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American developer Chris Bolin (Chris Bolin) has created a website that runs only without Internet connection. It is reported by the Motherboard.
"You have to go off-line to see the contents," reads the message on the home page.
After you disconnect from the online portal opens the message in which the author advises to frequently go off-line for those who want to be more productive.
According to Bolin, in today's world people's attention belongs not only to the friends or family members, but unknown to spammers. Almost all places are constantly distracted by the messages, messengers and notifications in mobile applications.
The developer advised website visitors to periodically "give" yourself a minute without connecting the network to truly appreciate their time and themselves.
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All messengers its approach to the protection of correspondence. Some store chats on their own or someone else's servers in cleartext, while others encrypt only the secret chat, and still others offer full encryption of all communication. Whose approach is wiser?
Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger offer endpoint encryption (by sender and receiver), but their chats be restored when you sign in from another device. The correspondence is stored on servers of companies and can be restored on request of law enforcement or on their own.
WhatsApp, Viber and Line can store correspondence in an unencrypted form in the Apple iCloud and Google Drive, which means it can be compromised in the hacking of an Apple ID or Google account. These messengers give false hope for security and they are suitable only to those who are not discussed in the correspondence any information that should be hidden from outsiders.
Telegram offers a different approach. Correspondence from normal chats are stored on servers and can be restored by the user after uninstalling the app or logging in on another device. Secret chats require full anonymity, their backup is not provided, and if the user deletes the chat room, nobody (including himself) will not be able to recover and read the correspondence. As stated by Telegram, even a correspondence in the normal chat rooms dispersed on servers in countries with different jurisdictions, which prevents its issuance to the law enforcement or intelligence agencies of any single country.
Fully encrypted instant messengers (Signal, Wickr and Confide) do not make a backup of the chats, so their users lose all the chat history when you change smartphone. Worse yet, users of such niche messengers attract the attention of law enforcement who understand that if they're hiding something, they have something to hide, which means they are doing something illegal. The correspondence in these messengers can not be intercepted, but you can look at the confiscated phones.
It turns out that the market of instant messengers is divided between three types of services: those that offer false security, those in which you can lead a carefree conversation and secretive conversations, and those that are completely hidden from prying eyes and thereby attract attention.
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The U.S. Navy continue to make progress on the way to put into service an electromagnetic rail gun, known as a railgun — a weapon of a new type, in which the basis of the acceleration of the projectile lies in the electromagnetic energy. During last months partners of the Navy, the British company BAE Systems and us firm General Atomics, which are engaged in the development of this promising guns, announced a significant progress: the railgun is finally released from the lab and started to fire on the range and in the near future, as I hope the military will be tested as a complete weapon.
"As the representative of the office of naval research, USA (ONR), laboratory tests electromagnetic railgun ended, and after a series of major improvements by its developers are ready to start field trials of a new type of weapon", — stated in the material resource "Techcult" from July 27.
According to us military electromagnetic weapon is intended to curb the growing military power of Russia and China, securing for America a dominance at sea for decades. Its potential, including as a defense, so high that Moscow and Beijing worried about changing the global strategic balance in favor of the United States.
"Machine gun-railgun" from BAE Systems
In the middle of last month it became known that the research Department of the U.S. Navy jointly with specialists BAE Systems has conducted new tests of the railgun mounted on the ground of "Dahlgren" in Virginia, according to the publication, N+1. The gun first fired two shots in a row. Video of test firings July 20 was published on the channel the research Department on YouTube and was located in the Defense News website.
The aim of the new test, the date of which was not specified, was to test the capability of tools to consistently produce a few shots, and also determine the initial rate of fire. According to the published video, the product of the two shots with a reload the gun it only took about 24 seconds, according to the material. This means that in 60 seconds, the instrument will be able to produce up to 5 shots, that is twice more compared to previous tests in which a prototype electromagnetic weapon had a rate of fire of not more than two or three shots per minute. However, these calculations do not take into account the time machine procedure cooling of the barrel after a longer series of shots.
Anyway, the obvious progress in this aspect, because at the beginning of the trial, which began about 10 years ago, the barrel of railgun went down after a few shots.
In a more expanded and detailed story about the new test of a railgun is presented in the following video, which shows the including slow motion exit of the projectile from the barrel.
Railgun BAE Systems uses to fire metal kinetic (lacking explosives) projectiles with a mass of 16 kilograms. Muzzle energy of the gun is 32 megajoules, which is comparable with a vehicle weighing a ton, rushing with a speed of 257 km/h. According to experts, for firing with a rate of ten rounds per minute, the weapon will require about 20 megawatts.
General Atomics and its "railgun-defense"
Almost simultaneously reported on the tests conducted by BAE Systems, information arrived that the American General Atomics is preparing no less ambitious test, which will take place all on the same ground "Dahlgren". According to the announcement posted on the website of the company on 31 July, the company plans to test a special version of the rail gun — new reduced multi-purpose railgun MMRRWS (Multimission Medium Range Railgun Weapon System — a multi-purpose railgun weapons system medium-range), which is being developed since 2007.
