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17-08-2017, 06:46

A South Korean news Agency Yonhap presented sports robot-reporter — automated system to Soccerbot news about the football games of the English Premier League (EPL).
Soccerbot software developed by the specialists of the Agency, uses an algorithm that mimics the way journalists write articles. Robot reporter successfully passed the test consisting in the writing of articles on the results of the games of the Premier League season 2016/2017. During testing, Soccerbot has released a total of 380 experimental articles in the Korean language, describing all the Premier League games, each of which was ready within 1-2 seconds after the match.
The program Soccerbot uses a database of words and sentences from an article written by reporter of Yonhap. The robot reporter is preparing an article in three stages. First collects data and then writes the text, and then checks spelling and grammar.
In the course of editing the program changes the structure of the article depending on the results of the match and the participation of South Korean players. To exclude false information, the software takes and compares data from five different sources.
Currently, the Agency launched a pilot project using Soccerbot. Yonhap plans to develop another program for the lighting of the Olympic winter games held in Pyeongchang in 2018.
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17-08-2017, 06:43

Scientists have invented a method of complete sterilization of surfaces from bacteria. The use of silvered plastic surfaces in conjunction with a small charge of electricity leads to the destruction of all pathogens.
Today in medicine often use silver and high charges of electricity for sterilization of surfaces. However, the high concentration of silver, and a strong electric field, may harm the health of the patient, because of which this technique is limited.
Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has found a way to combine these two methods for sterilization of plastic surfaces, which occupy most of the hospital space. As shown by experiments, the use of weak charges of electricity had no effect on the population of Staphylococcus aureus. Application of silver nanoparticles on the surface of the suspended growth population, but did not give a lasting effect. With the combination of silver electric discharge and low concentrations of bacteria were completely destroyed.
Technology has not yet been tested in hospitals, but scientists lay great hopes on it.
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17-08-2017, 06:41

A glass of wine before bed, as it turned out, not addiction, but rather the needs of the organism, because the American scientists were able to prove that the regular consumption of one to two glasses of wine leads to a decrease in the probability of early death and developing cardiovascular disease.
According to experts, should not, of course, accept this statement as a "call to action". Nobody canceled the fact that excessive consumption of alcohol is also extremely harmful for the heart and blood vessels, and regular abuse as time brings early death.
Representatives of the College of Alabama research cardiovascular said that all should comply with the measure.
The head of the research group is Bo XI, who argues that there is a fairly fine line between helpful and harmful consequences of the use of alcohol beverages. In the experiment, which he spent together with their colleagues, participated more than 300 thousand people. It was held almost 12 years.
During this time, the scientist managed to create several classifications of people who consume alcohol.
It includes those who are "weak drinks", eating less than three servings of alcohol a week. Those who have the corresponding amount can reach up to 14 joined the group "moderate drinkers". All whose threshold exceeds these amounts, included in the group of "abusers".
The study also shows that men who were part of the latter groups had been exposed to the risk of early death by more than 25%, and the risk of death from cancer were 67 per cent.
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17-08-2017, 06:38

В скором времени смартфоны под управлением ОС Android смогут точно определять глубину пространства. Об этом заявили в компании Qualcomm, которая создали чип обработки изображения Spectra 2-го поколения.

В 2018 году американская компания запланировала появления нового чипа, который будет входить в комплектацию процессора Snapdragon. С его помощью можно будет улучшить изображение камеры, подавить шумы, но главное – это определение глубины пространства.

Производители передового чипа уверяют, что с его помощью смартфоны смогут производить сканирование радужной оболочки глаза, при этом камеру нельзя будет обмануть фотографией.

Что касается измерения глубины, Spectra 2-го поколения при определении задействует две камеры, чтобы можно было составить необходимую карту. Их работа может сравниться с глазами человека, которые зрительно определяют расстояние до нужного объекта.

Полученную информацию чип будет передавать на камеру, которая в свою очередь покажет 3D изображение на экране смартфона. В Qualcomm уверены, что их новинка будет активно применяться в разработанных для мобильных устройств приложениях виртуальной реальности.

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17-08-2017, 06:37

The British company BioCarbon Engineering, in cooperation with Worldview International Foundation aims to transform the rehabilitation process of deforestation in Myanmar. The scale of deforestation on the planet reached a critical limit and mankind faced the necessity of finding a solution to this problem. Scientists from the BioCarbon found a solution. They argue that drones can plant up to 100,000 trees a day. The project implementation is scheduled for early September in Myanmar. It is planned that in 5 years drones BioCarbon Engineering will be able to plant in Myanmar, about 2.7 million new trees. Read also: IN the NETHERLANDS, has CREATED a DRONE-CLEANER DOG FECES For the project allocated 250 hectares of land where you intend to plant trees, and another 750 ha for plantations initiated by local residents. If the project of BioCarbon Engineering is successful, then in Myanmar will be planted up to 1 billion trees.
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