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7-09-2017, 06:58

Engineers from a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics decided to make real dogs from stray dogs to reduce the number of crimes in the streets of Bangkok.
In Bangkok appeared the first smart dog
Specialists working on this project have two goals: to reduce the number of crimes and cases of bullying of animals. For this, the development team has created special vests, which are worn on wandering dogs.
Each waistcoat does not have a certain size and can be worn both on a fairly large dog and on a very small one. Each such waistcoat has a built-in camera, which is basically turned off and turns on only when the beacon, barking or screaming, the sound of the blow are being struck, and there is a battery in the waistcoat to maintain the camera for a long time.
In Bangkok appeared the first smart dog
In order to see what the camera fixes, you do not need to track the dogs and copy the video, since all the videos will be streamed and they can be viewed on a smartphone or computer.
The project started in March this year and already now such jackets are worn by dozens of dogs, specialists involved in the project are going to further expand the area of activity and equip the vests with the maximum number of four-legged friends of a person.
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7-09-2017, 06:55

Pershya in the past is enraged by the line of quantum communications, in China, passed technical inspection and is ready to proceed to work, on-site Science and Technology University in China.
Нагадаємо, що лінія квантового зв'язку, completed після 42 місяців будівництва in the last minute, з'єднує чотири великі міста країни - Пекін, Цзинань, Хефейі и Шанхай. Її zagalnaya stretch to become a podad 2000 km. Kommertsyne vikoristania deylyanok dіyanok tsієї lіnії vzhe pocalosya, the first to skoristayutsya bureaucrats, representatives of banks in the promyslovy pidpriemstv.
Kvantova komunikatsya zabezpechuyu nazvichayno nadiyny zv'yazok, basing on transmissions photon cubes using the method of quantum ropodilu key. Vvazhaetsya, scho іnformatsіyu, yaka transferred to such a rank, nemozhilo pidsluhati, perepopiti neklamati. Be-yaka is such a trick to make a signal, but to be transmitted, and the fact that the evil camp is obvious.
China lies on the bed of the "first months" in the galusies of quantum companions - Persia in the face of the word, the name of Peking and Shanghai, the first commercial quantum of the world, Shanghai and Hangzhou, the first quantum transfer of the "mo-chi" moiety. Успіх в розробці і реалізації Protocol zahizchenogo зв'язку сідччить про провідне ставище КНР у областиі practical zastosuvannya і індустріалізації quantum technology, write China Daily.
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7-09-2017, 06:53

Literally two days after the collapse of the project of the Ukrainian social network Ukrainians, a new social network has appeared.
It's called Woolik. That is Vulyk (beehive in Russian). It is known that developers from different countries worked on its creation.
Maybe this is the reason for the collapse of Ukrainians? Someone more powerful just decided to clear the market and, for example, paid to ensure that the competitor died without being born? Nothing in this illegal, by the way, no. This is a common world practice in business.
"Woolik is a convenient Ukrainian social network with luxurious functionality that does not concede to world analogues, and in some ways surpasses them." Woolik's mission is to create in Ukraine a modern, aesthetically pleasing, fast and convenient social network for effective communication between people around the world. ", The developers of the project reported.
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7-09-2017, 06:51
Director of Deutsche Bank John Krojan announced revolutionary changes and promised that most workers performing mechanical work will be replaced by robots.
This is reported by the Financial Times.
Accountants, who spend most of their time counting, will be replaced by automated systems, John Krojan said, at the risk of incurring the wrath of 6,000 employees working in the financial sector of the bank.
Deutsche Bank has already pledged to cut 9,000 out of its 100,000 direct employees and 6,000 out of 30,000 contractors under a five-year restructuring plan.
In connection with the introduction of new technologies, further job cuts are expected. Prior to that, he had promised to make a revolution in the banking industry more than once.
"We must recognize that tradition is good, but it is not necessary for the future. We need a more revolutionary spirit. In fact, we do not need so many people. We have people who behave like robots doing mechanical work, tomorrow we will have robots that behave like people, "the executive director said.
In addition, experts say that Deutsche Bank employs twice as many staff as the other bank of this size.

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7-09-2017, 06:48

The Japanese Toshiba Corporation, which has not yet completed negotiations on the sale of its memory chip manufacturing division, has announced plans to build a new semiconductor facility in the Iwate prefecture in the north of the country, Reuters reports.
The company noted that they are considering the possibility of participating as an investor belonging to Western Digital (WD) chip maker SanDisk, with which Toshiba has a joint venture.
The day before it became known that Western Digital is going to withdraw from the consortium of companies conducting with Toshiba negotiations for the purchase of its semiconductor business for about 2 trillion yen (18.3 billion US dollars). The parties could not agree on the share of Western Digital in Toshiba Memory, and the American company decided not to participate directly in the transaction. Instead, WD asked for more capacity in a joint venture with Toshiba in the Japanese city of Jokkaiti.
According to Nikkei, the existing agreement between WD and Toshiba stipulates that the products manufactured by the plant are distributed among partners depending on the proportion of production equipment owned by each of the parties. Since 2009, the assets are distributed in favor of Toshiba in the ratio of 60 to 40. Western Digital requests to equalize the indicators.
As reported by "Reuters", the board of directors of Toshiba held a meeting on the proposal of WD, but so far no decision has been made.
Source: dailycomm.ru
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