This modification is developed as a multipurpose weapon for the U.S. Navy, which can be used, including as a defense. As writes the edition "Military informant", a key feature MMRRWS is the ability to use hypersonic controlled explosive shells air detonation. With the help of such ammunition ships will be able to intercept enemy missiles and hit enemy aircraft. The shells will have an effective killing range of up to 100 km from Their initial airspeed is more than 6000 km/h.
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At General Atomics missiles for an electromagnetic weapon called the "small-shot" by analogy with ammunition for shotguns, because inside each of them there is a lot of tungsten beads, detonation will cause the enemy car a lot of damage, is incompatible with the continuation of its functioning.
According to the technical description, MMRRWS can replace or Supplement regular artillery Mark of caliber of 127 mm and a missile system.
In addition to the best of the respective characteristics than traditional artillery systems, electromagnetic guns should help the American military fleet to reduce costs – according to the representative of General Atomics, "one interceptor missile can cost several million dollars, while the "shot" projectile the railgun – $25-50 thousand.
During the upcoming field tests at General Atomics railgun will be tested working updated systems including a barrel, a pulsed power supply system and the turret. The latter will allow you to change the position of the barrel of the railgun in azimuth and elevation, allowing the accuracy of firing kinetic projectiles.
In the first phase, a weapon with a capacity of ten megajoules will shoot normal metal kinetic projectiles. Late for MMRRWS will develop hypersonic corrected kinetic shot.
At the same time in March of this year, General Atomics announced another achievement is development of the system storage and supply of energy for electromagnetic guns, increasing its capacity by half. The fact that firing a railgun uses Ionithermie modules — special Assembly of supercapacitors (supercapacitors with large capacitance and short-circuit current), the discharge controller and charge system. Until recently, it was used Ionithermie modules, each of which can store up to 210 kilojoules of energy. Now, however, General Atomics has ensured that the module of the new system of energy storage for the railgun is capable of storing up to 415 kilojoules. Specified achievement has allowed to halve the size of the system: the old has two standard three-meter sea freight container, while the new fit is only one.
Super weapons of the future
The railgun is a special kind of gun, the barrel of which the projectile accelerates, moving through two contact rails and gradually increasing the speed. The ammunition of a railgun is the disc, which does not contain explosives. Defeat the purpose is due to the collision at high speed, i.e. kinetic explosion when hit transition of kinetic energy into heat.
The rail gun uses electricity instead of explosive substances and accelerates the projectile to speeds of 6-7 times the speed of sound — creating a sufficient amount of kinetic energy to destroy targets. It's believed this is destined for huge success technology: you can create an effective and efficient weapon, spending far less than guided bombs and missiles.
According to the plans of the Pentagon, the serial model of this system must have a range of up to 180 km, and in the future — up to 400 km at a speed of flight of the projectile 10 000 km/h. By 2025 it is planned to achieve a muzzle energy of 64 MJ.
The main advantages of the weapon of the future is the increased speed, affecting the ability of the high-range and low cost of the shells. As has been said, that the cost of a one-shot railgun would be 50 times lower than the cost of the launch of a cruise missile with similar capabilities. The use of the railgun eliminates the need to store the ships ammo normal missiles, increasing the survivability of the ship, and the relatively small size of the shells for the railgun allow you to increase the ammunition.
The program for the development of rail guns called Velocitas Eradico USA launched in 2005. Ground tests of the railgun are from 2008, when was shown the gun with a muzzle energy of 10 MJ and a muzzle velocity of 2520 m/s (9,000 km/h). 10 Dec 2010 in the development Center naval surface weapons U.S. Navy in Dahlgren (VA) was conducted a successful test of a rail gun with a muzzle energy of 33 MJ. Then the mass used in the tests of the shells ranged between 2 and 3.2 kg. In February 2012, close to the serial model industrial prototype of a railgun from BAE Systems was delivered to Dahlgren and tested at 32 mega-Joule.
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The main problem areas of the railgun weapons are high power consumption and rapid amortization of trunks. To this end, the engineers are developing a system for automatic feeding of shells, cooling and power units for railgun.
It should be noted that previously tested on the ground railguns have demonstrated very high power and durability: they provided flight kinetic projectile with a speed 7200-9000 km/h with range of fire of more than 200 kilometers, and this despite the fact that the life of the barrel already exceeded one thousand shots. During testing it was found that at a distance of 180 miles a kinetic projectile capable of penetrating a steel barrier thickness of 75 mm.
Fantastic gun for a fantastic ship
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The French company Fireworld has developed a special program hacking Facebook page, which offers assistance to parents doubting the sexual orientation of sons. The program provides access to the correspondence in the social network Facebook. French scientists help parents account users to understand whether their son is gay.
On the appearance of the program responded immediately, activists from organizations involved in the legal protection of young people with gay, and then the article is devoted to the application disappeared from the sites, reports Hot Geo. In France, reminiscent of the defenders of consumer rights prohibited the establishment of spyware without warning the owner.
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In the UK, decided to facilitate the task of proper distribution of debris.
Cambridge Consultants was able to create a system of waste sorting due to the AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technology, reports Engadged. The device is able to determine the type of trash and whether to change it, or is it better to recycle.
According to experts, such a system is a container with sensors and with multiple tanks. Before disposing the trash next to those sensors, which indicate its type. The reason for the creation of such gadget is that people don't understand very well what is included in a particular type of waste. For example, the average British, which is quite popular

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