agreement.
What is the danger? Few people carefully read the privacy policy in the user agreement. And the fact that the TV is eavesdropping on you or collect statistics about the behavior that for many is an unpleasant surprise. In addition, it is not always clear what data and what the server sent. And most importantly – how and why to use them.
Toy spy
The recent scandal with dolls My Friend brought By to their official ban in Germany. Doll did the same, and TVs with voice recognition: recorded the information and passed it to the manufacturer. Only if "zomboyaschiku" did it – officially – with the aim of improving the recognition of your voice, "Kayla" forwarded the questions of the kids parents (in-app on their smartphones), searched for in the database response and then voiced it to the child.
In reality, the record would fall on the company's servers, where it was used to "improve service", and the manufacturer has kindly reserved the right to share with third parties – for example, advertising agencies. Plus, at the end of 2016 it was discovered that the data transmitted between the toy and the app is very poorly protected. An attacker could intercept the done audio or even change it, forcing the doll to utter any sent them a text.
The fact that this is not a fictional threat, confirms another incident with intelligent toys. In the beginning of the year, the company CloudPets that sells smart Teddy bears, "leaked" 800 thousand user accounts. They contain about 2 million messages of a personal nature, which parents and children are exchanged through the toy. Hackers took this data to his and held them "hostage" for ransom. One of the reasons for poor protection were weak passwords to the database.
Security issues have also been identified in the interactive Hello Barbie doll, toy BB-8, copying a robot from Star Wars, children's hours-tracker hereO GPS. The list goes on: manufacturers cute baby stuff in the least concerned to protect against unauthorized access and leakage of user data.
What is the danger? Targeted advertising, taking into account the interests of the child and also coming from his favorite “pet,” only the least of possible evils. Data obtained from smart toys can be used and are already used to outright criminality – for example, for blackmail.
Baby monitor
Gadgets that allows you to monitor events in the kid's room and, if necessary, to intervene is certainly useful. Especially attractive is the ability to monitor children remotely via smartphone or Internet browser.
But baby monitors are fraught with danger of a different kind than a simple "not make it to the baby." For example, parents in one Washington family long believed, a child who was afraid of talking to him in the night vote. Entering the night in the room, the boy's mother heard whispering, "Wake up baby, daddy's coming to you!" and the camera turned in her direction. It turned out that an unknown attacker gained access to the gadget in the child's bedroom and started screaming "Wake up baby!". This horrible story is not unique. Been documented several occasions when an unknown person somehow got access to video and monitors.
What is the danger? You show where your baby sleeps and enable the whole world to communicate with him. Any not-too-smart student using the instructions from the Internet can take control of the gadget in order to scare the baby and cause him psychological trauma.
Web camera with microphone
The classic method of spying: a typical web camera, which is in almost any laptop or desktop computer. Most often, unauthorized access to video and microphone, the attackers get malware.
So, last spring an anonymous imageboard user "Dvach" staged the whole show, showing all how easy it can be observed through the web camera for unsuspecting people. All victims of the computer had installed a torrent client MediaGet or pirated version of program for remote administration LuminocityLink.
Sometimes manufacturers leave gaps in security. For example, at the end of last year, the Austrian company specializing in security, SEC Consult found that for dozens of IP camera models of Sony can be accessed via the built-in system accounts. After this incident released a new firmware, but the official comments, why the cameras were provided a "back door", from the company followed.
Many people will facilitate the task of the attackers, leaving the factory default passwords for cameras and other network devices. To see this allows the search engine Shodan. It can be used to find unprotected baby monitor and IP camera, and even connect to them. The search engine often used by hackers and Internet trolls, but you can use it to detect whether your device is vulnerable to attack and to take action.
What is the danger? Even if you don't become a victim of blackmail, it is still frustrating when a video you will fall in universal access.
The danger of IoT: kettles, lamps and smart home
Last year, experts have demonstrated the possibility of remote hacking smart lamps by Philips Hue. Interestingly, the researchers had enough of the malware to only one of the lamps, and then infected all the other lamps included in the network of ZigBee Light Link. The video below shows the hacking Philips Hue using a drone. Being at 350 meters from the lamps, the hackers got them to send a signal SOS.
If the lights can just turn on, off and high, bring them down, hacking other smart device may entail more serious consequences. So, in the US the robbers hacked into the system control door lock and locked the owner in the room.
The concept of the application block for smart homes has demonstrated hacker Ken Munro. He took control of temperature control. On the screen of the control unit of the smart home was highlighted the requirement to pay 1 bitcoin.
The potential danger from unprotected appliances is that they might pave the criminals a way into your Wi-Fi network. The same hacker Munro showed how, using the vulnerability of smart dummies iKettle, you can know the password of your home wireless network. He simply unwrapped the device in the network with the same SSID but a stronger signal. Kettle connect to a new network and it voluntarily gave the password of your home Wi-Fi.
What is the danger? The list of threats is very large. The most innocent prank that can make the attacker taking advantage of breaches in the security of smart gadgets, to get into your Wi-Fi network. Other dangers extend in the range from identity theft to breakage of devices, and even a fire in the house.
Attempts of hacking the onboard network of cars were made long ago. But before the hacker had to sit you in the passenger seat with a laptop, to connect to the service connector, long and thoughtful manipulation.
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German developer of automotive electronics Bosch Automotive Electronics has developed a smartphone app Perfectly Keyless, replacement key. The software has a high level of protection.
All drivers know the situation when you have to go home or to the office for forgotten keys. The developers of Bosch solved the problem with the app Perfectly Keyless, allowing to do without the car keys. The software can unlock the Central locking remotely to start the engine and run other functions via protected communication channel.
During the download and install the program generates a unique security code, check the car chip. The system can always deactivate online, for example, if the phone is lost.
Previously, Bosch introduced the concept of smart cars.
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