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30-08-2017, 08:11

Users who are tired of the interface of your smartphone, you can turn to custom ROMs. There is also a more radical option — to change the operating system. As it turned out, the owners of Sony Xperia X can make a big difference in the user experience, installing Sailfish OS. Interestingly, for this transition to lovers of experiments will have to pay.
Recently Sony has allowed to optimize the Jolla Sailfish OS to Xperia line X, and recently the developers announced that the build is stable enough for final release. To install the OS starting from the 27 of September and it costs €49,90 including taxes. The firmware is available only for Europe, but soon the team optimizes Sailfish OS for other regions.
It is well known that owners of the Xperia X might encounter some problems. The firmware is not working barometer, step, fingerprint scanner and FM radio, and Bluetooth is not stable. Note that the OS is only available for unlocked Xperia X with one SIM card, but for installation you need a computer with Linux.
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30-08-2017, 08:09

In Australia, drones and artificial intelligence will be guarded by local plait from shark attacks. The mechanism operates with maximum precision, which will do a lot to avoid the tragedy and rescue of tourists.
People do not have good abilities in detecting sharks with upper-air data. They can see at best 30% swim predators. In this regard, in the Australia will use drones and artificial intelligence that will help prematurely to discover about these creatures of the sea and to inform the rescuers.
Drones will monitor the beaches, flying over the water, and transfer the received data to the artificial intelligence technology. After studying the received information, the system will find sharks with an accuracy of up to 90%. the people anyway will check the performance of the mechanism with amazing accuracy.
The use of UAVs will provide an opportunity to abandon the helicopters. Drones will send out signals to rescue services, so they promptly came to the rescue. Later the developers are going to allow flying devices to use the special strong-smelling substance, scaring the sharks before the arrival of rescuers.
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30-08-2017, 08:05

YouTube appeared before the users with a new design and logo of the site. Some notable innovations have been observed in the functionality of popular online services.
The Google blog stated that the transformation on the website affect both the web version of YouTube, and not less popular mobile app. Radical changes affected the logo of the site, now the name of the portal and a red icon is presented separately, allowing the image easier to adapt to the screen size. Thanks to the introduction of the concept of Material Design is the service interface is somewhat simplified by eliminating unnecessary elements. A pleasant innovation was available in the web version of night mode that helps to ease the strain on users ' eyes.
That to functionality that YouTube now has support for the vertical video, and mobile these files can be played without frames around the edges. However, to deploy the update gradually, so changes will not all at once.
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29-08-2017, 07:58

SeaBubble startup that introduced a prototype in the spring of electric boats to the city water taxi, plans to sell his idea in Paris. For this SeaBubble is going to attract between €50 and €100 million investment before the end of September.
French yachtsman Alain tebo wants to create a city water taxi on electric, writes VentureBeat. He plans to raise between €50 and €100 million until the end of September.
Startup SeaBubbles for the first time presented a full-scale prototype electric boats hydrofoil in March of this year. The ship can reach a maximum speed of 26 km/HR, and work is already underway on a high-speed version, which can accelerate to 55 km/h.
The boat can be accessed through the app, similar to Uber. Until 2018 SeaBubbles plans to produce 3 to 5 thousand electrocon to transport people along the Seine. In June of this year on the river have already been tested SeaBubbles.
The startup has already encountered some problems — for example, trying to persuade the Paris authorities to increase the maximum speed on the river Seine. Although the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has supported the idea of creating a water taxi in June this year, and Emmanuel macron, the President of France, also favoured the idea of electric taxis river, when he was Minister of economy.
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29-08-2017, 07:57

Unmanned aerial vehicles are constantly modified. Thus, the American specialists have developed a drone that can hover in 33 hours. 
Has been developed by the company Sikorsky, and the device called Elysium. In airplane mode it can stay more than 41 hours at speed of 111 km/h. That drone mounted hybrid engine, petrol engine with a capacity of over 120 l/s and the motor. Its weight 822 kg. 
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The device has a wing at the end of which the motors with screws. In addition, the drone will put the battery, which is enough for five minutes of flight.
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