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1-08-2017, 06:20

A unique version of the Xiaomi Mi6 appeared on the images. The Chinese company has released a new line of gadgets in April of this year. The markets received a silver model of the Mi6 Silver Edition, these smartphones have created only 100 pieces.
To purchase this mobile device extremely difficult, but some owners have captured it on camera and posted the pictures online. Employees of the company Xiaomi previously reported on the extreme complexity of the production model of the Mi6 Silver Edition. Difficulties arise at the stage of electroplating, because one speck of dust can ruin the whole process.
Mi6 Silver Edition was the original appearance with a stainless steel frame as standard mobile devices. The silver version of the smartphone the installed RAM capacity of 6 GB and internal memory of 128 GB. Those wishing to purchase a unique gadget to give cash in the amount of 592 U.S. dollar, then they will become owners of this device.
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1-08-2017, 06:19

Researchers have been trying to come up with an effective way to control the population of jellyfish. So, Danish scientists decided to cook from marine animals chips.
MIA Torborg Pedersen, researcher at the University of southern Denmark, offered to do the jellyfish snack. Dried jellyfish for some time was a very popular food among Asians. They removed the water from the sea creatures with the help of salt during the month.
But Danish researchers have accelerated the process: they remove moisture from the jellyfish using alcohol. It only takes a few days. After this process from the marine animals remains only a dry crust, similar in taste to potato chips. The highlight of this product is the original appearance of your future snack.
It should be noted that jellyfish in some countries (China, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, etc.) are caught for human consumption. It is likely that the marine species will soon become a favorite snack of different nationalities, because, despite the depletion of water resources, jellyfish multiply quickly and even there, where none had been before.
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1-08-2017, 06:17

Presentation of the jubilee of the iPhone 8 manufactured by Apple may be transferred. Production schedules are disrupted due to problems with the supply of OLED screens. Information published by the Financial Times.
It is reported, kupertinovtsy once again having problems with the supply of parts used to build the eighth-generation smartphones. In particular, we are talking about innovative displays, which for the first time the manufacturer wanted to equip the iPhone.
Initially, the debut of the iPhone 8 was planned for September, but now, because of failure of terms of delivery, it is transferred for October. Accordingly, in selling the device will not come before next year.
Earlier in the Network appeared the instruction to a new gadget.
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1-08-2017, 06:15

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, one of the divisions of the South Korean company, has published an intriguing image taken on the new dual camera. Find pictures, enthusiasts immediately attributed to their Galaxy Note 8, as it is the flagship SmartPad should be the first top-end device of the company with double the PV panel. Along with photos, a list of the top features of the sensor — probably all of these options, users will later find in the flagships.
New dual camera will not bring anything new to the market and has already known features: the combination of two shots, and refocusing, background blur, noise correction in low-light conditions and enhanced magnification. Samsung call these options Dual Fusion, Depth of Application, Super Night Shot, Smart Zoom, respectively. According to the latter, the camera will offer a three-fold increase thanks to the body-PhotoLine as the iPhone 7 Plus.
It is expected that the Note 8 will receive a 12-megapixel television fotolenta and wide-angle sensor with a resolution of 13 MP. Characteristics exactly match those published by Samsung Electro-Mechanics, so it is not excluded that we have before us the first photo from a camera Note 8.
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1-08-2017, 06:13

The US launched 3D printing one-off "spy" submarines. Representatives of the defense Ministry say about the benefits of such construction.
3D printing method will be used for single submarines, which are used to move the submarine. They are on the ship in full uniform at the time of transporting, after their dive, the camera goes to the bottom. A number of representatives of the leadership of the Navy claim that this method of building ships cheaper than traditional and less time-consuming.
The main parts were printed using composite carbon fiber, and then joined them and got a case. The creation of this part of the submarine took four weeks, while when using traditional technologies should be 3 to 5 months.
The ship, which has already started to build is the prototype, the first models should appear in 2019.
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