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8-09-2017, 07:41

To recover the memories of the tumultuous party often help videos from YouTube, carefully flooded with there friends. But even they are not always able to understand what was smeared t-shirt last night. Fortunately, this can help the scanner from Bosch, the prototype of which was presented to the German technology giant.
A small X-Spect is specially designed to help efficiently and without consequences to determine the composition of the fabric, which is sewn an article of clothing, and yet, the gadget is able to accurately determine what kind of spot are now on clothes.
It is enough to scan the object, and after a couple of seconds, X-Spect will send a team to the home washing machine which will receive detailed instructions on the mode of washing, which, among other things, will contain the settings associated with water temperature and number of revolutions of the drum.
It seems that soon after refrigerators, televisions and microwaves through X-Spect will "get smarter" and a washing machine. On the other hand, caution when using it does not hurt, because the gadget is quite capable to distinguish on clothes washed away the lipstick or something worse.
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8-09-2017, 07:39

A research firm called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) want to create in India a vacuum train.
This train will be known as the Hyperloop. It is intended to connect the capital of Andhra Pradesh – Amaravati and Vijayawada. About it reports The Economic Times. HTT has already signed a Memorandum about mutual understanding with the Council for the development of Andhra Pradesh (APEDB). This was the first in India deal regarding the creation of a new transport system.
Andhra Pradesh is the seventh in size state in India. There are approximately 50 million people.
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8-09-2017, 07:37

Company Mitsubishi Electric in collaboration with Oracle Corporation has developed an open platform FA-IT Open Platform for the automation of smart manufacturing (Smart Manufacturing). The new solution fully meets the concept of the industrial Internet (Industrial Internet of Things IIoT) and allows you to collect, analyze, and use data from production sites.
With FA-IT Open Platform businesses can create a production application on the platform, including to connect to industrial networks to gather data from different devices and production equipment. Connected to the cloud platform can be used for interaction production sites with a variety of cloud services optimize the production and control of production processes.
FA-IT Open Platform integrated with Oracle IoT Cloud, Database Cloud, Java Cloud, BI Cloud, IoT, Production Monitoring, Cloud, SOA, Cloud, Oracle Infrastructure as a Service and other cloud services from Oracle. The information obtained in real time from machines and industrial terminal enters the Oracle IoT Cloud, allowing processing in real-time with an extensible infrastructure. For customers and "smart" industries, Mitsubishi Electric also uses the technology of machine learning Oracle Database Cloud reporting features of Oracle BI and Cloud infrastructure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to analyze big data accumulated, which contributes to the further development of solutions in the field of production automation.
"Platform FA-IT Open Platform is based on the limit calculations. We believe that the addition to the platform services Oracle Cloud will allow you to visualize your production processes and create the application development environment. To quickly offer new solution to customers, we will also cooperate with partners, including IT companies, to develop applications that use this platform", — commented on the release of the product Toshiya Takahashi (Takahashi Toshiya), senior Executive Vice President of the group for the factory automation Mitsubishi Electric.
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8-09-2017, 07:35

