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5-09-2017, 07:13

Official representatives of the smartphone Fairphone announced that the new gadget is the idea of modularity, which allows the user to change the camera on the device.
There is no need to contact the service center in order to improve your smartphone or replace outdated parts. Smartphone Fairphone there are 2 camera modules. If the original phone includes a primary camera of 8 MP and front 2 MP, they can be replaced on 12 and 5 MP, respectively.
Items can be purchased at the same time with a smartphone, with the discount on the device, or purchase the modules separately. The first model smartphone was introduced at IFA Berlin in 2017.
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5-09-2017, 07:11

Scientists from Finland have promised to feed the people with food from the air and talked about it to the public. Researchers have developed an innovative method that expends the minimum resources that are renewable.
According to scientists, a new device for its size does not exceed the dimensions of the coffee grinder and takes up very little space. Inside of a special container are bacteria that feed on carbon dioxide and water molecules, and after sufficient accumulation of the currents die. The remains of bacteria as a result of the whole process turned into edible granules of protein and carbohydrates.
The researchers emphasize that the global production, they have not yet thought of, and to receive a small amount of edible microparticles takes a lot of time. However, there is a chance that this scientific development will be interested in regions where there is a lack of food and people can grab any methods of its production.
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5-09-2017, 07:09

Scientists have conducted studies and found out that there was another absolutely new and previously she established a source of development of neurons. According to scientific figures in this process are the glial cells that are considered related to the present.
The fact that these cells are not auxiliary, and are full participants in the development process of the neurons. They come into the relationship with other substances, whereby the neurons are formed. Studies were conducted on the fly, whose visual receptors is similar to that of humans.
Photoreceptors react to light and produce active substances that react with glial cells, forming in turn peptides. After that, the neural cells start to differentiate, thus using the signals from the brain there are processes that provoke the emergence of new nerve cells.
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5-09-2017, 07:07

The official presentation of the new flagship LG V30 was held on 31 August. Some days the smartphone has yet to define its position in the market and occupy a leading place in the Restinga among multimedijnyj devices. The experts reviewed a smartphone and told how he managed to beat the competition.
Initially, the manufacturer has decided to release the V-series as a line of smartphones designed for fans of multimedia. Smart phones have got a fancy camera that allows you to create high-quality videos leading tools for working with media files and audio chips to transfer better sound.
Modern smartphones have enough top-end hardware to successfully sell in a competing environment. When it comes to an expensive device that costs more than $ 700, rates are on the increase. Manufacturers try to give the manufactured devices WOW-chips, for example, Apple offers biometric scanners, Note 8 – dual camera with stabilization sensors, Samsung S8 — Infinity Display. LG is also equipped with a V30 defined chips.
The screen of the LG V30
For convenience, engineers have equipped the smartphone FullVision screen 6 inches (2880х1440) with P-matrix OLED and an aspect ratio of 18:9. The screen is endowed with the same properties that SuperAMOLED. The only difference is the material used. Instead of glass in LG plastic is used to protect the device from mechanical damage. Cheaper in the production of display with protection Corning Gorila Glass 5, has high quality transfer images.
Smartphones V-series has not received a secondary screen. Instead, the smartphone is equipped with a Floating Bar (floating line) for quick access to apps and instant notifications.
The transition to OLED-matrix allowed the designers to implement another feature — Always on Display. This application displays on the screen is turned off the necessary data: calendar, clock, events.
Experts believe that LG has thought of everything. The smartphone was comfortable to use and ergonomic. Frame edges practically reduced to zero, but on the back cover appeared a biometric scanner. Despite the large size, hand the flagman looks small (151,7х75,4x7,4 mm). The screen is 81.2% of the total size of the housing.
Sound LG V30
Previous models of the brand V10 and 20 had a high frequency of the transmitted sound, but the characteristics of V30 surpassed all the early developments of the company.
The new flagship has received advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC (32-bit) created on the basis of SABRE ES9218P from company ESS Technology. For the finest sound settings in the device there are various filter and preset profiles. With such bells and whistles even when using cheap headphones, you can achieve the highest quality playback sound. The noise level is reduced to record levels – 0,0002%. Thanks to the support of MQA device appeared in the sound conversion technology in Hi-Res quality. Proprietary headset from the company Bang and Olufsen, helping the manufacturer to perform all sound ideas, comes.
Camera V30
At the presentation of the smartphone, all the attention was focused on the camera with dual module: main 16 MP with triaxial laser-focus phase and additional 13 MP with a wide angle lens. The main sensor works with the system optical image stabilization.
V30 received the camera with a glass lens that reduces dispersion and transmissive 4% more light. 10-bit HDR in combination with the above features makes shots clear and sharp.
New technology point zoom, integrated in the flagship, allows you to remove and to bring the removed objects. The speed of the zoom can be manually adjusted without the use of the screen. System that reduces vibration in the video, allows you to take professional and beautiful videos.
Cinematic effects have become one of the main advantages of the device. Cine filters, overlay while shooting, allow the output to finished video.
In your smartphone there is a collection of professional pictures allow you to apply certain settings (aperture, shutter speed, balance, ISO, as an example.
The results:
Smartphone LG V30 will be released on the Korean market on September 21. In Europe the novelty will appear later. The regular version will cost buyers $ 700, top – 749 dollars. To talk about the justification of rates is not appropriate, but the smartphone definitely deserves attention. When compared with competitors such as Samsung or Apple, the cost is quite reasonable, especially taking into consideration the performance, which will last for 10 years.
Not to say experts, the decision always remains with the consumers. Someone quite ordinary budget smartphone, and someone wants to get paired with your phone a powerful computer, allowing to realize any dreams of the user.
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5-09-2017, 07:04

Company Facebook is developing technology to correct photo users. New methods are needed after the users received the ability to install 360-degree images on the cover of their profiles.
Such images do not always come out perfect, so the developers started to create a new method for correction of photos. For today work on a method to fix photographs in full swing, however, detailed information on it. It is known that the program will be to carry out the correction in automatic mode with the help of technology AI Facebook. Engineers will teach the neural network, showing her millions as smooth and curves of images.
When a new technology is still unknown.
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