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2-09-2017, 06:36

Scientists, Rutgers University (USA) revealed the secret ingredient that could save the concrete from damage. It was the mushrooms that are able to produce calcium carbonate which seals the cracks.
Even in such economically developed country as the USA there are problems with the concrete — it is destroyed. Small cracks grow, exposing the metal structure, repairing which then have long and expensive. According to the American society of civil engineers, this problem will cost the country nearly $4 trillion, if not solved up to 2025.
Engineers have long searched for a way to automatically restore concrete. Considered the option of crack filling polymer fibers that contain resin. However, this promising idea was not so good, concrete and resins of different properties of thermal expansion, and in some cases, the cracks get even bigger.
Ning Zhang and his colleagues found a different solution — the fungus trichoderma reesei, which is able to grow in the most adverse conditions and to produce calcium carbonate. They propose to place the spores in the concrete at the stage of kneading. When you start to develop a crack in them enters the water, which starts the production of mushrooms calcium carbonate, which zaichata the cracks.
Unfortunately, there is a problem — the pores of the concrete is less than the size of the argument t. reesei, so the mushrooms won't survive contact with napastyle concrete. Zhang proposes to solve it by adding air bubbles to the mixture, but this method requires further testing. However, the initial results seem promising, writes the MIT Technology Review.
Concrete piers, which were built by the ancient Romans, over 2000 years not only did not collapse, but became even stronger. Recently, scientists have discovered their secret: it turns out that it's all in the minerals, which penetrate into the concrete with sea water and strengthen the structure from within.
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2-09-2017, 06:33

In Europe, earned the European XFEL, the largest X-ray laser in the world. He was created to solve many scientific problems.
For example, using it you can study viruses, cells and molecules. In a tunnel more than three kilometers you can get such rays that can "enlighten" the molecular structure to create three-dimensional images of the structure of the objects under study.
In addition, this laser will help you to know what processes are going on in the depths of the planets.
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This device will be able to generate twenty-seven thousand pulses per second.
In mid-September, research will begin. The project cost a record 1.2 billion euros.
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2-09-2017, 06:31

According to the patent, filed in the Office of patents and trademarks U.S., Amazon is considering creating a drone, what I'm saying. Now, if the drone is defective and will land, he will be able to warn people about it and ask to depart, according to The Drive.
According to the patent, the drones Amazon will be able “to engage in dialogue with the owner to request information and/or answer questions.” This means that the company not only thinks about a potential accident, but can also allow customers to reschedule delivery. For example, if you have programmed a drone to deliver something, but your plans changed and you forgot to cancel the command and see how the drone flies. It would be handy if you could shout out to him that you want to cancel the order.
Also the patent also mentions that the drone "can ask the person to identify themselves to the transfer of the parcel at the destination", which is a very good idea for valuable packages.
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