According to a study by Unicef, by 2050 the urban population will be 75% of the total number of people. Mass migration will become a cause of crisis of growth of the big cities that are already experiencing some problems, especially in developing countries. In particular, many megacities cannot cope with the infrastructure development, security and ecology, as well as cost optimization.
Authorities in many countries realize that in the future you need to create a "smart" city. This trend is the key for them when it comes to investments in information technology. To improve the lives of citizens and to change the existing ecological system, it is necessary to apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and Internet of things.
Here are 5 technologies that will make life in cities more comfortable.
1. Analysis of natural disasters
From unexpected natural disasters are not insured in any one city, and the destructive capacity of the elements can inflict great damage. Fortunately, Ukraine is located in a relatively quiet area, but some residents of cities are less fortunate: they face the elements every few years.
"Smart" city, which will apply advanced technologies to become more resilient to natural disasters. For example, among the Metropolitan areas one of the most vulnerable to adverse weather phenomena is the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. Residents, primarily immigrants from poor neighborhoods, very often previously suffered from hurricanes, floods, landslides and other natural disasters.
To change the situation, the government of Rio has decided to create a technological operations center. Now, with his help, collect and analyze information about the weather conditions, the state of communications and roads. The center also receives information from emergency services, medics and police.
Today the city authorities know about the approaching disaster two days before its revitalization. Using the operating centre they immediately transmit emergency information municipal services, who then inform the residents. The system proved to be more than effective: in 2013 in Rio, there has been no fatalities due to hurricanes and landslides.
In Japan there is a system of preliminary information about earthquakes. It can not only alerts the residents, but also to stop high-speed trains for 10-15 minutes to push the most to protect their passengers from death.
2. Communication of citizens with authorities
Thanks to "smart" cities can improve not only the infrastructure and transport system. Total Informatization contributes to the quality of communication between residents and city authorities. Here we have in mind not so much the ability to write to the mayor or other officials about a specific issue in social networks, as the growth of confidence in the authorities due to their openness. This is the prerequisite for creating a transparent and safe urban environment.
For example, in the us Boston is running intelligent management solution performance indicators Boston About Results (BAR). On a special website you can view 18 of the evaluation maps for the 18 departments of Boston. With their help, the authorities of the city and its residents can know how efficient is the Agency.
Also created a special app for the iPad and iPhone called Citizen Insight. It allows to evaluate the performance of public services. A technological solution has not only helped improve the quality of communication between authorities and citizens, but also brought a positive result. For example, in the troubled parts of Boston the number of crimes has decreased by 55%.
3. Combating allergens
In Ukraine in 2017 had an anomalous weather. After sharp warming in the spring, many trees, flowers and grass bloomed unusually early. Dusting many types of plants coincided in time, which suffered allergies. For most of them dangerous period lasted for the entire summer season. This is a serious problem, because according to the world health organization, about 35-40% of the inhabitants of megacities suffer from allergies.
Today most of the major cities to monitor the environmental situation and the level of air pollution, but their inhabitants are not always able to use these data. However, there are exceptions. For example, the Australian Sydney. Here the national centre for information and communication technology Australia (NICTA) and the Department of environmental protection state of New South Wales (NSW EPA) presented the overall pilot project. They established in the Hunter Valley more than 10 sensors that analyze the air on a number of parameters, including the presence of common allergens.
Thanks to machine learning and prediction algorithms the system calculates a special air quality index. The obtained results allowed each day to create an interactive map of air pollution, which was considered the most common allergens.
Based on this information, residents could build their routes so as to avoid falling into the dangerous zone. The city authorities, in turn, had the opportunity to monitor problem areas and take action to improve the situation.
4. "Smart" livnevki
The inhabitants of Kiev, as well as representatives of other Ukrainian cities, are familiar with this problem. After heavy rains the capital in some places, literally drowning in water. This situation is observed in other major cities, but there are working on a solution. For example, in Buenos Aires created an intelligent system of storm drains. Drainages in the capital of Argentina can not cope with regular rainfall and mild winters. As a result, they the streets of Buenos Aires are often under water.
Four years ago, Argentina experienced a powerful flood that struck the city of Buenos Aires and its suburbs the damage in the amount of $ 500 million. This prompted the Argentine authorities to the installation of storm drains in the city "smart" sensors that can record the level and velocity of water flow. These data are accumulated and analyzed in online mode, allowing you to receive relevant information about the problems and immediately take their decision.
This has borne fruit. When in 2014, Buenos Aires was covered with a powerful shower, even more ambitious than the previous, city services worked efficiently. They online were notified about the status of the storm water system and made every effort to avoid the damaging effects of the elements.
5. Quality construction
Residents of large cities know how much can irritate the noise from the widespread repair and construction works. If they are near houses, people begin to complain of loud noises and dust. Of course, forcing builders to work silently impossible, but to make the process more comfortable.
The original decision found in Barcelona, Spain. Local authorities ordered that every construction site in the city was equipped with several sensors that can monitor noise, pollution and the duration of the works. All these data are analyzed in online mode and go to the command center. If at least one of the indicators at the site exceeds the norm, the city can quickly take action and force the offender to rectify the situation.
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8-09-2017, 07:32

In June and July of this year, Huawei has surpassed the American Corporation Apple in terms of smartphone sales. This is evidenced by studies Counterpoint's Market Pulse for July 2017.
Huawei came in second position in the ranking of sales. The leader of South Korea's Samsung.
Analysts suggest that summer rates are associated with a lull caused by the imminent release of the new flagship Apple. His presentation is to be held on September 12.
According to experts, despite the high sales figures of Huawei, in mobile dozens of "best-selling" there are no models of this Chinese manufacturer.
Apple – American Corporation, a manufacturer of computers, audio players, smartphones, software. The headquarters of the Corporation is located in Cupertino (California).
Huawei is one of the largest Chinese companies in the telecommunications industry. In 2015, Huawei became the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.
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