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6-09-2017, 07:01

Shveitsarsky confectioners said that created a fourth kind of chocolate along with black, white and milk.
Bakers have used ruby cocoa beans, which scientists have studied them for several years, reports The Independent.
Flavor and color this chocolate is natural and is obtained without the addition of berries. Chocolate Ruby via a distinctive red color, may be the first, which appeared after created in the 1930-ies white.
“Ruby chocolate is very different. It is refreshing and has a light creamy texture”, – said the expert of chocolate Angus Kennedy.
It remains to be seen, or is it a marketing gimmick or truly a new kind of chocolate, but the fact that it is the largest producer of chocolate and cocoa products, is encouraging, – the newspaper notes.
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6-09-2017, 06:59

American company Tesla has created Ghafari-2 for the production of solar panels. Now the products of this company stands on the roof of the ideological inspirer – Elon musk and the members of senior management of the organization.
Girafarig-2 with a capacity of two gigawatts per year provides the lion's share of the energy market in the United States. Earlier it was proposed to develop in less than half, but Tesla received numerous orders, so the company's engineers are doing their best in order to increase the power capabilities of the units in the enterprise. Experts say that in the future humanity will receive a significant amount of energy through solar panels.
Tesla cooperates with the Japanese Corporation Panasonic. The joint efforts of the experts managed to increase the efficiency of solar panels by up to 25%. Today this figure is an absolute record in such kind of installations. Panasonic has a stake in Gigabit-2. Solar cells, the company creates technology of Japanese corporations.
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6-09-2017, 06:55

Scientists from several countries invented electronics that could disappear without harm to the environment under the action of moisture. 
This is a very interesting solution which will be suitable for many walks of life. For example, for environmental monitoring it is difficult to come up with something more practical. In addition, you can use it in medicine. 
And it's all thanks to polyanhydrides, these polymers with a certain level of moisture are destroyed. Already conducted tests with these capacitors and transistors. 
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The devices were covered with a special film and at a certain humidity they were covered with corrosion and destroyed without harm.
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6-09-2017, 06:52

A peaceful night's sleep, not everyone can. Many are faced with the sinister visions or dreams, and the body is currently doing something inexplicable. What happens to the body at such moments, tried to find out from the experts.
They said that the most common mystical things are galluzinazii, sleep in sleep paralysis, sleepwalking and talking. If the last two types faced by almost every person and get rid of conversation in your sleep or walk in the apartment thanks to possible stressful situations. After a terrible sleep may occur and paralysis, meaning it doesn't move in the middle of the night. Some experts believe that it is a symbol of the coming of stroke or the presence of evil spirits in the room.
Hallucinations also indicate the presence of paranormal in the living room. However, science has none of the characteristics of the syndrome does not recognize. Some experts tend to believe that a dream within a dream suggests that a person's soul went to the astral plane.
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6-09-2017, 06:50

Beats is owned by Apple, has introduced a new wireless headphones Studio 3. The main difference of the novelties from the second generation model was the use of superior noise cancellation technology. The company called it "pure adaptive noise reduction". Beats says that the technology is much better at doing its job than other companies ' developments.
Often noise cancellation technology uses multiple microphones to analyze ambient sounds and generate a signal that suppresses them. Their disadvantage is that it allows us to numb only a specific range of sounds. Development Beats takes into account the source audio coming from the connected device. The system compares this signal with that which was clean from noise. Then removed any remaining interference, bringing to the user only the sound from the source.
As this technology is constantly working in real time, it consumes much more power than other headphones. Therefore, in Studio 3 was installed brand Apple processor W1, saves battery when working Bluetooth module. The manufacturer claims that a single charge can work for headphones with active noise canceling function up to 22 hours.
The cost of the new Beats Studio 3 is $349,99.
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